Healthy Relationship With A Gemini Man: Be Open-Minded!

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Gemini requires certain qualities in a woman in order to fall deeply in love. Here's what to do if you’d like a healthy relationship with a Gemini man.

Gemini requires certain qualities in a woman in order for him to fall deeply in love and commit himself fully. Here are some pointers for you to consider if you’d like a healthy relationship with a Gemini man to lasts.

Gemini Men Often Change Their Moods

If you want to hold onto a Gemini man’s heart, you’re going to need to understand that he is a bit moody. He can be one man one day and then another day he’ll be someone else.

When you really get to know him, you’ll really get to understand how he thinks and what type of fluidity he needs in a relationship. Each Gemini man will be different than another as well.

While we can speculate how all Gemini men are, the fact is, they all have their own qualities or habits that may be very different than others. It’s important to fully get to know what your Gemini man is like. Talking and time will help.

He changes his mind often as well. He could want to get together and go for sushi but then while you’re on the way, he decides he’d rather go have spaghetti and meatballs.

Knowing that it’s an absolute requirement that you stay flexible to his moods. If you’re the type that is strong on the plans that you made, then this could cause conflict for you both.

Gemini men need a woman who can be open to changes at any moment. Be open to a change in your plans. If you can go with the flow, you’ll be much more successful at getting this man’s love.

Show Him How Exciting You Can Be

healthy relationship with a gemini man

Stimulation is very important for the Gemini man. While being exciting in bed is a good thing, being exciting intellectually is even more important. Not to say he doesn’t enjoy sex as he does, but other things are more pressing to him.

He wants to be with a partner who likes to do a variety of things, take on multiple projects, or work more than one job just like he does. He is multi-faceted and often has many irons in the fire.

This guy wants a woman who can keep up with him and yet hold her own. The more active you are, the better of a match you are for the Gemini man. He isn’t much into women who prefer to do nothing but watch tv on the sofa.

The Gemini man is someone who needs to keep things moving. He will get bored if he doesn’t have this and boredom to him is as good as being dead. In relationships, he needs an equal partner.

If he senses boredom with his partner, he will likely look elsewhere or break it off. It’s good to be an active person yourself and make sure that you’re offering him fun things to do on a frequent basis.

Giving him personal space and watching you go out to have fun with your own friends or do your own thing will be a total turn on to him. He will want to be allowed to do the same to keep it healthy and balanced.

Gemini Men May Seem Complicated

While he may seem to be high maintenance, if you’re a hyper person naturally and typically have a lot going on, he may be a really good fit for you. He’s only complicated to ladies who are more laid back.

Taking on a life of your own while having a life with him is the only way it works well with a Gemini man. That balance has to be there for him to feel excited about it long term.

When he feels it’s something worth working for, he’ll finally commit to the right lady. Someone who makes him feel alive, shows and teaches him new things, and keeps life exciting will be the woman who wins this guy’s heart.

If you’re able to understand his mood swings, you can work with it. As long as you can be spontaneous, then there is no reason it cannot work with this guy. Be his rock, be the solid ground he seeks, and be thrilling to his soul.

Don’t Ever Try To Make Him Jealous!

healthy relationship with a gemini man

The reason I say this is – you’ll regret it if you do! Not that he’ll actually GET jealous but more you’d be making an ass out of yourself. This guy isn’t the jealous type and is actually adventurous where sex is concerned.

So you flirting with other men is no big deal to him. He’s such a big flirt himself that it may be you that may have a problem with him. You’ll need to try to cut him some slack there.

Just because he flirts with other women, doesn’t mean he’s going to go jump into bed with them. He just likes to feel validated by other women’s attention. He is an attention whore. So this is something you’ll have to accept about him.

While you can probably get him to learn not to do it when you’re around, be aware that it’s something that will make him feel less alive. If you can let him flirt, he will always come home to bed with you.

You’ll be disappointed if you want to try to make him jealous and it doesn’t work. He just isn’t like that. If you need more of his attention, then you may try asking him for it instead.

Work at Communication and Compromise

In order to make sure that you understand each other and remain on the same page, you’ll need to make sure to keep your communication open. Gemini men are not very keen on emotions.

This means that you’ll appeal to him more if you try to talk to him intellectually. If you’re feeling upset, you’ll need to calm yourself down so that you can talk to him at a normal pace.

He will respond better to you by talking things through. Click here to learn more about how a Gemini man works with each sign.

I hope this helps you form a healthy bond with the Gemini man that you love or really like. You deserve nothing but the best!


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