The Early Stages Of Dating A Gemini Man (And How To Make Progress)

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
So, you’re with a Gemini and he has agreed to take things to the next level… but how do you get a Gemini to commit to the next level? And what does that even look like for a Gemini man? Never fear, I, Anna Kovach, am here to get you on the right path to further solidify your relationship with the Gemini man. 

So, you’re with a Gemini and he has agreed to take things to the next level… but how do you get a Gemini to commit to the next level? And what does that even look like for a Gemini man? Never fear, I, Anna Kovach, am here to get you on the right path to further solidify your relationship with the Gemini man. 

Perhaps the real challenge of dating the Gemini man is getting him to agree to date you in the first place. And this has nothing to do with you being undatable, and a lot more to do with a Gemini’s high resistance to commitment. 

How do we remedy this? Well, there are certain approaches we can take in order to assist! So, as long as you are open-minded and willing to try new things then there is a great likelihood that you and your Gemini man will progress forward in the relationship in no time at all. 

Be Open To Change

A Gemini man is almost defined by his changeability. This is not a bad thing in all circumstances. If you ever have a sudden job loss or have something occur in your life that requires you to rearrange your circumstances, a Gemini will be able to hang in there for all the shifts. 

Despite this, it can be frustrating when a Gemini is not as stable as you may like him to be. But Gemini’s need to have the freedom to change on a dime. 

They need to be able to make big changes rather suddenly in their lives in order to feel like themselves. As a result, you being able to roll with the changes that they need to make will make them feel really good being with you

If you prove to them that you can handle any irregularity on their end by taking it all in stride, I can tell you that a Gemini will be more apt to see a future with you. 

Keep Things Light

Early Stages Dating A Gemini Man Keeping Things Lite

I get it… not everything can be rainbows and butterflies in a relationship. You need to have some serious conversations at times, and you need to respect the times when those are required! 

Despite this, I have to recommend that you attempt to keep a pretty light vibe for much of the time, outside of the heavier conversations. 

A Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which is a planet of youth. It rules children as well as quick-wittedness. So, as you can imagine, a Gemini likes a fun, playful environment where he can be free to show off his bright mind and wit. 

This can be a challenge for some signs to honor! A Capricorn or Scorpio woman may take issue with having a constantly light and fun environment. 

But if you can keep the light hearted fun a focus within the relationship, this will assist a Gemini in seeing it as a sustainable arrangement.

Don’t Let Boredom Set In

Early Stages Dating A Gemini Man Bored Couple

As I have mentioned, a Gemini likes to keep things fresh! He is always on the move and he does not care for stagnation at all. 

So, a relationship that he sees as boring is never going to last for him. He just isn’t built for such a set up, and it’s like fitting a square peg into a round hole. 

The best thing for you to do if the goal is to progress past the beginning stages of dating, is for you to always shake things up! This is something he is going to appreciate immensely. 

For example, even little things every day will be enough to keep a Gemini interested. Try going to new restaurants, taking walks around areas that you haven’t been in before, or trying new things in the bedroom. 

These are activities that will get a Gemini to stay committed, since it won’t bore him and it will keep him stimulated. Remember, Mercury rules children. Without enough novel activities, the Gemini native will get squirmy and be a terror to take out into public! 

Keep The Future-Talk To A Minimum

This is going to be a good move since Mercury rules day to day activities. Mercury is activated when you go out for errands, go to the gas station, or go to a routine checkup. These seemingly ordinary activities are things we have to keep up every day for long term stability. 

Gemini lives in the realm of the now. He doesn’t want to discuss what’s going to happen or about the far future. A Gemini would remind you, but what about right now? Are we enjoying ourselves the most right now?

For this reason, it is a good idea to only talk about the far future when necessary and not much more. A Gemini wants to live in the now more than anything. 

This is an admirable quality in some ways because unless each moment is made up of joyful experiences then the future seems bleak anyways. 

So, keep your head in the moment and on how to make this second the most fun as possible. This is going to assist in convincing your Gemini that his future will be filled with many small, happy ‘now’ moments that add up. 

This is as encouraging as it gets to a Gemini!

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Drop The Jealousy

A Gemini is the most social sign of the Zodiac, in most cases. As a result, he is going to be talking to a lot of other people. This is a fact that is hard for some to swallow. 

The urge to get jealous is a real one in this case, but if you’d like to keep the relationship moving forward, then it’s going to be necessary to release the urge to get mad. 

A Gemini cannot help his desires to socialize, and who would he really be without it? So, it’s important to have faith that they’ll be responsible. 

When you’re able to look at it objectively, you may find that you admire their natural ability to talk to anyone and you’ll be happy to see them in their element! 

A Gemini can be a slippery guy to date in the long run, but it’s more than possible! If you are able to be as flexible as they are then you will find that they respect that. 

As long as they feel totally honored in the relationship, they have no reason to stray and will be yours. I can tell you that you won’t regret it, since a happy Gemini is an absolute pleasure to be around. 

Just having a sense of balance to the relationship is going to assist a lot. Honor your needs and their needs and you’ll find a long-lasting happiness. 

Are you in the beginning stages of dating with a Gemini man? How is it going and what is working for you? Let us know in the comments! 

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

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2 thoughts on “The Early Stages Of Dating A Gemini Man (And How To Make Progress)

  1. I recently had been seeing a Gemini and the last few days, I have been a confused mess. I didn’t know much about Gemini man until I started reading your articles and reading the stories in here. Like many stories I’ve read, this guy started out great and with a lot of promise and then all of sudden he became cold and distant. I’m still getting texts here and there especially in the morning but it was not like before. He recently let me know that he has been having a rough week with many issues at hand and apologized for not being present. I am learning about how Gemini’s process things. As an Aries, I’m very fast paced and I like to figure things out and I don’t like the feeling of being stuck. So with that said, this is confusing and hard for me. I am trying my best to leave him be and wait for him to reach out to me but I miss the days when he was giving me all the attention.

    Any advice will help. Thank you.

    1. Hi Aries!

      I can imagine that it’s difficult for you to understand why a Gemini man is the way he is. When he pulls back it’s because he’s overwhelmed or bored. He isn’t the best at expressing himself and it takes a good while to get him to open up about his feelings. I’m afraid that I’ve told many Aries women this same thing but it requires lots of patience if you really want to be with a Gemini. There is no getting around that. You’ll have to be forgiving of when he goes quiet provided when he does talk to you, he will explain why. Once you finally have gotten him to open up, this will become less of a problem. Learn more about him by reading my books Gemini Man Secrets.

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