7 Things to Know When Dating a Divorced Gemini Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Dating a divorced Gemini man can be really tough! These 7 pieces of essential knowledge will help you navigate your relationship with a divorced Gemini man!

Gemini Men, as we all know, have many faces and a thousand personalities! It’s not easy to get to know all sides of this guy. These 7 pieces of essential knowledge will help you navigate your relationship with a divorced Gemini man!

So, you’ve gone and fallen for a clever, funny, and sexy Gemini guy. There’s just one catch—he’s divorced. 

Being divorced is, of course, not a flaw in itself—tons of people have gone through it, after all, for any number of reasons. 

However, it can be hard to keep up with his ever-changing personality when he’s been through something so difficult. 

He may be even harder to read, and sometimes it feel impossible to figure out what he wants. Don’t lose hope—a Gemini guy is also able to bounce back faster, trust again more easily, and understand why it didn’t work out better than many other men. 

He’s rational, in other words

Sure, he will have his emotional moments—he’s a changeable, unpredictable Twin, after all! But in my experience as a relationship astrologer, he’s almost always willing to try again and give it all he’s got. And that’s what makes it so wonderful to date these playful, intelligent, humorous men! 

Here’s what to expect when you’re dating a divorced Gemini man—and how to handle it! 

7 Things to Know When Dating a Divorced Gemini Man

1. Commitment Scares Him

Divorced Gemini Man Scared Of Commitment

Let’s face it—Gemini men don’t love the idea of commitment to begin with. They may be inclined to think marriage is a total scam, and when they’re proven right, they can become even more afraid to take the plunge again.

They’re been burnt once, and they may prefer to take things slow, not “label” anything, or make you their life partner instead of their wife. 

It could be a long while before he wants to marry again—if he ever does. If you’re looking for marriage soon, put that idea aside for now and focus on building the mental and emotional connection between you. 

Above all, don’t pressure him to commit too soon. Of course, if it’s been many months and he’s still acting as if you’re just one of his many options, it’ll be time to either show him the door or let him know what you want.

Chances are, he’ll choose you. 

2. He May Be Very Bitter When It Comes to Love

If he’s been through a divorce, the chances are high that your Gemini man is a little bitter about the whole idea of love and commitment. 

It may go beyond the fear of commitment we just talked about—he may be downright cynical. His Gemini wit may turn to sarcasm and even cruelty when speaking about the past, which may shock you. He’s good at making light of a dark situation, but at the heart of it are often unprocessed feelings. 

Don’t let him project his cynicism onto you. Remind him you are a different person with a different approach—and that not all relationships end up in tears. 

3. He Just Wants to Have Fun

Gemini Man Just Wants To Have Fun

After being through something so heavy and serious, a Gemini guy will likely just want to let loose for a while and have fun! He’ll be seeking lightness and playfulness and will probably avoid any tense or difficult conversations. 

With this in mind, try to keep things light and fluffy—at least at first.

Let him lead the way when it comes to the deeper conversations. He will get there, because a side of him really likes getting up close and personal. But for now, just enjoy the time you have together, and make it full of variety and play. 

4. He Won’t Respond Well to Pressure

It’s hard to hold back when you really like a guy. You may even feel like this Gemini man is the one. 

However, if he’s recently divorced or still processing a failed relationship, it’s not a good idea to put pressure on him for anything. 

For now, allow things to flow and go where they’re supposed to go. Give yourself a time frame if you want, but make sure it includes time and space for him to figure things out. 

Of course, if you feel like you’re being played for a fool, stand up for yourself. But there’s no reason to pressure him right away, and as long as you’re not compromising on your own standards, then try to sit back and let things progress easily. 

5. There May Be Drama with His Ex

Did you know that Gemini men can be huge drama queens? Well, kings. 

Like the Twins that represent their sign, Gemini men have a dark and a light side. Their dark twin is the one that likes to spread gossip, create drama, and stir the pot just for a sense of mischief—or even for vengeance.

With this in mind, you should realize that there may be drama with his ex. It’s unpleasant, but you need to make sure you stay far, far out of it, no matter who the instigator is! Once he sees that he can’t gossip to you about her and draw you in, he may learn to respect that boundary. 

It’s tempting to be his confidante, his team member against “the other woman.” But that can easily turn messy and bitter. It’s best to keep yourself totally clear of his past relationship.

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6. He Will Need Space

Divorced Gemini Man Needs Space

As an air sign, he needs a lot of space anyway, but a divorced Gemini man is in even more need of that space. 

I mentioned giving him time to process his failed relationship with his ex already. But it’s also important to give him room in general to find himself again. 

Give him room to breathe and to enjoy his many activities, hobbies, and passions. He needs to move curiously through his life with you as his companion and playmate. If he feels suffocated, he may run—which will end up hurting both of you. 

7. He May Overanalyse Things

Finally, as the most rational sign in the Zodiac, the Gemini man is often guilty of seriously overanalyzing. 

Between his divorce and his new relationship with you, you can bet that he’s trying to assess what went wrong with his ex and figure out how to avoid a repeat performance with you. In fact, he may be losing his mind a little trying to plan and rationalise everything—even if he doesn’t let on. 

Try to draw him out and talk to him. Figure out what’s on his mind, and gently help him to realise that things are not as complicated as they seem! 

Dating a divorced man is not always easy, and a divorced Gemini presents his own set of challenges, but when you have his heart, you have a companion who will always make you smile.

Gemini men can be real gems, and their light and breezy character brings sunshine into their lady’s life! 

Have you ever dated a divorced Gemini man? Are you dating one now? What have been the pitfalls and the victories? I always love to hear your stories and questions, so feel free to post in the comments! It’s completely anonymous.

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  1. Hello. I am currently in a long-distance relationship with a Gemini man.
    We’ve known each other for many months now and we were getting along so well. He even got very serious, talking about having children and what our life would be like and what we will do. Recently though, he’s gotten very distant and told me that he was worried how we would be able to make it work considering our life situations. He also told me he was worried about me breaking up with him as where I’m going there are lots of people. He planned to come and visit me but now with money being tight he’s been overthinking everything. Including our future and how it could work, even though we haven’t even labelled our relationship yet!
    We had a call where we discussed how we could work through things and he seemed keen and happy to hear me but then he texts less and then goes silent! He has told me that he’s been overthinking things a lot and that he has the tendency to get into his own head but we haven’t talked for almost two weeks. He really seemed to be falling in love so now I’m just confused. Do you have any advice? What is happening?

    Thank you for reading.

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