Is Your Gemini Man Still In Love With His Ex – Signs To Look For

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Is your Gemini man in contact with his ex wife or girlfriend and you’re trying to figure out if he still has feelings for her? Is your Gemini man still in love with his ex? Here are some things you should keep in mind when trying to piece together the puzzle.

Is your Gemini man in contact with his ex wife or girlfriend and you’re trying to figure out if he still has feelings for her? Do you wonder if he may break it off with you and go back to her? So, is your Gemini man still in love with his ex? Here are some things you should keep in mind when trying to piece together the puzzle.

Open About His Ex

With the Gemini guy, he will not have any troubles opening up to his current partner about his ex. If he’s comfortable, he doesn’t feel the need to hold in anything about his past.

It doesn’t mean he’s going to go into detail about it but he will disclose pertinent information where it may be warranted. Everyone talks about their ex’s and so this is something that is very healthy.

This means that whoever he was closest to, you’ll probably figure it out. Though he’ll probably play it up and make it seem as though you’re better with him than she ever was.

The problem is, it may just be a bunch of fluff because he doesn’t want you to know the truth about how he felt about her, what really happened, and what is the real reason they’re not together now.

He may give a very generic reason for why they parted ways because he wouldn’t want you to think lesser of him if he was the one that caused the problem to occur.

If his ex was the one that was the problem, he wouldn’t want you to know that either really because he may have already forgiven her for what happened and you’d probably see right through it.

Just know that he’s open to talking about his ex or ex’s but he’s probably not going to tell you really intensely personal things because it’s not necessary and it could cause you to become upset.

Too Much Mention of Her

is your gemini man still in love with his ex

This is where things get a bit dicey. If you two have been together for a long time and he starts talking about her a lot out of nowhere, there may be a reason for that. It’s likely something you won’t like.

He may have run into her somewhere if she lives in the same town or is traveling through. He may also have gotten a call from her. Then there is the possibility of email or social media connection.

Perhaps she sent him a friend request on one of the various social media or dating site. Why would he be on a dating site? He shouldn’t be but Gemini men can be sneaky sometimes.

So there are various ways that he could have recently talked to his ex thus refreshing his thoughts and possibly feelings he had for her. This would cause him to talk about her a lot and in a pleasant way around you.

You may want to ask him what the deal is if this happens. Of course, in the event that you’ve not been together very long and he’s already talking your ear off about his ex, it may still be fresh.

Yes, there is a possibility that he may want his ex back if you’ve not been dating or seeing each other long. You will want to ask him, flat out, how he feels about her since he’s talking about her so much.

In the event that you’ve been together a long time and he’s re-connected with her, you may want to ask him honestly how he feels about her now and if he’d like to be closer to her again.

Yes, it will be putting him on the spot but hey, if he’s talking about his ex a bunch to you, then that’s not exactly fair or nice. He should realize it’s inappropriate for him to do that as it hurts you.

Normality with Discussions

As I mentioned before, the Gemini man will bring up and ex or two in regular conversation but it shouldn’t be more than you bring up yours. Talking is talking and it’s all very normal.

This is when you need to trust your gut. If it seems as though he’s talking about her outside what you feel is healthy, then perhaps you should ask him how he feels about her and if he’s considering having her back.

If he says he doesn’t want her back or feel that way about her anymore then at that point, ask him to try to make an effort not to talk about her quite so much as it makes you uncomfortable.

Surely if he cares about you, he’ll understand and do what he has to in order to make you feel comfortable with him. What do you do though if he says he does still have feelings for her?

Perhaps he has feelings lingering but doesn’t necessarily want to get back together. This would cause him to talk about her fondly and making her seem like such a great woman.

How to talk to him about it

is your gemini man still in love with his ex

With Gemini man, you have to be gentle. If you go at him while you’re really upset, you may trigger something and the discussion will not go in your favor. Gemini men don’t do well with emotional things.

So, when you tell him that you’re uneasy about him talking so much about his ex, be logical. Sit down and say something like “I need to approach something that you probably will not like but I’ve got to tell you how I feel about this. You’ve been talking about your ex so much that it’s making me uncomfortable.”

You can follow it up with “I know it’s normal to talk about ex’s and all but you’ve been bringing her up a little too much.” Then explain to him and ask him if he could try to bring her up less. Maybe he’s not even aware he’s been bringing her up so much.

Before you go any further with your Gemini guy, learn more about Gemini men by clicking here. It may help you get to know him that much better.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach


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7 thoughts on “Is Your Gemini Man Still In Love With His Ex – Signs To Look For

  1. I have had a gemini come to me and ask me 0ut.. It’s been great and our comunication is wonderful ( going on 4 months) but my gut feeling is he still loves his ex.. What to do?

    1. Hi Btuck!

      If your gut feel is that he’s still hung up on his ex then you need to trust your intuition. It’s there for a reason and it will help you determine the hard core truth no matter what that happens to be. If he’s showing red flags and you feel it deeply then you have to believe in it and act accordingly sweetheart. I do wish you the very best!

