What is the best way to tell your Gemini man you’re falling for him?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Do you wonder what is the best way to tell your Gemini man you’re falling for him? Here are some suggestions that may help you.

I’ve had women write in to me who are crazy about their Gemini men but aren’t really sure whether or not they should go ahead and tell their guy that they are falling in love with them. Here are some suggestions that may help you figure out whether or not it’s time.

Has He Told You Anything?

The first thing you’ll want to consider is if he has given you any indication on how he feels. If he hasn’t; you’ll need to look at his behavior and how you interact with each other to find out if he’s on the “same page” as you.

It’s often better to wait and tell him when you know he may be feeling the same way. That being said; I’ll help give you some things to look for when it comes to Gemini men falling in love.

Once you are confident he is feeling the same thing you are; you can then go ahead and proceed to tell him how you feel. Just be sure that you know what is going on with him and that the timing isn’t rushed.

Remember that Gemini men like to move slowly and take their time before they will fully commit to a relationship on a serious level. That often means that he will not express love for awhile.

You’ll want to consider the length of time you’ve been with him and whether things have been going for a long while or if it’s only been weeks or less than a year. Of course; your Gemini man will likely indicate what his view on time is.

Quality Time Together

Cheerful couple talking, man smiling and looking at girl - What is the best way to tell your Gemini man you’re falling for him

Do you find that you’re spending more and more time together? If so; it’s possible that he’s starting to see your relationship as a priority and wants to become closer to you.

That can also mean he’s ready to open up and talk about the feelings you may have for each other. If you haven’t reached that point yet; you’re going to want to wait a little while longer.

There needs to be a closeness that you both feel and just “know”.  Gemini me typically start to spend more and more time with the woman he’s really interested in or developing a love for.

He’ll also want to introduce you to his family or will want to meet yours. Family is always a big indicator of where his heart is. He isn’t interested in bringing just any woman around his family.

If family has become part of your relationship; it’s likely he is in the process of falling in love with you in which it would be appropriate for you to go ahead and talk to him about how you feel.

He isn’t great with emotions but he will tell you he loves you when he feels it. So if things are going very well, time together increases, and you meet family; it’s probably ok to go ahead and tell him you love him.

Is he asking you Lots of Questions?

When a Gemini man decides a woman is possibly the right one; he will start to ask lots and lots of questions. He wants to get to fully know you as well as figure out if you’re his right match.

If he’s started to ask you lots more questions; then this means he is investing and interested in who you really are which also means he cares about you enough to want to know more.

This can be an excellent way of being able to gauge whether he’s feeling for you or if he’s just being flirty. The flirty Gemini man that isn’t feeling for you will not likely ask you too much.

He’ll just gloss over a few things and continue about his own business or collude to get you in bed. Otherwise, you should be able to tell if your Gemini guy is into you or just playing.

In the case that you find he is working hard to get to know you; you can bet that he cares an awful lot about you. Women he plays with; he doesn’t really care who they are or what they want.

When he cares, he wants to know what your hopes and dreams are for your future. He wants to know what goals you have and where you see yourself years from now.

If by chance he does as you where you see yourself 5 or 10 years from now; it may be an excellent time to tell him what you’re feeling for him and that you hope to see him in your future.

How Into You Does He Seem?

Happy couple having fun on a boat in Central Park - What is the best way to tell your Gemini man you’re falling for him

When your Gemini man is with you, does he seem distant or does he seem completely engaged with you? What I mean by engaged is, being “into” you. He’ll see you as everything.

If you are what he’s paying attention to when you’re together rather than the game on TV, the movie, or whatever it is that you’re doing; you can be he’s into you.

When he sort of ignores you while you’re in his company; he may not be that into you. He’ll talk to you but he’ll basically blow you off a bit to continue watching that movie or game.

This behavior should give you a really clear indicator on whether he’s truly interested and/or feeling things for you. If he’s definitely into you; then it may be alright to go ahead and tell him what you feel.

So as you can see; there are plenty of things you can look for in your Gemini man to indicate whether or not he’s actually ready to hear how you feel or not.

You absolutely want to be sure he’s into you, spending more time with you, getting to know your family or you getting know his, or just generally seeing that he’s investing in you.

Click here for more signs that a Gemini man is falling in love with you. It may help you discover when the best time may be to tell him you’re falling for him.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach


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