Your Match: Gemini Man And Taurus Woman Love Compatibility

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If you’re looking on how compatible are Gemini man and Taurus woman and how you can bring that Gemini man closer, you're on the right place.

Want to find out how compatible are Gemini man and Taurus woman?! This pairing is very interesting. With the Gemini man being an Air sign; is likes to go with the flow and see where things end up. The Taurus woman being an Earth sign; wants to build stability and something long lasting.

These are both typically intellectual people that will have no problem coming up with interesting things to talk about. They may actually work well together as business partners as well because they understand each other. They are initially drawn to each other for the attractive qualities they both share.

Getting involved

This is one area where they may differ. Taurus women like to take their time. They want to build their relationship so that it’s sturdy and will last a lifetime. However, Gemini men are likely to want to move a bit quicker. Where they may want the same end result, they want to speed the process up. They are busy people and feel they don’t have time to waste. Taurus women want to slow it down because ultimately they don’t want to waste their time with someone who may not be what they’re looking for.

While this could be a clash for the two, if done right, this could be a rather successful union. If Gemini can understand his Taurus lady’s need for time and space, he’ll be able to quell her insecurity about whether or not this will last for a long time. Gemini men also love personal freedom so this is a great match. Each can spend time apart doing their own thing or spending time with friends and no one will feel slighted. They may enjoy doing hobbies separate from each other so that they feel they still have control over their own lives. Neither of these signs likes to feel as though they’re being held back or fenced in.

Good Match

Gemini Man And Taurus Woman

While there could be some differences, there are certainly positive aspects that make these two a match that will stand the test of time. They will likely have enough in common that they keep each other amused. They’re also both independent which means they will not ever really have a need to cling to one another. There may however, be an issue of trust. Gemini men are very flirtatious and do not see any harm in it. The Taurus woman however secure she may seem most of the time, may actually become jealous because he sees him flirting as a sign of disrespect.

Perhaps if the Gemini man can curb his flirtations to when he is not around his Taurus woman, he would not get in so much trouble. Most women already do not want to see their guy flirting with other women anyway. Taurus women expect their Gemini man to be as loyal as they are because it’s a matter of proving that they will only want and/or need them alone.

In bed, things may differ. Gemini likes to integrate intellect with sexuality and likes to be visually stimulated. Taurus wants more hands on and vigorousness to show they are wanted. These two will have to find a compromise. Perhaps they can take turns in bed. One night they can be fast and furious then the next they can be more methodical and do some kinky role playing. When these two can find common ground, they will do quite well in this area of their life.


This couple could be a well versed united front if they really put the effort and time into it. Taurus women will be willing to work it out and try to find ways that they can make it last. Gemini is willing to do the same. Since these two do not mind finding compromise, this makes them quite a team. This is the type of couple that could start a business together and be able to hold down the fort at home as well as have a successful financial venture. This is almost an ideal match; as long as they both are able to work past the kinks they may have in their relationship.

Gemini Man And Taurus Woman

If Gemini can give his lady the time she requires to become immersed in their relationship, he will find rewards waiting for him. The Taurus woman will always be loyal and loving to her Gemini and the two of them will be able to share their lives together. These two would make excellent marriage partners and could inspire others with their ability to succeed in life as well as love.

With the intellect these two bring to the table, they can pave a very exciting road ahead of them whether in or out of bed. This is a “dream team” quite honestly. Just as any match, there are some issues but the ones these two may have aren’t the type that cannot be worked around and made into a long lasting if not forever type of love full of stability.

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