How To Attract A Gemini Man April 2021

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How to attract a Gemini man in April 2021? Draw the attention of a Gemini man or improve your relationship with one in April!

April is Aries season, Aries being a sign very compatible with the Gemini man. He is free to be his bubbly and communicative, passionate and high-spirited self when the Sun’s in Aries. Aries is the self-starting leader of the Zodiac, and a sign that scores high on the compatibility chart in love, business, partnership, and friendship. The New Moon in Aries on the 12th provides fresh energy and perspectives in addition to self-alignment. He will be thinking a lot more about his career, professional successes, and services and talents this April! 

How To Attract A Gemini Man April 2021

1. Speak To His Love Of Success

Attracting A Gemini Man April 2021

Qualities of self-leadership, ambition, assertiveness, and healthy competition are lit up until the 19th. The Gemini man is free to be his spirited and passionate, self-expressive, and multi-talented self. His mind is attuned to his professional path, his goals and aspirations. He is feeling determined and motivated – with a lot of life force and energy to go after his dreams. You should show interest in his personal and professional life…

Talk to him about his career. Ask him about his passions! Engage with him and show him that you’re genuinely curious. Gemini is one of the most inquisitive and curious star signs regardless. It’s well known that we all seek similar qualities in a partner, so be intrigued. You can never ask too many questions either as he loves to talk. Communication is one of his greatest strengths.

If you can keep him mentally engaged while letting him know how interested you are in what he does, you will find an optimistic man who is happy to be open with you. Through mastering the fine art of conversation, you will create a positive giving-receiving flow of energy. This is how you create a bond this April.

2. Let Him Express His Flaws

There is a great saying… the only way out and up is through. This is the case in April. To find the light, you will need to let him go up and through. The Gemini man is generally an upbeat and positive soul, an optimistic spirit. He is full of life and energy, passion and zest. But he also suffers from self-doubt and pessimistic thinking. It can be easy for him to be high one minute and low or down the next.

So, you will need to help him. Aries season signifies a lot of inspirational and exciting energy – fire and passion, highly charged atmosphere and conversation. This can make him “burn out,” or at the very least go through frequent periods of low moods. The best thing you can do to both help him and catch his attention is to assist him. Show him the light, remind him of his strengths – and everything positive he has going on. 

The future is bright. Shift the conversation and energy flow in ways that help to see this. However, you will need to do so in a way that holds space for his follies. Let him express his flaws & follies. Be an impeccable listener, and give space to him where necessary. Just always remember to steer and redirect the conversation so that he remains in positivity. 

3. Only Laugh When He Tells Jokes!

Gemini Man Attraction April 2021

Okay, it can be hard to suppress laughter and joy, but the thing with the Gemini man this April is that he is quite sensitive. All the fiery and upbeat energy leaves him going through mood swings… one moment he’s up, then he’s down…. In one instance he’s happy and vibrant, the next he’s reflective and semi-depressed. The result? 

He’s a bit touchy! Laughing at the wrong time will make him think you’re laughing at him, not with him. Don’t get me wrong, he’s one of the least sensitive signs, but he is also very attached to his wit and mind. Sense of humor is a big deal to him. And he loves it when people laugh with him. Be mindful of where you show your humorous side. It’s great to be joyful and spirited, certainly don’t suppress your optimism and love of play and pleasure. 

Just in terms of laughing, be mindful of his sensitivities. The worst thing that could happen is him thinking you’re laughing at him, such as ridiculing or insulting him. This then suppresses him and makes him want to close himself off to you. Learning how to suss out his sense of humor, style of wit, and exactly when he is being funny is key to your success in love. 

4. Imagination Goes A Long Way…

If a logical and intellectual approach fails, it’s never a bad thing to add some creative color and imaginative self-expression in. Be mindful of how ‘colorful’ and effervescent his personality is. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the “Messenger” planet and celestial entity known for all aspects of intellect and mind. This man is extremely cerebral with many mental gifts. He can think intuitively, logically, rationally, and imaginatively…

Show different sides to your mind this month. When the Sun is in Aries he is spiritually and intellectually open. Aries rules the head and therefore aspects of the Higher Self and Mind, be open to spiritual insight and conversation. First and foremost, consider how you can impress him through the various styles and aspects of mental thought processes and gifts. Are you a colorful individual? Do you have a bright mind?

Let it shine. Let thoughts and ideas flow, don’t be fearful of coming across as too strong, too intelligent, or too much. You’re not too much for this witty and intelligent air sign! He loves engaging in deep and meaningful conversation, and he is known for unique sparks of creative innovation and inspiration. 

5. Offer Some Emotional Support

The latter half of the month sees more of a focus on feelings and emotions. It is Taurus season (20th onwards) and there’s a Full Moon in watery-emotional, intuitive, and empathic Scorpio. This occurs on April 27th. His energy will be toned down from the 20th, but will then reach a peak in intensity leading up to the Full Moon. This means, on a grounded level, he is feeling more emotional and sensitive. 

He needs some love and TLC… Give him some emotional support, show you care and that you have his feelings in mind. He may not receive affection and care as openly or apparently as others, yet this doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate. Even if he looks detached or a bit distant, make sure you make an effort. Inside there is an array of intense emotions, impressions and internal reflections going on. 

Be deep without coming on too strong. Picture the yin and yang symbol in your mind, the symbol of duality, when dealing with the Gemini man. Part of him longs for deep emotional and spiritual connection whilst another part prefers to keep things light and airy!

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Final Thoughts & Key Astrological Transits

The Gemini man loves Aries season, as he feels comfortable and at ease with himself. He has many talents that are allowed to come out this April, so encourage him and show him you are someone who can support his goals. The Gemini man can be flirty and a bit naughty! He needs to know he has a partner in crime when seeking out a soulmate, lover or companion. 

Look up the Gemini man secrets if in doubt. This is a positive month for love overall… 

Wishing you light, love, and all the luck in the Universe on your journey!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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