How to Attract a Gemini Man in March 2020

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How to attract a Gemini man in March 2020? The planets change every month, and events in March might be significantly different than what you're expecting.

Every month the planets change signs and affect our relationships. Depending on the planetary movements, you may not always understand the needs and desires of the Gemini Man. However, there are simple things that you can do based on the monthly energy to improve your relationship with the Gemini Man. Find out how to attract a Gemini Man in March 2020.

Attracting a Gemini Man in March 2020

1. Don’t be clingy. Give him space.

You may already know that the Gemini man enjoys an intellectual conversation, dazzling night in town, wild night in bed, and lifelong adventure with his lover and best friend. But with Venus in Taurus highlighting his 12th house of ending and solitude all month long, the Gemini man could be feeling more distant and reserved than usual.

In astrology, Venus says a lot about what the Gemini man will want and need out of a relationship. Venus shows what he likes, the way he approaches relationships, the way he gives and receives affection, the type of woman he is attracted to, and his emotional relationship to material possessions and money.

With Transit Venus in a tense position with his Sun, the influence of Taurus challenges the Gemini man to be more hard-working and focused. During this period, the Gemini Man is more calm, grounded, sensual, and physically affectionate.

On the downside, the Gemini Man doesn’t enjoy strong earthly energies. He likes to roam and be free, never fixed on any one thing — and Venus in Taurus restrains him from doing that.

This causes the Gemini Man to be more loose, stubborn, indulgent, and strong-willed, so you may have to give him more space to spread his wings than usual, but always let him know you’re still interested.

The Gemini man is attracted to bold, confident, and independent partners; he doesn’t want anyone who is going to cling on to him. Although the Gemini man is very sensitive, he still wants someone who can respect his curiosity, give him the space to try and learn new things, have platonic friendships, and do things alone. He is not attracted to someone traditional and closed-minded.

With Venus in Taurus transiting his 12th house of ending, solitude, and self-reflection in March 2020, the Gemini man may be more withdrawn than usual.

If you feel like he is hesitant or resistant to your advances, let him know how you feel, but don’t try and force him to see things your way.

If the relationship is going to last, he needs to feel like he can decide on his terms; he doesn’t like to feel confined. If you want to attract a Gemini Man in March in 2020, you need to live your life to the fullest and let him be.

attract a Gemini Man in March 2020

2. Be your best self. Show him who you really are.

For the Gemini man, Mars symbolizes how he expresses his sexuality and physical desires; it shows how he asserts himself in love.

With Transit Mars in Capricorn highlighting the area of his chart that rules self-development, transformation, and rebirth in March 2020, the Gemini man will be attracted to honest, creative, and open-minded women.

He wants someone loyal, charming, and free-spirited; he needs to know that you can keep his interest for a long time.

Mars in Capricorn influences the Gemini man to be more self-disciplined, goal-oriented and focused.

Because Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign representing endurance, material wealth, public image, and structure, the Gemini man is more focused on building his legacy. He will want to attract a partner who can help him achieve his goals and make him a better person.

As an air sign, the Gemini man enjoys reading, writing, and learning new things. It may be helpful to suggest new books, podcasts, and videos on self-development and other topics that interest him.

This will show him that you care about his growth without going overboard and invading his need for space.

Even though Mars is in his privacy sector, the Gemini Man is an entertainer at heart and loves to show his partner off.

One way to know if he’s attracted to you is if he brings you around his inner circle. Being a social butterfly, you will score bonus points if his friends approve, so make sure you dress to impress.

3. Be vocal. Let him know your expectations.

The Sun will move into Aries on March 18. The Transit Sun in Aries highlights the area of the Gemini Man’s chart that rules friendships, hopes, and associations.

During this period, the Gemini Man will be more focused on promoting multiple causes, building his vision for the future, and establishing new connections with friends.

In relationships, the Gemini Man is what we like to call the “wild card.” He is one of the very few men in the Zodiac who doesn’t have a type.

The Gemini man loves to eat at new restaurants, live out of a suitcase, and never have to answer to anyone. So with the Sun highlighting this area of his chart, it may be hard in March to tie him down for a serious conversation.

He may be very busy this month, always making plans and meeting new people. So If you want to catch his attention and stand out from the rest, then you will have to do what others are often afraid to do and tell him the truth — tell him what you want, need, and expect of him.

Unlike other men, the Gemini Man is seduced and turned on by expressive women; he secretly craves a woman who can tell him how she feels in words and actions.

If you want to attract a Gemini man in March 2020, instead of you waiting for him to make plans or call you, make the first move, but don’t go overboard because you want him to stay intrigued.

Because he enjoys a partner who can keep him entertained and in the flow, you should take him to see a new play, movie, or concert — somewhere that can stimulate his mind and show him something new. This will also set the standard and show him how you expect to be treated; you are leading him by example.

4. Inspire him. Be his muse.

In astrology, Mercury says a lot about how the Gemini Man processes, receives and sends information on an internal and external level. Mercury shows us things like how he expresses his emotions, how he processes thoughts, how he perceives life, and what he wants to communicate to the world at the current moment.

With the Transit Sun Mercury completing its retrograde cycle in Pisces and Aquarius on March 9, Gemini men are more sensitive, spiritual, and creative than usual.

