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What Does a Gemini Man Crave From a Woman?

Are you finding yourself attracted to a Gemini man? Perhaps you’re falling for one but not sure if you will be able to give him what he really wants. Here are some helpful clues as to what he truly craves from a woman.

An Equal Match

Gemini men take their time while they are seeking out a partner that will fit their requirements. In fact; many of them do not actually actively look for someone. They figure that they’ll meet the right person when it’s time.

Though they may sign up for online dating or use other means of communication to meet women; they are simply out to have some fun. If they happen to meet someone who will become more then their efforts are worth it.

Most of all, Gemini men really want someone who will be their ultimate match. He wants to find someone to basically be the female version of himself. This often times means that another Gemini would understand him the best.

However; there are other signs that will work quite well with the Gemini guy. He wants someone just as clever and witty as he is. He wants to be able to sit down with a beautiful woman that can keep up with his conversations and intelligent ramblings.

So when I say equal, I mean he wants someone that is similar enough to him that she will “get” him and accept him for who he really is without trying to change him in any way.

Someone He Can Daydream With

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Gemini men live with their head in the clouds. They are logical but they still day dream quite a bit of the life they’d like to have. This is what makes them so very creative and talented with the arts.

As such; he’s going to want a woman who can dream right along with him. He isn’t much into planning but he’ll discuss what might be nice to do sometime in the future. He’ll just leave it open without a “due date”.

Talking about dreams and aspirations really turns this man on. Not only will he want to share with a woman who matches his taste; he will want her to talk about her own dreams and goals with him as well.

He’s a complex man who has a need for a woman who can mentally keep up with him. Sometimes this means he cannot handle a woman who is very emotional. He prefers cool, calm, and collected.

Sitting around thinking about the possibilities of the future will no doubt; excite his brain thus exciting him into a possible relationship. Appealing to his intellectual side is always a winner.

Someone Calm and Less Emotional

This guy isn’t the best with emotions and does well with a woman who is either reserved or a bit aloof to emotional situations. He’s logical and would prefer someone logical like he is.

However; if she isn’t; perhaps she can at least see reason and avoid discussing emotionally driven conversations. It’s easier to get through to him via using a rational explanation than by accusing him of anything or being overly anxious.

Gemini men need a calm environment in which they can grow and thrive. A woman who feels too much will not be a good match for him most of the time. He isn’t good at responding to such behavior.

This is also why many Gemini men seek out women that are a bit more relaxed and spontaneous. Going with the flow is a far better approach with the Gemini man. He doesn’t like to be fussed at or given expectations.

An Aquarius or Sagittarius would be a really fantastic match for him as they are both independent, adventure seeking, as well as cool and aloof.  They tend to not get too emotional about life’s issues. If they do; it’s short lived.

A Woman That Loves To Listen

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While he’ll want to hear his intelligent lady talking about her goals in life; he will also want to do the bulk of the talking when possible. He has a bit of an ego and therefore will want to dominate conversation.

He needs a woman who will get this about him and be alright with it. She’ll need to be able to let him bend her ear a bit when he’s got something exciting to discuss. It makes him feel understood and appreciated.

Even if you don’t care about what he’s talking about; if you act enthusiastic and allow him to tell you all about it; he’ll appreciate your time. If you can give him a candid response or solution to a problem he has; it’ll be that much better.

Gemini men are fabulous at coming up with solutions to problems but sometimes even he needs a little help. If you will listen to him and let him bounce ideas off you; he’ll see you as the anchor he needs in his life.

Let Him Be Himself

Ultimately a Gemini man wants a woman who will allow him to be who he is without trying to change him. He knows what he wants, he knows how he sees things, and he just wants to be accepted “as is”.

If you have intention to get in a relationship with him in order to change him; you’ll be packing your bags and be sent back home. He isn’t into a woman trying to change the core of who he is.

Gemini men do not bend much as far as trying to make a relationship work. I’m not saying it’s impossible for him to compromise but it’ll take a pretty incredible woman that he finds worthwhile in order for him to WANT to change.

This is typically true of any sign really. If change occurs it’s because the person wanted to, not because someone else “made” them.

If you love your Gemini as he is; let him be who he was born to be. Click here to learn more about the heart of a Gemini man. Perhaps it’ll help you get a bit more perspective on this high maintenance man.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach


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