  2. I’m still in love with my gemini ex. I can’t seem to get us out of my head. He said he needed time and needed to figure things out. What he wanted. We always had a great connection and bond. We have great chemistry. I miss him like no other. I know he felt the same. I saw it in his actions and his eyes. His smile and ability to be silly with me and snort when he laughed. I want him to come back. It was this time last year we 1st bonded and connected. He was always giving and caring to me. He made my coffee. Remembered my favorite cereal. He planned our weekends. He cooked and we washed dishes together. I was thoughtful to him like never before. He got stressed out one day and freaked out about things. He pushed me away. Saying I distracted him from stuff that he needed to get done. We talked a couple times after. I gave him a gift I had been saving for Xmas. He raved over it. Loved it. I saw him the following Friday. He asked to come to my house. I put ice on his arm he hurt at work. The next morning we had breakfast. I had to take my dog to the vet. He kissed me goodbye and said to behave myself. I talked to him on the phone a couple times afterwards. The following Tuesday he said he needed time. I asked him if he never wanted to see me again. He said no. That isn’t it. He had some issues some habits and other stuff going on. Mind you up until the week prior we had spent several nights a month together when he didn’t have his kids at home. He asked for at least a month. Several days later I texted him and asked how things were going. He sent me a thumbs up. Then his phone was going to voicemail. It was a wk phone and he had been applying and interviwing for a new job. Then the number didnt work anymore. I have not heard from him. I follow him on Instagram and he hasn’t posted anything much. I’m at a loss. There were no clues. He even brought home a gift for me after a trip overseas. He was attentive and even bought me gelato to share because he knew I may ask about dessert. He even played my favorite music. He came back early from his trip to spend time with me before going back to work the next day. He always tried with me. Always. Now he is gone and I’m so heartbroken. I want to be with him still. I look at his picture and pray so hard. He have such an incredible connection. Like nothing I have ever felt before. I want my beautiful Gemini man back. I’m a Leo. I know the chemistry between us is nothing I have evver had. Please help me.

    1. Hi Robin!

      It really sounds like he’s dealing with some stressful things in his life that he’s not willing to discuss at this time. I don’t think it has anything to do with you but he’s trying to cut back on his stress levels by dealing with things for awhile. I wouldn’t be surprised if you do hear from him via a new number when he’s ready to come back out into the world. What’s he’s doing is really reminiscent of him trying to figure out his life. He did indicate to you that he needed to do that and yet you two kept talking and spending time together. He didn’t accomplish what he wanted and so now he’s figuring out he has to stop for awhile in order to get it together. I know it makes you sad and I feel for you. Give him some time and I think he’ll reach out to you when you least expect it. Hang in there!

  3. I was with a Gemini man he was a workaholic we met on a site but we didn’t live far from each the thing he was going through a separation then after 30yrs he finds out his got a grown up she didn’t say she was pregnant back then but when we we’re together we we’re like electricity flying from us the way he eyes lit up with his smile we could chat about everything and anything our sex was out of this world he even tried things with me he hadn’t done with anyone and we both would say that we loved each other and we we’re so comfortable with each other it was unbelievable but our downfall was I had this feeling he was cheating he swore he wasn’t but that gut feeling wouldn’t go so when we text we would fall out I’d end it but then after a week he was back again and it was like nothing happened apart from texting that’s where it all went wrong and we would end our relationship we got back about 5 times but he had a lot going on and he said that he wasn’t ready for a relationship sorry for hurting me I was addictive maybe if he never had the things he had to deal with we would have maybe have worked so I got over him then out of the blue after 5 months of nothing he text me and said something reminded me of him ask how I was and I replied a few text messages back and forth with him asking if we could be friends I said yes so he said that he would be in touch soon but with the covid virus we’re on lockdown and we we’re going to have coffee when things go back to normal but I’d got over him and it’s been over 3 weeks and I’ve heard nothing from him I’m not going to text him but he was a man of his word even though he wasn’t good at little white lies that I would pick up from him so what’s going on I need to understand this please

    1. Also I’m a Virgo but my personality was a lot stronger than his also he loved me that I know but I have said some hurtful comments in our messages that he really didn’t deserve and his only thing that he didn’t like about himself was he got very jealous about me when we didn’t spend our nights together teacher him some new things sexually and I loved his openness even felt guilty when he cried because I had hurt him so that goes with my other also a little similar to the other lady you have gave advice to sound similar even the connection we had with each other just to much to fast and baggage on his side
      Sorry for the update forgot my star sign

  4. My new Gemini man is totally in. Emotionally available and makes it known daily. The affection is beyond amazing. My love language is touch and I feel very insecure without it so it works for us. The only problem is that he still sees his ex. They are friends after 3.5 years broken up. He fixes her cars and she cooks for him. Either one have kids or family in town so I get it. He is honest about it and actually JUST started asking me “do you mind if I go eat at her house? She’s making tacos” etc. Well… I’m starting to mind because she knows nothing of me. He says he just doesn’t feel like getting yelled at. Hmmmm. I understand avoiding conflict, but it’s bound to happen eventually. Here I sit having made him some homemade soup and he asked to go eat at her house. Of course I said sure! I didn’t tell him I cooked. I’m not happy. He plans in spending yhe night here as we haven’t spent a night apart in quite a while now. I feel I deserve NOT to be a secret. I’m being disrespected!?!?!?

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