During this period, the Gemini Man is interested in utilizing his creative and intellectual skills in his profession and career; he is focused on creating his long-term goals.

Although the Gemini man is more impulsive and free-spirited than other Zodiac signs, the energy of Pisces encourages him to open up and follow his heart.

Doing shared activities like brainstorming and creative visualization will bring more peace and harmony to his goals and your relationship; this will inspire him and help him trust you.

This is also an excellent time to get to know the Gemini man on an emotional and creative level. It may be fun and helpful to ask him questions about his role models, idols, inspirations, and spiritual beliefs.

You should also think of fun ways to create moments or small tokens of your love. This could be something as simple as a scrapbook or painted wood sculpture — something physical that is a symbol of your relationship.

If you want to impress him, show him more of your creative side. Talk about your favorite artists, childhood dreams, or ideas about what will happen in the future.

You need to show him that there is more to you than what meets the eye. You need to inspire him.

5. Be his best friend.

For the Gemini man, life should be lived to the fullest. A lover of life’s diversity, he just wants to have a good time. With Transit Venus in Taurus and Transit Mars in Capricorn, the Gemini man will enjoy spending time away from the responsibilities of life as much as possible.

Instead of talking to him about life goals and commitments all the time, find a balance between a supportive partner and best friend. With so much earthly energy present in March, it’s easy to become very serious and rigid.

Lighten the load and make him laugh. Show him that you know how to relax and have a genuinely good time; you will win his heart.

If you can, spend all day in bed, go for pancakes at 3 AM, or book a last-minute flight. The Gemini man loves a woman who can be open to the impossible.

Just remember that friendship is the key to any relationship with a Gemini man. Being his friend first, even if the chemistry is mutual, almost always guarantees a better success rate.

Take a moment and think about all the ways that you will attract a Gemini Man this March. Will you be more honest and cool-natured in your approach? Will you show him that you can be free-spirited, positive, and a true light to be around? Will he do all the talking or will you?

Let me know in the comment section below.

Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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8 thoughts on “How to Attract a Gemini Man in March 2020

  1. Hi Anna,
    I feel like March may have started early for my Gemini because he’s already been more distant than usual! He goes through phases and I understand it, but he’s been quiet for the past week.

    I am giving him space. We have a real connection and I don’t want to be clingy. He is very important to me but I know he needs to decide for himself what he wants with our relationship. We love to have fun together, can talk for hours, and our attraction is intense.

    After reading the article, I will think about being direct and telling him what I want and need. For a few reasons, we haven’t been in a position to have that type of conversation but it seems that now may be the time – and some of the other reasons have also resolved themselves in the meantime.

    Hoping all goes well, he enjoys his space, and comes back to me when he’s ready.

    1. Hi Lucy!

      It sounds like you’re doing the right thing. Space will help him determine his level of care for you. If he truly does care, he will be back and he will chase you. If he doesn’t then it shows you that he didn’t care enough to try to make things work. Stay strong and true to who you are. Don’t let anyone knock you off your horse honey. Keep riding forward!

  2. Me and my man are Gemini, and everything you said are so true, when we met in 2017, we became the best friends first, then we became lovers, we both know how to give each other space, because that’s the way we are. I enjoy reading your emails because it’s so inspiring to me and him.

    1. Hi Monica!

      Thank you for your beautiful comments. I appreciate you writing in. You two sound like a great match and as long as you keep using your formula for success here on out, you’ll be just fine. It seems you two are a love of a lifetime. Hold onto that! I wish you the very best!

  3. Hi Anna,
    So true…my Gemini boyfriend of one year has been more quiet and reflective this past week. But I have used this time to listen with a platonic ear and help him relive his boyish memories…he really enjoyed it. The next day he suggested that we both play hookie from work…when I agreed he was more excited than I’ve seen him in a while. We spent the day cuddling on the sofa watching movies and TV. In the evening, we went out, grabbed pizza and brought it home to share. In the next 2 days, he told me 3 separate times how great of a day he had with me! Wow, still surprised 🙂

    1. Hi Natalie!

      It sounds like you’ve got a recipe for success going. I’m so happy to hear this darling. Keep up the good work and stay in love. I hope the momentum lasts a lifetime for you. Refer back to my blog if you ever have more questions or read my book “Gemini Man Secrets” for more information.

  4. I met a gemini guy 2 months ago. We had immediate chemistry and connection. We both fell for one another but then he pulled away, saying he needed time due to the fact he had told his son about me, who didn’t react well. We are still in contact, the physical attraction and chemistry is like nothing else. We agreed to remain friends, as he said he doesn’t think he wants a relationship yet but we haven’t’ seen each other because of the in tenseness of our mutual attraction. I don’t want to give up on him because I think there is something special between us, but also I was married and with a gemini man for 20 years and I know how unique and amazing they are once in a relationship. I have my fingers crossed and will take note of everything in this email.

    1. Hi Wendy!

      He’s scared is what it sounds like. Take your time, keep the friendship and let things develop over time. Him putting space there is so that he can safeguard himself from being hurt because he really cares for you. If he didn’t he would be a bit more careless probably. I think that things may develop if you hold onto your patience darling. I wish you the best!

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