Personality Traits Of A Gemini Man: Hot, But Frustrating

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
One day he’s ON and another day, he’s OFF. The ones to blame are personality traits of a Gemini man. Read on to find out more.

So you’ve developed feelings for the Gemini man but he seems to keep going back and forth with his feelings. One day he’s ON and another day, he’s OFF. The ones to blame are personality traits of a Gemini man. Read on to find out more.

Living in the moment

The most important thing to know about the Gemini man is that he’s a free spirit. He truly is the type of person that wants to live in the present. He isn’t one for thinking about the past much as it stirs emotions he doesn’t want.

He doesn’t like thinking about the future much either. That requires making plans which turns him off. It’s surprising he’s able to maintain a job because that’s the most routine he’ll ever handle.

He absolutely cannot stand doing the same thing every single day with his life. It’s not surprising that he will hold down multiple jobs instead of just one. He has to have a variety to keep things somewhat more exciting.

This is the same reason he’ll often take on projects or hobbies without thinking too much about it. This may make him seem impulsive at times. Every single day is a new one and that means opportunity.

Gemini men prefer to work jobs that will provide them with a stimulus. He isn’t one to work a desk job where he does monotonous work. He’ll take jobs that have a bit of risk and fun involved if he can possibly help it.

Living in the moment is the credo that he lives by. As such, he’ll better appreciate a woman who lives this way or is at least free enough to get why he is the way he is and doesn’t have a problem with it.

This is also what makes him interchangeable as far as his moods go. This will definitely affect your relationship with him.

Life of the party

personality traits of the gemini man

Since Gemini is so spontaneous and carefree much of the time, he’ll be the life of the party no matter where he goes. If he takes you out, you can be guaranteed to have a great time.

He blends in with any crowd you throw at him, including your family. Don’t underestimate his ability to naturally become one with the people whom he is around.

The thing is, when you go back home from wherever you have this glorious time, he may clam up and become cold again. He’s had his fill of excitement and being social so he will also want time to be alone in solitude.

While this may be alright if you do not live together, it may hurt the relationship if you are living together and he wants to go off into the other room with the door shut.

There needs to be a lot of compromise and understanding to make it work with a Gemini man. He’s particular and needs to have time where he can be alone. It’s not to hurt your feelings or be rude, it’s just part of who he is.

Give him the time he requires and he’ll come back to you refreshed and ready to have a good time again. I know this can seem frustrating but trust me, if you give him time and space, you’ll see how giving and wonderful he’ll be to you.

When he’s the life of the party, you’re jazzed that he’s so social, funny, and witty. Then he’s a damp towel later on. I get it, it’s confusing as heck. It’s normal for him though and if you want to be with him, you’ll have to accept it.

Back and forth dance

It’s natural for a Gemini to change his moods due to how he feels each day. Remember, he lives day by day. This means that one day he could wake up as your loving and hot guy.

The next day he could wake up and be cranky. He could seem like someone you don’t know at all. Sadly, this is normal for the Gemini man. The things you need to pay more attention to are his actions.

He can say cranky things or really sweet things. It depends on the day and what is happening with him or for him. His actions will speak louder than any words you can ever hear from him.

If he doesn’t respond to your text right away, don’t panic. He may be very busy (as most Gemini men are) or he may be in a bad mood. Either way, it’s not a typical cause for concern unless he ignores you for a week or more.

Gemini does like to text a lot but sometimes he’s just like everyone else and needs a bit of downtime. He may not be the best at telling you that is what is going on but as long as he contacts you again, you shouldn’t worry.

The mood swings are not fun for those around the Gemini man. Though he may have some not so nice days, he’ll also have some really amazing days. It’s best to look forward to each day with new eyes.

Twin lovers

personality traits of a gemini man

If anything, you can look at it like you’re getting two for one. You get one bad boy who is willing to have amazing makeup sex with or you can have the good guy that is really funny and fun to be around.

It’s sort of like having two very different men bundled into one sexy body. That’s the best of both worlds. It can be problematic at times but if you keep the lines of communication open, you should be able to make it work.

Don’t let the bad times here and there throw you off. Again, it’s important to watch how he acts and how he responds rather than his words. It’ll give you better clues as to what is going on. Trust your gut always!

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