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How to Become a Priority For The Gemini Man

If you’ve ever been around or dated a Gemini man, it’s no secret that they are busy creatures. 

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of transportation and information, the Gemini man is constantly in motion. He isn’t your ideal partner when you think of the word “commitment.” 

However, despite his busy work schedule and many social invites and obligations, the Gemini man will always find time to prioritize the woman he admires and loves, even if it is for a brief moment. 

Often described as a man of many faces, talents, interests, (sometimes lovers), and personalities, the Gemini man is truly imaginative when he finds himself intrigued by love. 

If you’ve ever been involved (or are involved) with a Gemini man, you know that romantic outings can range from a movie night in bed, theater dates for two, and community service at the local shelter. 

So, how do you squeeze your way into the Gemini man’s crammed schedule? How do you become a priority in his constantly fluctuating life? 

Fortunately for you, Astrology is an amazing tool that can help you understand the multifaceted-ness that makes the Gemini man so special. 

Astrology can help you bypass any common mistakes like being clingy, ignoring his opinions, and coming across boring — simple mishaps that most women make when pursuing the Gemini man. 

When it comes to relationships, the Gemini man needs someone he can laugh with, learn with, and most importantly, he needs to be with someone who allows him to be himself. 

For more ways to become a priority in the Gemini man’s life, keep reading. 

4 Ways To Become a Priority For The Gemini Man

1. Be Someone He Enjoys Spending Time With

Spending Time With Gemini Man - How To Become A Priority For Gemini Man

When it comes to relationships and priorities for the Gemini man, an intriguing woman with diverse interests and a sense of humor is at the top of his list.

Therefore, if you want to rise to the top of his food chain, you need to intrigue his scattered mind. The Gemini man will only devote himself to the woman he enjoys being around. 

If you’re a bore, don’t expect him to hang around. 

An easy way to become a priority is to get familiar with his interests and find activities you both like. By doing activities you both like, the Gemini man is more likely to stick around. 

If looking for Gemini approved activities, here are a few interests that most Gemini men enjoy: Bike riding, media relations, theater, films, art, music, poetry, reading, attending lectures, hands on workshops, talking, DIY projects, traveling, nature, psychology, learning a new language, and etc. 

2. You Help Keep Him Grounded

Helping A Gemini Man Be Grounded

Behind every adventurous Gemini man is his quiet twin brother. 

Although Gemini men are outgoing and inquisitive, their dual nature allows them to be very calm and quiet too. 

Because of this dual nature, the Gemini man secretly wants a simple woman who will handle the practical necessities in his life. 

He wants someone who is grounded and domestically mature. He wants someone who will remember to clean the house or take care of the laundry because if his partner does not remember to handle the daily chores that come with being an adult, the Gemini man may not remember either. 

This doesn’t mean that the Gemini man is old-fashioned or a womanizer. It just means that the Gemini man knows he’s too occupied with the movie playing inside his mind to worry about paying the light bill.  

He would much rather choose a partner who loves to do those things. 

And if you can help the Gemini man stay grounded, you will without a doubt become a priority. 

3. You Respect His Space

If you want to know how to become a priority in a Gemini man’s life, then you should start by respecting his space. The last thing a Gemini man wants when he’s climbing a mountain is a clingy girlfriend calling him ten times just to say she misses him and is ready for him to come home. 

Like his sister sign Sagittarius, the Gemini man prioritizes his freedom before all else. He runs from anyone who threatens his privacy. 

Therefore, give the Gemini man his “me time.” Allow him to explore on his own. He doesn’t want or need a babysitter. 

Once you start to loosen the reins and show the Gemini man that you trust him and his interests, he will want to spend more time with you. He will make it a priority to fit quality time together in between his mini adventures. 

4. You Challenge Him To Be Better (You Can Hold Your Own)

Becoming A Priority For The Gemini Man

Independent, confident, intelligent, creative — all words that turn the Gemini man on. 

As a chatty air sign, the Gemini man loves to learn. His number one priority in life is expanding his consciousness while creatively sharing his findings. 

In a relationship, the Gemini man enjoys a woman who can join him or influence his pursuit of self-mastery. 

When it comes to choosing what is a priority in his life, he only prioritizes what contributes to his growth. 

So, if you are a woman who helps the Gemini grow, he will make a point to think about your relationship in everything he does. 

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Final Thoughts

Although every Gemini man is different, his base priorities will more or less stay the same. 

Rather than chasing love, the Gemini man would prefer to chase life, and he wants a partner who respects that.

Now that you know how to become a priority for a Gemini man, have you experienced any changes in your relationship? 

Do you feel like you are becoming more of a priority in the Gemini man’s life? 

If wondering if you and the Gemini man are a good match, take my free love compatibility quiz here.

Wishing you the best on your journey.

Your sister and friend, 

Anna Kovach 

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