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What does the Gemini Man need most From a Woman?

Are you dating a Gemini man and not really sure what it is that he may need from you to have a successful relationship? Maybe you’re interested in dating one and would like to know ahead of time. Either way; here are some things you should know.

He Seeks a Quality Woman

While the Gemini man is one that comes across as a huge flirt; he doesn’t get together with just any woman. He knows what he wants and what he is looking for. He has his own list of standards.

Most Gemini men are looking for a woman who is highly intelligent and can hold her own in conversations. He loves to talk and he loves to listen to a woman who knows what she’s talking about.

He also loves a woman that knows how to express her thoughts or opinions in a way that is more like a debate rather than an argument. He isn’t one for confrontation or fighting.

Gemini men are not emotionally open and therefore they’d prefer to debate or for you to give him a really good reason why it’s not the best idea for him to put his feet on the table.

A sound debate in good judgment will make a Gemini man fall head over heels. He loves a woman who is clever and appeals to his brain. In fact; he’s not the type of guy who is ruled by his penis.

The Gemini is ruled by his brain. He thinks with his head ladies, the right one, not the lower hanging one. It may be hard to believe since there are so many men that think with the lower hanging one more so.

Self Motivated & Reliant

what does the Gemini man need most from a woman

The Gemini men are scared off by women that seem to NEED him. He isn’t one that wants to be a main provider type like the Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo, or Aries man.

He isn’t an Alpha male and therefore doesn’t really get into women who feel that they need him to be the head of the household and make all the money, take all the responsibility, or do everything for his woman.

I’m not saying that he won’t do what he can to help contribute to the relationship but I am saying if you’re looking for a man to totally take care of you; the Gemini man isn’t the one.

Gemini men want a partner that can do for herself so that she can hold her place in the household with him. He wants an equal rather than someone he has to take care of.

He needs a woman who can motivate herself to get out there, live a passionate life, seek out success, and be a power partner. He is one that will take on lots of various projects in order to avoid boredom but also to try to find success.

He does well with a woman who is equally matched. As long as you don’t rely on him to make ends meet; you should be just fine. Shared financials are fine but you will probably be the one keeping an eye on the bills in case he forgets.

Independence Is Best

Gemini men are most turned on by women who do not need him as I mentioned above. Along with being self reliant; he will want his perfect match to have a life of her own outside of him.

As you recall; he isn’t into women that rely totally on him which means in love also; not just financially. She will need to have her own set of friends that she goes to spend time with or family for that matter.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to spend time with his lady love. He really does but he also likes spending time alone from time to time or with other people without you.

Accepting that he is the type of guy that needs a little space sometimes; you should be able to make this relationship flow. He absolutely has to have a partner that gives him freedom.

By freedom; I do not mean that you have to let him go sleep with other people. Though he’d love it if you did give him that freedom; he will respect your wishes to stay loyal if you aren’t into that.

He wants you to be happy and he’ll do everything he can to make sure that you stay happy. However; he will not tolerate certain behavior which is being clingy, not giving him space, and being dependent on him for anything.

Spontaneity & Adventure

what does the Gemini man need most from a woman

Gemini men are risk takers because they often like to keep things frosty. That means that he doesn’t like routine by any measure. He has to already keep to a routine by working.

When he’s not working; he wants to keep things open, random, and fun. If you’re to be his other half; you’ll need to help with this process. This will be both in and out of the bedroom.

He wants a variety of conversation, new places to eat, new places to visit, meeting new people, and trying a variety of new techniques in the bedroom.

If you can help him stay stimulated outside of work; you’ll win this guy over for the long haul. He needs to avoid the routine lifestyle as much as possible. He’ll make a great father to his children but even with them; he’ll have to keep it new.

Gemini men are more terrified than any other sign when it comes to boredom. The sheer thought of it just gives them chills. They absolutely will do anything and everything to avoid it.

In knowing that; if you’re looking to date a Gemini man or make your relationship last for the long haul; you’ll need to be open to spontaneity, be open to anything to change at any moment, and go with his various mood swings.

Learn more about the Gemini man’s dual nature by clicking here. Learning how he may act in one mood or another may save you some trouble or heartache.

I really hope that this has helped you understand a little clearer what a Gemini man needs in his perfect match.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach


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