The Worst Part About Dating A Gemini Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Though the Gemini has some endearing qualities, it’s important to understand what you’re getting into before you take the plunge with a Gemini. Read on to get the inside scoop on the trials of dating the Gemini man!

The Gemini man has both fascinated and frustrated women since the beginning of time. He is a total charmer which has reeled women into him, and then his true colors show more and more with time. It’s an intriguing yet irritating quality! 

So, if you’re unaware about what you’re getting into with a Gemini man or you know all about his weak points and want some validation, I am here for you. I’ll assist in exploring some of his more challenging traits since I know that it can be a real chore to tease them out for yourself! 

Though the Gemini has some endearing qualities, it’s important to understand what you’re getting into before you take the plunge with a Gemini. Read on to get the inside scoop on the trials of dating the Gemini man!

No Staying Power

The Worst Part About Dating A Gemini Man

Easily the most damning aspect of a Gemini when it comes to relationships is that settling for one choice does not come naturally for them. Geminis have active minds, which is a gift to them in many ways. It makes them sharp and mentally agile, allowing them to react spontaneously to any new stimulation with ease. 

Their energetic intellect is the culprit in question here. Their minds are so easily interested in every new and interesting thing that they follow it until they see another, more interesting target. I believe that the scientific term for this is the “Ohhh shiny!” complex. 

As a result, only the most dedicated Gemini’s will be able to muscle through the trials and tribulations within the minefield of relationships. It has been done, but it seems to be rare amongst the sign of the twins! It’s wildly frustrating to the partner of the Gemini, so keep your eyes peeled for this behavior. 

Loose Lips

Something you may not have known about the Gemini is that they are ruled by the speedster planet Mercury. This makes someone who is talkative, intellectual, adaptable, and incredibly social. If you’ve ever met a Gemini then you know what I’m talking about! They likely approached you and were all about interacting with you right off the bat. 

They are the sign of making connections and about spreading information. You guessed it, Geminis are can be incredible gossips… and there is no information too precious to keep on the DL! A Gemini man will often agree to keep something a secret, but later totally forget that he ever said that, and pass it along anyways. 

This is because Gemini is always attempted to share relevant information, no matter how that affects others. It isn’t that they are out to intentionally hurt someone. More likely, they just are so concerned with the information itself that they forget its importance to the person who passed it along to them.

High Strung

Worst Part When Dating A Gemini Man

If any animal were a Gemini, it would have to be the hummingbird. With their ever-moving wings, buzzy chittering, and high speeds, I’m sure that any Gemini could relate! They are so attuned to their environment that they feel comfortable moving quickly from place to place and saying hello to all they meet along the way. 

In many cases, this can manifest in someone who doesn’t know how to shut the energy off. Standing still and calming down could feel like the danger zone to a Gemini! It likely comes as no surprise that Geminis are prone to anxiety and nervous temperaments.

This can be exhausting to the partner of a Gemini, since they will be forced to field a lot of the nervousness that falls off the Gemini! The tension in them is totally palpable to those around them and so it can be discouraging to feel all of this tension but be unable to help it. 

On top of that, all of the Gemini’s flittering around can be exhausting to some of the more lowkey signs. They may not understand why Gemini can’t seem to settle down. Gemini, try as they might, struggles to stay focused and on task, so delegating household chores or asking them to tackle big projects will feel like a huge bore to the Gemini (and likely pretty maddening to you!).  

Deep As A Puddle

If you’ve ever heard someone say: “you talk a lot about nothing,” they were probably talking to a Gemini! They are excellent talkers who can act like an expert on anything, if they so desire. They know how to construct the persona of knowing exactly what they’re talking about. 

Geminis like to cast their knowledge net wide rather than deep. They know juuust enough about everything to convince everyone (even themselves!) that they know something substantial. In reality, just a little digging and hole poking would deflate the Gemini’s idea that they are the honorary expert. 

The Gemini is great at collecting a broad range of information, but not so great at going deeply into one subject. Beware of their ability to fool you into thinking they have tons of depth when really, they are doggie paddling at the top of the water! A few well worded questions will expose them, so consider this the next time that the Gemini attempts to act like the expert!

