5 Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life With A Gemini Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you ready to hear my five best ways to spice up your relationship with a Gemini man? If so, keep on reading to gain the insight that I have to offer.

If you’re dating a Gemini man and you’ve noticed a slump in the passion department, there are likely several questions running through your mind. Did I do something? How can I fix this? What would better engage my Gemini in the relationship?

As a long-time Relationship Astrologer, I’ve seen this occur time and time again. There is little more frustrating to a Gemini than a relationship gone stale, so I am sure that he’d appreciate you studying up on this! You’ve taken the first step in the right direction to firing your relationship with a Gemini man back up. 

Are you ready to hear my five best ways to spice up your relationship with a Gemini man? If so, keep on reading to gain the insight that I have to offer.

5 Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life With A Gemini Man

1. Talk More About Romance And Sex

Gemini men are ruled by the speedster planet Mercury. Mercury rules everything talkative, speedy, and intelligent. It should come as no surprise to you that Gemini likes to chat, and we love them for it (most of the time). 

Gemini’s process the world verbally and what they talk about is exactly what is on their minds, in most cases. This is why it’s important to make sure that you’re talking about the things you would like to see more of in your relationship. This is the best way to ensure that the Gemini gets the picture. Communication is key in every relationship – and this goes double for one with a Gemini!

The trick is, Gemini’s like to talk about things in theory. When it’s about real-life relationship things, well, it hits a little too close to home for the Gemini. So, my advice is to share your thoughts about sex and romance in general, and don’t make it just about him unless there’s no other choice. You’ll find that he’ll be more open to change when it’s a conclusion he comes to on his own. 

2. Lighten Up

How To Spice Up Love Life With Gemini Man

Gemini’s are extremely smart and they sometimes have a teacher vibe to them. They take an academic interest in many things but don’t often get too emotionally involved. They’re perfectly fine looking at and analyzing the car without actually driving it off the lot. This can be a source of frustration in a relationship, but there are ways to make it work to your advantage. 

Gemini struggles to go deep and to self-analyze. They are too busy analyzing the rest of the world, after all. Every relationship needs to have deep talks to function, so while I am not suggesting that things NEVER should be serious, it’s also important that the Gemini gets plenty of time away from the intensity to decompress. 

Gemini’s who feel free to flit around and mentally explore without a crushing burden of their relationship on them will stick around far longer. Gemini’s need to have a good ratio of deep and shallow. They thrive in the cerebral, and not so much in the emotional depths. 

Your Gemini guy will feel engaged in a relationship where he can be himself. Being a generalist is simply where he feels most comfortable. Try to be understanding when he becomes burnt out from too much deep relationship talk. This will ensure he has the mental energy to get flirty and fun with you after the heart to hearts are over. 

3. Don’t Let Sex Get Stale

Gemini is what is known as a mutable sign, meaning that he can pivot on a dime when it comes to any subject. He’s flexible and able to cooperate well with many types of people due to his ability to change his approach at any moment. This is also what keeps Gemini so easily bored!

Yes, it’s true, Gemini has an extremely short attention span. They flit from subject to subject like the wind changes direction. Stimulation needs to be constant and ever-changing to satisfy your Gemini lover. When it comes to sex, this is no different. 

In order to satisfy a Gemini man, you’ll need to be very creative and adventurous in equal measure. Coming up with new things to do in the bedroom can be exhausting! I highly recommend a quantity new sex acts versus sticking with old standbys. 

This is going to mean that sometimes sex isn’t mind-blowing, but that’s okay. It never is 100% of the time. And every once in a while, you’ll stumble upon a fun new act that really knocks your socks off!

4. Sexting Is A Must

Sexting With A Gemini Man

Gemini is an air sign, meaning that they’re intelligent and social. It also means that deep bonds and true one to one connection is a struggle for them. Gemini’s and the other air signs tend to take people at face value without having much of an interest for being saddled with their baggage. It’s nothing personal, it’s just that they enjoy a certain amount of space between themselves and heavy emotions. 

Gemini is a sexual being, but it can be really difficult to get up close and personal at times. The emotional burden of sex can feel like a lot to him. Most Gemini’s overcome this and do fine, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t like some lighter fare at times. Enter: Sexting. 

Sexting must have been invented by a Gemini because it checks all the boxes for them! Words? Yep. Sexy times? Indeed. Being in his own space while still being social? Check, check! 

