Your Match: Gemini Man And Cancer Woman Love Compatibility

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If you’re a Cancer woman interested in a Gemini man, here’s all you need to know about how your signs are compatible and how you can bring him closer.

How compatible are Gemini man and Cancer woman? This is a very interesting match if done correctly. You see, a Gemini is logically driven but he’ll be drawn to a Cancer woman because of all the gifts she possesses. She is a care taker, she’s the understanding healer, and she’s the one that will make sure all his needs are met.

While this sounds like a fairytale, the thing that the Cancer woman will want the most is emotional security. If a Cancer woman takes the risk to be with a Gemini man, she must see him as something special. If the Gemini man is smart, he’ll do his best to keep her happy and using his “Understanding” side of himself to truly get what she needs.

Mind versus Heart Matters

This love match is one that is a challenge between the mind and the heart. The Gemini is always analyzing and processing his thoughts and feelings through logic; whereas his Cancer woman is always processing everything via what she feels. Often what she feels will overrule what logic would provide. So it’s here that they could find clashes.

He may try to argue with her that what she’s feeling isn’t very sound or logical and try to explain why. If she is in a “mood”; she may not be inclined to want to listen to this and an argument is imminent.

However; the silver lining that can be found is that Gemini himself; tends to have “moods” of his own and this tends to make him more understanding about when he should pursue a certain argument or if he should let it drop until it’s a better time to discuss.


Gemini Man And Cancer Woman


While the Cancer woman is more than happy to take care of her Gemini man, she will at some point, expect him to be an adult. Gemini men often display youthful types of behavior. This would include leaving dirty clothes on the floor, leaving dirty dishes on the end table, or leaving the toilet seat up.

It may seem cute and charming to the Cancer woman at first that she now has someone to take care of, the novelty of it will fade after time and she may demand that he start taking some responsibility for himself and not lean on her so much. If he can compromise and do what she asks, she will still continue to take care of him and allow him to be the busy, creative man that he is. She will not mind if he wants to spend lots of time working on his projects as long as he comes to her at the end of the day and shows her some appreciation.

With the Cancer woman looking for deep emotional security, this may be a problem for the Gemini man who is often in one mood only to change into another at a moment’s notice. This could make him seem flaky and not very understanding at times. This back and forth could be a bit much for the Cancer woman’s desires. If the Gemini man can check in with his Cancer lady from time to time, he could still very well work at keeping her happy.

Compromise and Work

This relationship is absolutely doable if the two of these people can find compromise and work at it. If they can both handle each other’s mood swings, have patience, and give each other unending love, they can actually make their relationship last. The two will have to really figure out if they are sure that they want to truly be together though.

If a Cancer woman puts in her time and effort to Gemini happy and yet he cannot provide her the security she seeks, this could be a disaster. So it’s really a matter of talking things through as often as possible or finding a clear path of communication at all times so that they are able to discuss anything and feel that it’s lucrative to their future.

Gemini Man And Cancer Woman

These two have plenty of commonalities that they can make the relationship keep going.

However; it will take lots of work and compromising. If they are to make it last, Gemini will have to understand that his Cancer woman wants to be loved and appreciated in a way she understands. The Cancer woman will also have to let Gemini do this thing and know that when he’s done, he’ll come back to her. There has to be some give and take between them that will flow.

For each couple it will be different but, the same advice is applicable. There is a need for working on it and making sure that they’re able to keep it flowing. Not just for one day but every single day.

Cancer women can be very loving and fulfilling for a Gemini man who seeks being taken care of. She’s willing to do it but he has to be willing to give her devotion and security. If they can do this, they have wonderful chances of succeeding.

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