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Unpredictable Moods

Geminis are famously represented by the twins in the Zodiac, and this is for good reason. They almost seem like there is more than one person inside of them! They are what is known as a mutable sign, meaning that they can change and reevaluate their course at the drop of a hat with zero issue. 

This allows them to be ultra-savvy at making friends, since they can be whoever they need to be to impress the person in front of them. However, this manifests in moods that seem to come out of nowhere as well. They will get upset about something rather quickly, but then after allowing the information to sink in, they may react in a totally different way in an hour.

This can also mean that you never know what you’re getting with a Gemini man. They are highly volatile and their personality will often depend highly upon what mood they’re in. This is endlessly frustrating since it means that their partner also has to be on her toes, always looking out to ensure she doesn’t trigger a hairpin mood within the Gemini! 

The Gemini man is a guy who will keep you on your toes but also tire you out! It takes a special kind of woman to keep his mind on her. I’ve seen many relationships with Gemini men work for the long term, so don’t be too discouraged. Just keep my tips in mind to ensure that you know what you’re getting into.

Are you dating a Gemini man? Have you seen any of the qualities and struggles that I’ve mentioned yet? Let me know down below in the comments!

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

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10 thoughts on “The Worst Part About Dating A Gemini Man

  1. I been dating a Gemini man for almost 2 years and he constantly make up lies after lies and aspect me to believe them even though I know its a lie I agree with it why do Gemini man lie for no reason

    1. Hi Alexis!

      Ouch I am so sorry you got a bad seed. Not all Gemini men are the same thank goodness. That would be impossible for them to be because they all have different rising signs and different moon signs among other things in their birth chart. Please don’t write them all off because of this one bad guy. He doesn’t define them all sweetheart. I wish you all the best!

  2. I don’t like Gemini men. I was with one from 1973-2008. I am w/a Cancer Man and he is the universe for me. He is the best person/male that I’ve ever had the blessings to know.

    1. Hi Susan Hernandez!

      I am sorry to hear you don’t like Gemini but before you write them off as people or friends. They all are different from one another. They all have different rising signs and moon signs which makes a huge impact on their personalities as do other things in their birth chart. I’m glad you found a good Cancer man to be with and I hope it works out for you. Blessings to you!

  3. I broke up with the Gemini man. I do not have time for an immature, argumentative man that can be verbally abusive when he isn’t getting his way. He had some great qualities about him and I really liked him but in the end I was sick of all the drama and chaos. He had no intention of making a future with me or anyone else even though he told me he loved me and introduced me to all of his family. I should have paid more attention to the red flags in the beginning but yes, they can be charming when they chose to be. Not a good match for me!

    1. Hi Tamara!

      Ouch! I’m so sorry you had a bad experience with a Gemini man. It sounds like he didn’t know what the heck he wanted and that created lots of issues. That happens when they are indecisive. Seems to be the way sometimes for Air signs. I do want to let you know that not all Gemini men are like this. It depends on where they are with their lives and how they’ve grown throughout the years. Also not all Gemini have the same aspects in their charts which makes them different from one another. Try not to write off all Gemini because of one bad experience.

    1. Hi MariaClaudine Valeria!

      Thank you for chiming in. I’ve learned enough from my own study in Astrology as well as all the client stories I’ve read. They have their good points too so they shouldn’t always be ruled out. Some of them are quite amazing, especially as they age. Again, thank you for your feedback. I really appreciate it!

  4. Im in the midst of a painful break up with a Gemini after 2+ years. A good majority of what your saying fits him perfectly. I always attributed it all to narcissism because that fits him as well. Now I’m wondering which it is and if I’ve made a mistake by treating him as though he’s a narcissist and contributing to our break up.

    1. Hi Annabelle!

      That’s interesting that you say that. Gemini men aren’t typically narcissistic. They’re open minded which doesn’t go hand in hand with being a narcissist. If you did indeed treat him that way without really talking to him then it may have contributed, yes. I think you might want to read some of my guides to find out more on Gemini man. I wish you healing and love sweetheart!

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