How to Attract a Gemini Man in September 2020

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How to attract a Gemini man in September 2020? Draw the attention of a Gemini man or improve your relationship with one in September!

Every month, the planets change signs and affect our relationships. Depending on the planetary movements, it may be tough to understand the needs and desires of the Gemini man. But with my tips based on the monthly energy, you can draw the attention of a Gemini man or improve your relationship with one in September 2020.

Attracting a Gemini Man in September 2020

1. Establish a Solid Foundation

Unlike the fun, free-flowing energy of August, September brings somber, practical vibes to the Gemini man. 

With the Sun in Virgo highlighting his fourth house of home and family until September 22, the Gemini man is attracted to the woman who is practical and reliable. 

Even if he’s not ready to get married just yet, he’s looking for his future wife. He will only date women he sees potential in, especially if he’s ready to start a family or already has children. 

Because Virgo inspires the Gemini man to handle his affairs and secure a solid base for his family, you should show him that you’re emotionally and mentally mature (and grounded) enough to establish and maintain a healthy relationship. Prove to him that you’re not here to play games. 

If looking for ways to let the Gemini man know you’re serious about your future, think about how you respond to tough situations. Instead of worrying or freaking out, keep calm and enjoy the ride—or weather the storm. 

Don’t stress yourself about what the future may bring or where you stand. Learn to trust yourself and trust the Gemini man. 

Besides, when you learn to control your emotions and go with the flow, you help the Gemini man maintain a peace of mind. The way to turn on a strong Gemini man is knowing how to peacefully handle things. 

So until September 22, focus on being a “home” for the Gemini man. Be the security he can lean on. 

On the other hand, when the Sun in Libra enters his fifth house of travel and romance on September 22, it may be hard to keep up with him. 

Instead of being reserved and introverted, Libra influences the Gemini man to call up his friends and flee from the nest. 

During this period, give him space to spread his wings and fly. Instead of forcing commitment, focus on friendship. Keep an open mind. 

2. Charm Him

Venus in Leo transiting his third house of communication from September 6 until October 2 brings a new level of mental connection that the Gemini man will find hard to resist. 

Because Venus’s energy sextiles (supports) the Gemini man’s desire for socialization, turn on the charm. Instead of wasting time with small talk, show him your creative side. 

With Venus in a fire sign like Leo, the Gemini man is active and ready to go. If possible, plan a spontaneous day trip or overnight stay in a nearby town. 

If you are getting to know the Gemini man, thank your lucky stars because this is the perfect transit to start a new love affair!

During this period, the Gemini man is more charismatic and straight to the point. 

In relationships, he will be eager and confident in his approach. Be confident and joyful in your approach too. 

If fashion isn’t your thing, research what’s trending and update your wardrobe. Even though appearance isn’t everything, Venus in Leo enhances the Gemini man’s love for art and beauty. 

He will be very distracted during this transit, so always look your best if you want to catch his eye. 

3. Be Honest

If there’s one thing the Gemini man loves, it’s a good story. So be bold and tell your best tale. Just make sure you’re being honest because the Gemini man will not commit to an untrustworthy woman.

With Mercury, the planet of communication, transiting his fifth house of Libra until September 27, the Gemini man is attracted to the woman who can bring balance and creativity to his thoughts, ideas, and overall mental health. 

Because Mercury is a cardinal air sign, like Libra, the Gemini man may come across more intellectual. He wants to talk and get to know you from the inside out. However, the Gemini man is turned off by the woman who tries to appear perfect. Be yourself. 

As a relationship astrologer, I find that the best way to attract a Gemini man during this transit is to be as sincere as possible. 

With Mercury in Libra representing peace and duality, this is an opportunity to establish common ground and develop a set of shared interests for your relationship to build on. 

To help you win the Gemini man over in September 2020, share stories about your childhood and who you are a person. It may also help to introduce him to a few of your friends. 

If you find yourself feeling insecure and falling into the shadow side of Libra, speak up and let him know how you feel. Chances are whatever’s bothering you is not as bad as it seems. If nothing else, the Gemini man will appreciate your vulnerability. 

By sharing your stories and being confident about who you are, you help him open up and share more of his creative self. 

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4. Support Him

In Astrology, Mars represents willpower and action. It represents how the Gemini man will behave in relationships. It also showcases his sexual preferences. 

With Mars in Aries stationing retrograde in the Gemini man’s eleventh house of community on September 9, be prepared to show up and support the Gemini man in ways you never had to before. 

Because Mars in Aries rules the Gemini man’s vision and aspirations, he may experience temporary delays that affect his professional desires and career. 

Therefore, if you want to attract him in September 2020, the Gemini man needs to see you as a pillar of support. 

During this period, the Gemini man is attracted to the woman who is ready to get her hands dirty and do the work with him. He wants a partner who is willing to be engaged in his desires and life plans. He will struggle with someone who is emotionally and mentally detached. 

Sexually, Mars retrograde in Aries inspires the Gemini man to take control, rather than following your lead. If you are a fire or earth sign, this new relationship dynamic may be difficult for you. 

For those who prefer to have control or make shared decisions with the Gemini man, accept that he is more autonomous than usual. It’s not a personal jab. 

Overall, September 2020 offers a promising opportunity to find and build love with a Gemini man. I suggest you focus on establishing a solid foundation, charming him, being honest, and supporting him in whatever he needs. 

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Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach 

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