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What do Gemini Men Find Physically Attractive in a Woman?

Are you interested in a Gemini man but not sure what type of woman he may be looking for? Is he looking for a certain physical type? Will he like your physique? Here is the truth about Gemini men and their desires.

All Shapes and Sizes

Much like the Scorpio man; the Gemini man really isn’t that picky. He isn’t looking for any particular trait in a woman physically over another. It depends on each individual guy and each individual woman.

Some Gemini men like women that have lots of curves. However; if he meets a woman who is thinner and has an outstanding personality; he may find her more attractive.

Gemini men love all women essentially. He isn’t picky when it comes to physical qualities. That being said; he’s looking for her inner beauty more than anything else.

He does appreciate a woman’s physical form. Don’t get me wrong when I say he prefers her inner beauty. He will still absolutely enjoy a woman’s form and how she presents herself.

He just isn’t hung up on any particular physique. So that means that if you’re trying to lure in a Gemini man; you’re going to have to use other tactics than worrying about your body.

That being said, the following are qualities he’s looking for and considers to be “beautiful” in a woman.

The Lure of Confidence

Portrait of happy confident woman standing with hands behind head - What do Gemini Men Find Physically Attractive in a Woman

This man is big on a woman having confidence. This is a HUGE turn on for him. If you can flaunt yourself with what you’ve got; he’ll love it! No matter whether you’re a larger woman with curves or you’re a small woman who has smaller features.

The confidence you present yourself with will make you look absolutely sexy and will entice the Gemini man. Remember this; desperation is a stinky perfume while confidence is an aphrodisiac!

This is one of those times where I tell you to “Work it girl!” Wear something sexy and shake what your momma gave you. The Gemini man will find you hard to resist.

Do not confuse confidence with ego though. No one is attracted to someone who thinks too highly of themselves. Knowing you are beautiful is sexy. Thinking you are the hottest woman ever is a turn off. See the difference?

Being Able To Let Him Talk

Gemini men love to talk. A woman that can sit there and let him blab until the wee hours will win the day. Not to say that he won’t ask you questions or allow you to talk.

However; he’ll probably do most of the talking between the two of you. Unless you’re a Gemini woman; then there will be healthy banter back and forth. Gemini does very well with Gemini.

Any woman that can allow him to rant or talk about the things he really loves; will win a spot in his world. Being a good listener is a requirement for a Gemini man. He knows not everyone can handle the amount of talking he can dish out.

So if you’re the strong silent type; you may do well with him. Even when you don’t really want to listen; pretending you are listening will make him think the world of you.

Being Spontaneous or Adventurous

Gemini men really love a woman who will want to do fun things at any moment in time. Truly he wants a woman who is up for just about anything. Being fixed or in a routine will not be what he’s looking for.

If you can suggest fun new things he’s never tried before; he’ll definitely find more interest in you. The more spontaneous you are about it; the hotter he’ll actually find you.

You see; you stimulate his senses mentally and this will make him desire you on a physical level. So rather than worrying about your body type; try to appeal to things he likes or finds interesting.

Try to get him to go out and do something really mind blowing. The more exciting and risky it is; the more fun he’ll have and the more attractive you become. Not that you weren’t to begin with; it’s more that his mental decides his physical.

Independence is Super Sexy!

Gossip women with laptop in a cafe - What do Gemini Men Find Physically Attractive in a Woman

Gemini men tend to require quite a deal of personal space. This means he prefers women that are the same or women that are going to be alright with him needing space sometimes.

When you’re doing your own thing, spending time with your friends or family, doing your own career, and being your own person; he will find this very sexy and will attract him.

Knowing that you will give him the time he needs when he needs it makes you look like a piece of his favorite slice of cake. Seriously; it’s a HUGE turn on for him to be with a woman who isn’t needy.

He isn’t into clingy women in the first place. When you show him that you want him rather than need him; he’ll think you’re super hot. So if you’re a woman that can handle your own; you are perfect for the Gemini man.

Keep Up With Him

The Gemini man is bursting with energy typically. He requires a woman who can keep up with him. This means activities as well as typical life tasks. He may want to join a gym or he may just like to tackle lots of projects.

Taking classes together and having fun with it could be something lucrative for you both individually and also together as a couple. If you’ve got plenty of energy to burn; you’ll do well with the Gemini guy.

You won’t be expected to do everything he does because after all; he does like time alone or apart. So you only need to keep up with him when you’re actually spending time with him.

He has lots of dreams, ideas, and tends to have many irons in the fire in his life. Click here to learn more about how the Gemini man thinks.

I hope that this article helps you understand how sexy you really are and that the Gemini man isn’t concerned with your physical body so much.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach


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  1. thanku so much!! i m dating this guy for the past 1 year and hes a gemini and even if i m confident abt myself. there was this thought in the back of my head that does it matter if i m flat and v underweight and has no physical attributes

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