How To Tell If You’re Wasting Your Time With A Gemini Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
The Gemini man is intriguing and interesting to almost all who meet him. However, certain aspects of the Gemini can be off-putting. And he may well be put out by any number of things. Read on to find out if the Gemini man is no longer worth the effort. 

The Gemini man is intriguing and interesting to almost all who meet him. However, certain aspects of the Gemini can be off-putting. And he may well be put out by any number of things. Read on to find out if the Gemini man is no longer worth the effort. 

Gemini men can often seem so compelling. They have bright minds and in their own way, they are so much fun to hang out with. Despite this, he has some very tell-tale signs when he is running out of steam. 

In my career as a Relationship Astrologer, I’ve noticed a few things to watch out for when trying to decide if the Gemini man is worth your time or not. Keep on reading if you’d like to be let in on these Gemini Man Secrets. 

He’s Not Talking To You

Gemini Man Stops Asking You To Do Things With Him

A Gemini man is probably the chattiest man in the Zodiac. He is extremely interested in connecting to as many people as possible, and so he talks to as many people as he can. 

It is a sign that a Gemini is extremely interested in you if they keep talking your ear off all the time. They would be blowing up your phone with texts and hanging out with you as much as they can. 

When you notice the Gemini man has stopped talking to you and is puttering around on their phone a lot when they’re with you, this is a sure sign that his attention is elsewhere. 

He is not subtle when he has moved his mental attention on to other things. Where once he made you feel like you were the most interesting person in the world, it can then feel like he has gotten all the information and conversation out of you that he cares to get. 

When this begins, do not hesitate to call him out on it. If his answers do not satisfy you, you may be wasting your time on him. 

He Stops Asking You To Do Things With Him

An interested Gemini will always want you around them, so that when they discover something that they think is new and interesting, you are right there to experience it with him! 

He might have asked you to watch a documentary with him in the past, go to a party, or go to a festival. It’s because he wanted you around to have someone to comment to on the surrounding events. 

So, when he stops asking you, you can almost be sure that he is taking someone else instead. This, of course, doesn’t mean that it has to be someone he is seeing romantically, but it is an indicator that someone else is a better person to have around than you in his mind. 

This is a gut-wrenching realization to come to. And with a Gemini, you have to remember that actions speak louder than words. 

They can say a lot of words in a short amount of time, hoping to patch things up. But calling a spade a spade is the smart thing for you to do lest you waste more time on someone who is just not as interested in you as he once was. 

He Isn’t Being Open

Gemini’s have some of the most active minds in the Zodiac. They cannot let their mind rest for a second. 

As a result, Gemini’s often have a lot of mental strain and anxiety. Being the most one of the most social signs, they usually attempt to remedy this by talking to someone about it. 

He may have vented to you about his intense anxiety in the past which made you feel special. After all, of all the people he knows, he chose you! 

Now, if he is not talking to you about what is on his mind, he is likely telling his worries to someone else. 

Once again, I am not trying to say the Gemini man is cheating necessarily, though some Astrologers will tell you that Gemini’s are the least loyal sign. 

I am simply trying to shed light on the fact that if he has chosen to confide in someone else, the obvious assumption is that you are no longer his primary confidante and the Gemini has moved on to see if someone else will be more helpful.

This is a sign that he is simply not invested anymore. 

He’s Lying To You

Gemini Man Lying To You

Gemini’s love words and they love talking, this is their comfort zone. When they are comfortable and in sync with you, they have no problem being totally honest. 

On the other hand, when things start to go south in the relationship, they also use talking as a defense mechanism in the form of lying. 

They do not like uncomfortable conversations so often lies flow out in an effort to keep things light. They do not enjoy deep and emotional conversation and would rather focus on fun topics and things that interest them.

If you begin catching a Gemini in a lie, then you know that they are feeling afraid and trapped. At this time, it may be worth it to begin considering if it is worth it to keep trying. 

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He’s Deflecting Obvious Issues

Now, perhaps you read the above and have decided that you want to confront the Gemini in question about what I’ve advised. The true test to see if he is wasting your time is how he responds to this confrontation. 

Gemini’s can be superficial, I’ve noticed. They are all about how wide they can spread their attention instead of how deeply they can understand something. 

If they react to the confrontation by being very vague in their responses or acting like the issues do not exist, then that is your sign that he simply is not serious about what you have to say. 

He loves to communicate, don’t get me wrong. But like all air signs, they can be pretty surface level with their concerns and diving deeply into emotional-type conversations simply is not comfortable for them. 

Despite this, when Gemini’s are serious about someone, they can pull it together to have a serious conversation. 

If your Gemini man continues to deflect and distract from the real issues at hand, then it is time to consider that perhaps this Gemini was not meant for you. 

It is never easy for me to give advice like this, but it must be said. Sometimes things just are how they are. I have a lot of experience in this realm and I would hate to not keep my friends and sisters informed of what to watch out for. 

Are you beginning to doubt you Gemini man? Tell us what signs he is showing in the comments below, I definitely have to see this. 

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Your Relationship Astrologer and friend, 

Anna Kovach

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