Gemini Men and Why They Hate Needy Behavior from Women

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
One of the biggest things for a Gemini man to accept is a woman who acts clingy or needy toward him. Here is why Gemini men hate needy behavior from women.

One of the biggest and hardest things for a Gemini man to accept is a woman who acts clingy or needy toward him. If you’re beginning a new relationship with a Gemini man or are considering dating one; here’s what you need to know about how he feels.

He Need Time To Be Himself

Gemini men need to feel as though they still have some control over their life and their own decisions. They do not want to feel as though they’re being manipulated or told what to do.

He wants to feel as though he can still call the shots on most things he decides he wants to do or what needs to be done. This is his “thinking time”. Remember that Gemini men are very cerebral.

Everything they do, everything they say, is all motivated by pure logic. However; he has to have time to himself to fully cultivate the thoughts he is trying to process. It’s important to have that quiet time.

This also allows him to fully be himself without being judged or criticized. He can sit around in his boxer shorts and eat ice cream on the sofa without someone telling him it’s wrong.

Seriously; he wants to do the things he did when he was not in a relationship. That does not mean he wants to sleep with other women or that he doesn’t want to be with you.

He can love you to the moon and back and still want a little wiggle room for himself. Unlike some other signs; he really prefers that either he leave and go somewhere or that you leave and go somewhere. Give that to him and he’ll worship you.

He Wants To Be With You

why Gemini men hate needy behavior from women

Some women take it offensively that her Gemini guy just doesn’t want to be with her. That simply isn’t the case. Just because he needs time apart from you; does not mean that it’s about you.

He often has things he wants to think about or just to completely relax without worrying about anything. Either way; it’s healthy and natural to give each other some space from time to time.

This isn’t something you have to do every single day but it probably should be once a week so that you both get a breather and can keep your healthy relationship flowing.

Try not to take it so personally when he wants to have alone time or even time without you to hang out with his friends. Again; it’s not about you. It’s about his need to be himself and flex his freedom.

He is Into Equal Partnerships

The Gemini man doesn’t mind being the main breadwinner but he wants a partner who’s trying just as hard as he is to make sure all the bills are paid. He isn’t into women that want to stay home and do nothing.

Even if you agree to have a child; he’ll probably want you to put the child in daycare and go back to work. He’ll take care of the child financially as much as he can but he’ll want you to contribute.

He wants a 50/50 partner with whom he can share life and responsibilities with. He isn’t into the old school marriage types where the woman stays home and takes care of the house and kids while he’s off working.

He’s unconventional and wants a woman who is career or goal oriented. It keeps things interesting and thus keeping his life from becoming too routine and stale. Staleness or Boredom are the two scariest things for a Gemini man.

He cannot allow himself to get into a routine or that is exactly what he will end up having to deal with. So when it comes to partnership; he needs change, freshness, and possibilities of randomness.

He Doesn’t Want to Feel Pressure via Need

why Gemini men hate needy behavior from women

When a woman is clingy with a man; it makes the man feel pressured. This pressure can cause the Gemini man to become very stressed out and makes him lose his sense of self.

If he loses himself; he will become incredibly depressed and isn’t good for anyone involved. The best way to keep him alive and peppy is to make sure you’re not putting too much pressure on him.

By you living your own life, working at your own goals, and being an equal partner; you’ll ensure a much better path ahead for you and your Gemini man. He’ll be grateful and give you the world on a platter.

The more you understand what he likes and doesn’t like; the better you can build your future with your sensual and romantic Gemini guy. If you’re looking for a man to pay your bills while you sit on the sofa eating bon bons; you’re out of luck.

This guy isn’t the one that wants to take care of a high maintenance or lazy woman. If you’re trying to impress the Gemini man of your dreams; you’ll need to remain motivated.

Even once you marry him; you’ll still need to maintain that essence you worked so hard to build. Otherwise your marriage may end up being very dull, listless, and unfulfilling for you both.

His Qualms with Commitment

Gemini men take a great deal of time to cultivate a relationship that will possibly lead to marriage. The reason he takes his time is because he isn’t in a hurry. He sees no reason to quickly jump in.

The other thing is; he wants to make sure that you aren’t going to act one way and then once in a relationship; you change into someone who is almost opposite thus stranding him in a situation he didn’t want to be in.

So he will wait and test things out to make sure that you are who you say you are and that you’re willing to wait in order to have a healthy relationship. Click here to see what else he needs in a woman.

I hope that this article has helped you understand why he really doesn’t like needy women.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach


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