The Gemini Man And Gemini Woman; Is This A Good Match?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If you’re looking on how compatible are Gemini man and Gemini woman and how you can bring that Gemini man closer, you're on the right place.

Are you a Gemini woman interested in capturing the heart of a fellow Gemini man? You’re in luck! Learn about Gemini man and Gemini woman love compatibility, how your signs match, and how you can draw him in.

This is always an interesting match. From the get go, they share a bond since they are in fact, the same sign. The initial attraction is a no brainer and it feels very easy for them to connect as they understand each other much easier than any other sign possibly can.

They may start out as just friends because it’s important to both of them to build a foundation before taking it to a romantic level. Each of them has to see if the other will fit well into their lives and their other friendships in order to make it more secure. Gemini is usually slow to start anyway so both of them understand this naturally.

Pros and Cons Weighed

Where they may both agree that friendship comes first, they may have very different ideas of what a friendship entails. They will need to be very clear with one another as well as forthcoming which may not be easy for either of them. Either they could go very well together or they could go horribly wrong.

It all depends on their ideals and what they want for their life. They may each have “rules” they like to follow and expect the other to follow as well. So it’s a matter of both of them figuring out what the boundaries are and if they can meet each other’s expectations.

Gemini Man And Gemini Woman

Conversation could be tricky between these two because both of them really love to talk. If either of them gets excited about something and decides to talk about it while the other is excited and wants to talk at the same time; they will both need to figure out who should go first and then take turns. If they do not, they’ll likely bump heads and claim that the other one never listens to them. Finding middle ground may not be very easy. It is still possible though if they communicate and really listen to one another. They can learn to take proper turns and hear each other out.

The good news is, if they truly do work it out; they have the making of a very long term relationship. They typically will not have trust issues as they are both freedom loving and they can appreciate this about one another. This understanding allows them to see the life they want and therefore can make it last a very long time if not, forever.

Soul Mates Maybe?

Gemini with Gemini truly has the potential of a very deep bond that they cannot potentially have with other signs. These two have the capability of truly going further than most to be able to make it last.

They understand each other and though there may be problems when they communicate, they still have a strong foundation for success. These two both have mood swings but they know exactly how to deal with it and overcome it. They know when to back off and when to step in. It’s a win/win situation most of the time.

Sex between these two should be very satisfying as they know and can “feel” what their partner wants on an inner level since they are the same sign. Who better to know the Gemini man more than a Gemini lady? They know how to feed each other’s fantasies and desires.

They physically are built for one another and seem to just go with the flow which ends up being hot and sexy. They connect emotionally and intellectually when it comes to being intimate which, is the ultimate for both of them and will be one of the things that are highly successful and genuine in their relationship.

Where do they go from here?

These two truly mirror one another and where they understand each other, they also tend to have the same inadequacies.  It somehow is Ok though if they fall short in certain areas because each of them is likely to be understanding of the other. If the Gemini man doesn’t want to clean the house, the Gemini lady may have a hard time motivating to do it as well.

However, at some point, they will realize it really has to be done and both of them will pitch in and get it done. They also both have a love for spending money so this could be a connection where they have to set some kind of budget so that they do not overspend and end up without electricity.

Gemini Man And Gemini Woman

Love is great but it doesn’t pay the bills. As long as they come up with some sort of system for the two of them to follow, these two could do quite well together and absolutely could line up for the long haul.

These two are not in danger of having “too much of a good thing” because they’re both multi faceted and tend to have lots of hobbies. They may have some in common but they’ll also have hobbies outside of each other.

This is great though as it allows them to be themselves and have the space they require from each other which is a recipe for success. Gemini man with Gemini woman is a great match. Not without some problems but they are problems that can be overcome and allow these two to go the extra mile for success.

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