I’d brush up on your flirty texting skills and be scandalous at the most inopportune times. Try sending him a nude while he’s at work or sending sexy voice clips while he’s driving. This is going to make him go insane in the best way possible and it’ll be a total tease! 

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5. Take An Interest In His Interests

Gemini men are far more cerebral than the average guy. They think a lot about a lot of things. I’ve heard many say that shutting their mind off is impossible. This is exactly how they gain such a wide array of interests. With nothing to occupy their mind they would go totally insane.

Gemini’s are most invested in a relationship when their thoughts are being taken into account. Their love language is definitely displayed best through mental connection. Being able to have a great conversation with another will totally endear them to that person. 

To make sure that you’ve got lots to talk about, make sure that you’re relating to them as often as you can. They want to know that their thoughts and opinions have been heard. When you show them that you believe they are intelligent and that you’re intrigued by their interests the Gemini man will feel much more comfortable letting his guard down and letting you in. 

Gemini men will also reciprocate this to you. They love learning new things so hearing what your opinions and thoughts are will certainly appeal to them. They’re always listening and absorbing what you say. They’re great talkers but they’re also wonderful listeners. 

What do you think? Did any of these tips hit home? I’m dying to know how you want to incorporate them into your love life. If you have a plan for how you’ll spice up your love life then let me know in the comments below!

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Wishing you luck with your Gemini guy! 

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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4 thoughts on “5 Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life With A Gemini Man

  1. My frustration with my Gemini husband is that I feel that he is very selfish and being a Capricorn I’m struggling with always having to make the effort. I can never win an argument. I very rarely feel like I’m a priority. I’m tired of feeling insecure and it’s only been 2 years married. Why does he have this hold on me? I don’t want him with anyone else.? I constantly think about our relationship and he probably never.

    1. Hi Liza!

      Ok first of all, you need to get right with yourself. No one should cause you to feel insecure, that is a feeling you’ve built up if he doesn’t do or say certain things. You have to let go of that expectation or control otherwise it will eat you alive. Make yourself a priority and leave him in the dust. When you do, he will actually miss you and start chasing you. I suggest guided meditations or I AM meditations on Google. You’ll find that if you do one once a day everyday, things will start to shift for you and he’ll either get up and get wise or you’ll decide he’s not the one. You’ve got this!

  2. I am a Taurus, and have been seeing a Gemini man for 4 years. We’ve had a on and off again relationship since day one. We used to work together and I fell for him when I first seen him. But I recently had a breakup before we started seeing each other. I felt so into him but I never could get comfortable around him because of how i felt. At the beginning we could sit and talk and I would shut down and I would avoid him. I just didn’t know how I felt about him then. I never told him that. He would call/text me everyday and I wouldn’t answer because at the time it was too much for me but i knew I liked him. We slept together later on and I was just shy about it. He told me after that how much he liked me. Then the calling stops and I gotten upset and I wanted to end things. Now, we don’t talk much and we still see each other every once in a while. We text, I called things off numerous times now because I wanted more from him and I told him this. He told me he never wanted to hurt me and he never wanted to use me. I just don’t believe him at this point I still care for him. I feel like since he knows how I feel he keeps coming in and out of my life or I’m just convenient. Recently i told him that I always liked him ever since I met him. Once I sent it I felt silly and I thought he knows this already why would I send that?! A few weeks ago he told him that he would like to know how my dates go and I felt a way about that like why does that matter? I’m clueless. I just can’t take the way he just leaves like that and I mentioned this to him and he didn’t respond when we spoken. I also told him I’m never opening up to him again because of the way he just doesn’t say anything. We have been seeing each other this long and all I get is the silent treatment? I don’t know what else to do at this point. We have not spoken since last week. I don’t want him to stop his life for me but I just want to know that I matter to him the way that he matters to me. I don’t know what to do anymore.

    1. Hi Ros!

      The thing with Gemini is that they’re trying to test you or punish you. Beat him at this game by not reaching out to him first. Leave him be. At some point he’s going to miss you and wonder why you’re not reaching out. Gemini men cannot go too entirely long without their partner. If he really cares for you then trust me, he’ll be back around. When he does, you ask him why he gave you the silence and that it’s not the proper way to develop your relationship. Tell him communication is necessary.

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