10 Facts About Gemini Men Every Woman Should Know

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Whether you’ve just started dating a Gemini or you’re thinking about dating one, here are some interesting facts about Gemini men you may want to know about

Whether you’ve just started dating a good looking Gemini guy or you’re thinking about dating one, here are some really interesting facts about Gemini men you may want to know about.

1) Extreme independence

Gemini men tend to operate by themselves. They do not understand other people who are dependent on others. He’s self-motivated and self-reliant. He’s not going to be one that NEEDS any woman.

He will really try hard to ensure that he always gets the time he requires to himself. He won’t ask you for it because he figures you should know already that this is normal.

Getting involved with a Gemini man means giving him plenty of solitude. If you do not, you’ll have some major issues of resentment and discord with him. Of course, he may not stick around that long if he sees dependency.

2) He’s versatile

facts about gemini men

One really nice thing about the Gemini man is that he’s able to fit into any crowd you may bring him around. This includes bringing him around a variety of friends or even your family.

He will find a way to adapt and make humor a priority. He loves making people laugh and will break the ice this way. He’s a very social guy so being around others is where he really shines.

You never have to worry about whether or not your friends will like him. He will make sure that they do.

3) Mood swings are a problem

Gemini man has a dual personality that he’s born with. One day he can wake up and be really happy go lucky then the next he may wake up grouchy and reclusive. You’ll need to learn his moods.

Once you do, you’ll be able to handle whatever mood he wakes up in. When he’s grouchy, you’ll know to give him space and time to himself. Then when his happy side comes back, you’ll reap the rewards.

It can be frustrating and confusing at times as this is where the “hot and cold” problems come in.

4) He hates to sleep

The Gemini man wishes he could run and operate on sleep. He’s very active and this means he wishes that he didn’t need the sleep so that he could continue doing what he loves.

He’s one that can easily become a workaholic but only if what he’s working on is something really exciting and fun. If he gets into a routine job, he may not stick with it too long.

He really hates routine of any kind. Sleeping is one of those routines he wishes he didn’t have to deal with. He figures he’ll sleep when he’s dead.

5) Gemini appreciates the “little things”

facts about gemini men

This is the guy that will actually pay attention to the small things that make his woman happy. He’ll use them at random times to make his lady smile and show her how amazing he is.

While many other men of the Zodiac forget or maybe are just oblivious, Gemini man remembers and tries to make his woman feel appreciated and loved as much as he can.

Even though he requires a lot of maintenance; if you give it to him; you’ll notice that he will actually treat you very well.

6) Debating

The Gemini is an expert at debating. I am not talking about arguing or fighting. I mean actual debate. You can often find Gemini men doing politics or obsessing about what is going on in politics.

If there is something you do not agree with him on; he’s willing for a good debate but you’d better do your research because most of the time; he knows what he’s talking about.

When you do feel the need to argue with him; he’ll sense the emotion behind it and likely clam up or walk out the door.

7) Gemini man – The eternal flirt

facts about gemini men

Yes, Gemini men are huge flirts. However, when they find someone they want to dedicate their time and effort to, they try their best to make it solid and make it last.

Many other sites will tell you that they are flaky and they are cheats. The truth is, they’re always searching for the right person so they can finally focus on that one person.

He does need excitement and variety but this can be provided by one woman if she’s got the energy and desire to keep up with him. He’s worth the effort!

8) He’s a personal lie detector

Ladies, if you need to weed out some of your friends as far as who is true and who is a phony, let your Gemini guy meet them. He’ll tell you fairly easily who is legitimate and who is not.

Be careful though because he can also tell when you’re being dishonest with him. Always try to be honest with him. Even when it’s something you know he won’t like, it’s best to be true.

He will sense something in you and know whether or not your intention toward him is of purity or of not so nice actions.

9) Silent treatment

Typically if your Gemini answers you with a short answer or not at all, you can rest assured that he’s either pissed off or you’ve said something that hurt him. It’s best to give him a little space.

Time and space will help him work past anything he’s feeling. Wait for him to open up and discuss things with you to fully know what it was that set him off.

Don’t try to force him to speak any sooner than he’s ready or he’ll shrug you off. He doesn’t like confrontation or pressure.

10) Takes time to build trust

facts about gemini men

It will take Gemini time to fully trust someone. You have to earn it from him. He won’t just easily give it away especially if you’re someone new to him and his world.

Give him time and patience and you’ll be able to prove your loyalty to him. Click here to learn what he’s looking for in the perfect match.


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