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Are Gemini Men Good in Bed?

Are you thinking about getting intimate with a Gemini man? Here are some things you may want to know before you take that plunge of bliss with the Gemini you’re interested in.

Energy to Burn

The Gemini man has little difficulty with stamina. He can go all night long as long as you can keep up. He has loads of extra energy that seemingly comes from nowhere.

You may find yourself wondering if you can borrow some of his energy in order to make sure you can keep going. He isn’t into the fast and furious passion. He likes to take his time and watch what is going on.

Remember that Gemini is dual in nature so part of him wants to participate while the other half of him wants to watch. This allows for him to preserve his energy and make it last longer.

Kind of Kinky

are Gemini men good in bed

Gemini men really like to watch. So much so that it would suit him just fine if you had several mirrors positioned to where he can look in the mirror and see himself doing the action with you.

He is a bit into himself so watching himself mount you or if you mount him will wildly excite him. Just as he is excited watching himself do you, he would also not mind watching others having sex with you.

The Gemini man is a voyeur and wants to observe. It turns him on even more than the action itself. Since he is also a free person when it comes to sex, he will gladly welcome in a third party or more to join.

If you don’t mind having open sex; he will definitely enjoy watching others playing with you. This is his kinky side. This is a man with zero jealousy. It’s all in what you want.

Though if you are not comfortable with group action, you could still do well with him if you allow him to watch with mirrors or you could even make a hot home movie with him.

Next time you want to get frisky, you can throw the movie on and watch how much he squirms. It will make him become a little more intense than he would be otherwise.

Not Big on Oral

Again, while he’s one that likes to watch; he may like to watch you in the mirror on your knees giving him oral. However, if there is no mirror involved, he may not be quite as turned on.

He doesn’t mind giving you oral but it’s definitely more of a pleasing you thing at that point. It really doesn’t do too much for him. He does like to watch you squirm though and will enjoy the moment of your orgasm.

The Gemini man will participate in fellatio/cunnilingus but know that it’s just not his favorite thing and he doesn’t enjoy it as much as other acts such as role playing or watching porn.

Doing 69 will definitely not thrill him as he cannot really see anything. He cannot watch your reactions to what he is doing and this would make it very boring for him.

Drive you Wild

The Gemini man does enjoy flirtation such as blowing on your ear, nibbling your shoulder, licking your ear, etc. He likes to see you get excited. Observing your behavior and what makes you tick will be enjoyable for him.

He’s an odd mixture. While he doesn’t mind watching you get off, he himself will just go ahead and get off quickly and be done. This may not make sex very exciting for you as you’ll wonder why he’s ready to stop already.

If you get the right mix of stimulation though, he can last much longer. He does have plenty of energy he can burn but he has to be excited or it doesn’t last. He gets bored quickly just like with any other facet in his life.

No Rules

are Gemini men good in bed

Gemini men have no preference as to where you two can have sex. He can do it at home or out in public. Again, he’s very cerebral and self motivated. This means he’s more into watching himself with you or whoever than he is about the actual act.

I know it’s hard to understand but while Gemini men can please you, they may not be as deep, passionate, and soul shivering hot in bed. That’s not to say their awful either. They are good at what they do but they just may not reach the depths you want to achieve.

Gemini men do not care to connect souls and finding meaning in love making. He just wants hot sex that gives him temporary entertainment and excitement and then move on to the next thing.

These men want to be constantly stimulated in their lives. Sex is no different. If you want him to perform well; make sure you properly motivate him. This may mean you have to throw on some pornographic movies or look through dirty magazines together.

If you are open to it, you may explore having an open relationship. He will be Ok with this; I assure you. That way you can connect with others on a deeper level and he will get what he wants which is ultimately; to watch.


Aside from pornographic movies and magazines; this man enjoys toys. Remember he likes to visualize and watch. So if you were to use a toy on yourself in front of him, he’ll love it. He may allow you to use a toy or two on him as well.

This man has no inhibitions whatsoever and is up for just about anything at any time. You can try experimentation with him with feathers, handcuffs, oils, or any other accessory that you’d like to try out.

This man may be into more hardcore sexual play as well such as tying you up and whipping you. If you’re into this then this is probably a good match for you. If not, you may stick to the other more harmless toys and methods.

All in all, this man is freedom loving, non jealous, loves to watch, loves group sex or would give it a try, would prefer an open sex life, but may not be a deep passionate lover. Decide which mix is best for you!

These are just some of what makes the Gemini Man tick. If you’d like to know more than you probably should check out Anna Kovach’s book. Reading the Gemini Man Secrets can help you get to know what this man is really like.


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