A Gemini Man With Virgo Woman, Is This A Good Match?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If you’re looking on how compatible are Gemini man and Virgo woman and how you can bring that Gemini man closer, you're on the right place.

Are you a Virgo woman interested in winning over a Gemini man? It may be your lucky day! Learn all about the Gemini man and Virgo woman love compatibility, how your signs line up, and how you can attract this guy.

These two are a bit of a cerebral connection. They are both witty and charming so the Gemini man finds himself drawn to the mystique and curiosity he feels around the Virgo woman. These two very easily blend well and are playful with one another which will make it comfortable for these two to get to know each other.

If you are a Virgo woman, the best thing you can do is be the Gemini man’s friend first. He will appreciate this and will draw him in. He likes to take his time and since you are typically careful, this should be fairly easy for you. Forging a friendly bond will help to build more in the long run.

What this relationship holds

The Gemini man and Virgo woman will typically start out on an intellectual level. It takes time for these two to become more and possibly become more intimate. The Virgo woman may not want to dive right into bed whereas the Gemini man is always ready. He will abide by her wishes but isn’t one to wait for too long so if the Virgo woman wants to keep him and develop the relationship more, she may want to give him a bit of intimacy to intrigue or entice him to stay.

These two have lessons to teach one another and in some ways can be a bit like a couple of mirrors facing one another. The Gemini man is very social and can sell things very easily while his Virgo lady is a bit more reserved and pulled back. She works best behind the scenes. The Virgo woman can at times become critical of her Gemini man as she thinks he could use a bit of refining and maturing.

Gemini Man and Virgo Woman

Even small things as dressing for success could be an “at odds” issue with these two. Gemini men like to be comfortable. They can and do dress up when it’s called for but they’re not quite as adamant about it as the Virgo woman who believes you should always look your best. This is a minor thing that the two can work through. The Gemini man doesn’t get his feelings hurt too often so his Virgo woman’s criticism is not likely to scare him off.

Blooming Intimacy

As mentioned, these two may not hop into bed right away. However, there are always exceptions to the rule. These two like to start out on a cerebral level and then work themselves forward. Once they are around each other enough, their intimacy starts to open up and bloom. At first the Gemini man may want to take the lead to get things going.

When his Virgo woman becomes comfortable with him and how they are together; she will open up more and likely take the lead. He will not mind one bit as he’s rather flexible when it comes to romps in the sack. When he becomes a bit too aloof or unaware though, it could cause the Virgo woman to become upset or angry that he isn’t providing her with emotional depth during their intimate moments.

Gemini men like to put their emotions aside to enjoy their fun time in bed. So they could clash at times and will have to find some sort of middle ground to make sex most enjoyable. These two aren’t the most compatible sex wise.

They are great partners in just about every other aspect but in bed, they seem to lack the passion that the Virgo woman really wants. So as much as it starts out exciting and they start to build, it can also very quickly fizzle out. It will take work for them both if they want to keep the fire burning.

Can they hold it together?

Stability could indeed be an issue with these two. The Gemini man is ever changing and goes with the flow of the moment and the Virgo woman wants to make sure things are better planned out. She wants to be a well organized machine with depth and passion.

Gemini Man and Virgo Woman

The Gemini man wants to go with the flow and tends to change his mind often. This could very well cause issues to crop up between these two and unless they can work together to make the intimate part of their life work, they may not be very satisfied and either the Virgo woman will give up and walk away or the Gemini man will seek intimacy elsewhere.

These two CAN work it out though. If they are willing to actually truly talk to each other and understand where each is coming from, they can very well salvage their relationship. They can teach each other some things and can form a lasting bond that even small differences cannot diminish. They aren’t the best match but they certainly are not the worst either. These two can make it based on how much effort they are willing to truly put in.

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  1. I have known this Gemini man for over twenty years. Seen him through two of three divorces. Never thought him and i would be together. But here we are. And although he is holding back neither one of us has had anything like what we are sharing now. I was married to his best friend for over 39 yrs. He passed away. I feel so Blessed Rick is in my life. And everything is falling into place.

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