Your Match: Gemini Man And Pisces Woman Love Compatibility

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If you’re looking on how compatible are Gemini man and Pisces woman and how you can bring that Gemini man closer, you're on the right place.

This combination can be a bit tricky. The two signs share a love for intellectual conversation for sure. However, the Pisces woman is far more emotional than the Gemini man. This could cause conflict as the Gemini man may not be able to give his Pisces woman the emotional closeness she seeks.

There are some other fundamental differences that could cause disruption for this pair if they are to try and make it work for the long term. The good news is, they are willing to at least put in the effort to know each other well enough to make a go at it. Find out how compatible are Gemini man and Pisces woman, and how your planets work together.

Difference in life views

The Gemini man is a free thinker and enjoys personal freedom to do as he wishes without much conflict. He likes to use his logical side to work problems out where the Pisces woman feels her way through. This could make for disconnect when it comes to solving issues or arguments.

The Gemini man can grasp enough to help him come up with solutions to the problem at hand but he has to learn how his Pisces lady expects him to behave. He will likely look much like a deer in the headlights when she comes at him with “This really hurt my feelings”. He truly doesn’t get very emotional other than when he changes his moods.

Gemini Man And Pisces Woman

The Pisces woman feels things intensely and deeply. This is an odd phenomenon to her Gemini man. The Pisces woman could actually teach her Gemini man how to become more in touch with his own feelings. Every partnership should learn something from each other and in this case, this could be beneficial. She could also learn how to go with the flow a bit more like her Gemini man does. Since both these signs tend to have high creativity, they can use this to help them find middle ground between them.

Emotional Balance

It’s not going to be an easy road for these two for the main difference of emotional stability. It will be something they will always have to work on and do what they can to achieve stability. Gemini will work hard to get there but there is always that chance that he thwarts all progress by doing something silly like flirting with another woman. His Pisces love would be absolutely devastated knowing that her Gemini man was looking or flirting with someone else other than her. Pisces women are typically jealous and do not like to share. This is yet another difference with these two signs. Gemini isn’t typically the jealous type and wouldn’t bat an eyelash if his lady love were to send flirty glances elsewhere. He’s secure enough to know that it’s harmless.

The Pisces woman will not think it’s harmless and will not take well to his lack of jealousy. She wants to be wanted and she may find her attempts to make her Gemini man jealous doesn’t work very well which will frustrate her that much more. If she wants things to last with him, she will have to learn he is a flirt but it’s totally harmless and not worth losing the relationship over. He must also learn to keep his eyes to himself when she is around at the very least. He had best keep his comments to himself on social networks as well to keep the peace. It’s all too easy for him to slide a compliment to another lady via social networking sites. He needs to always remember that to compromise; he should keep those thoughts private.

Sex and Life

Just as emotions affect their normal daily life; it will affect the Gemini/Pisces sex life as well. They both are creative in bed which is nice. However, Pisces is the type that wants to have romantic sex whereas Gemini will want to have a more intellectual type of stimulation. They are both very capable of trying new things, experimenting and figuring out what will give them both the best satisfaction. So there is probably no lack of sparks between these two in the bedroom.  They seem to know where to touch each other and how. They are likely to be “in tune” with each other’s needs in this regards. The sex is probably great but this isn’t what keeps a relationship afloat. Once out of the bedroom, they need to work at things and daily. As smoldering as the two may seem when they get together for the first time sexually; if over time they cannot mend their differences or find middle ground, they could be affected on how they communicate in the bedroom.

Gemini Man And Pisces Woman

If these two spent their whole relationship in bed, they’d probably work very well together. However, the reality is, they need to work harder than most couples as they are very much opposite of one another. Opposites do attract and they can work but they both have to be willing to do what is necessary to reach a middle ground where they both feel comfortable to be together for the long haul.

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