Gemini Man Predictions for September 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly September predictions for your Gemini man. Things to know about your Gemini man this month and how to help him in his journey.

Hello Sweethearts and welcome to the September reading for Gemini Guy!

Whether you are in a romance, dating or marriage to Gemini Guy we aim to help you understand the various planetary energies and how these will be affecting him this month.

Now there’s a lot going on astrologically, we have Venus direct in Leo, Jupiter retrograde in Taurus, and Mercury direct in Virgo, so just as the weather begins to get changeable as we move into either spring or autumn, depending on which hemisphere you are in, the astrological energies are chopping and changing, so it’s important to be flexible, to go with the flow and to stay on your toes as anything can happen.

However, things are generally moving in a good direction, even if in the short term it’s not always easy to understand exactly what’s going to happen next. The planets that are mainly triggered this month are going to be Uranus, Neptune and Jupiter, therefore the energy is free-flowing, independent, lively and quite spontaneous so Gemini Guy is actually in his element, things are playing to his favor.

Venus goes direct in Leo – 4th September

Venus going direct, in general, is a great thing for all relationships as during the last six weeks, Venus retrograde made it more difficult to understand what was happening in our love lives, with romance and to achieve the kind of closeness we wanted, however it was a good time for renewed understanding in relationships that can contribute to greater self-awareness and understanding on how to navigate the relationship in future.

So if you were mindful during the Venus retrograde phase and didn’t take everything to heart, it was possible to gain greater clarity and learn lessons.

However now with Venus direct in Leo, it’s a particularly good time for communicating with Gemini Guy, it’s also an excellent time if you are in a long distance or a cyber based relationship with him, as it should be easier for you to connect in a meaningful again.

This is a good time for affection, playfulness and humor, it’s important to be light-hearted and playful with Gemini Guy during this time.

This is a great time for spontaneous trips away with friends and city getaways, this is also a good time to spend more time getting to know each other’s family if you have not known each other that long.

Jupiter goes retrograde in Taurus – 5th September

During this phase, it’s important for your Gemini man not to push his luck, sometimes he can be a little bit complacent and even naive, so it’s important for you to help him to know when he is counting his chickens before they hatch.

In relationships, it’s very important for you to be aware of any misconceptions that Gemini Guy may have latched onto. This is a time when he sometimes finds it hard to distinguish fact from fiction, he can get carried away with notions that are incorrect, or he could be a little bit paranoid.

It’s very important to clear up any misconceptions or misunderstandings, sometimes it’s even important to burst his bubble a little bit just so you guys can make sure you have a clear understanding.

Often this month, Gemini man is experiencing heightened intuition and ESP, he senses something is happening at a subtle level, but being a very analytical character, he doesn’t always know how to react to it. So it’s very important that you guys don’t keep secrets from each other, try to keep everything on a level and be totally transparent, because if he’s getting a little tingling sensation and his senses are piqued, he may draw the wrong conclusions, especially if you are perhaps flirting or being a bit off color.

So this is a time to give him a lot of reassurance, he’s more likely to doubt himself and the direction of the relationship, so help him to understand how committed you are and how strong your feelings are for him.

New Moon in Virgo trine Uranus – 14th September

This is a wonderful time for letting bygones be bygones, it’s also time for you and Gemini Guy to wipe the slate clean. Now the New Moon signifies a great time to get started on projects and this month projects connected to home life and family are particularly favored, but overall it’s time for forgiveness and for promoting emotional healing.

It’s also a time to focus on your personal lives, so it’s great if he can put any major work projects on hold and perhaps attend to family business as you guys should prioritize any activities regarding home improvements, renovations to your home or looking after family members. Charity starts at home and the message is family first.

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Mercury direct in Virgo – 16th September

Mercury is the ruler of your Gemini man, so Mercury going direct tends to be very helpful in terms of home, family life, relationships and the way he projects in general.

If you had found him a little bit evasive or he had been confused, this is a time when you guys can establish new directions and come to some agreements. He is known as being indecisive, but once Mercury turns direct, it’s definitely easier for you to guys to make some decisions and improve your communication. Mercury direct in Virgo indicates this is a good time for family celebrations, for hosting events within your home and for experiencing more togetherness as a family unit.

Theme of the month : Choices and sacrifices need to be made in his relationship with you so that things are able to proceed in a way that enhances romance and understanding without leading to resentment.

Do: An excellent waxing period for new relationships, dating, romance and getting married or engaged. Matters pertaining to children are favored.

This is ideal for his creative and artistic ventures as well as arts management.

Legal affairs are successful.

Avoid: This may be a tricky time for new contracts and negotiations. Financial matters need additional information and research.

Business travel may be a waste of time.

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Week 1 – Middle Man

This is an excellent week for light and easy conversations and you should avoid becoming involved in disagreements with Gemini Guy.

He’s more likely to initiate social events or indeed host colleagues. He may even play the role of a mediator; facilitating compromise or smoothing ruffled feathers amount family members. His interests and focus are more creative and geared toward promoting harmony, although he can seem like he’s taking the easy way out or telling white lies to avoid confrontation.

He’s choosing his words carefully and so while he’s tactful and complimentary, he’s not necessarily going to give you any clear signals about his true feelings.

This week raises questions of how committed he is to your relationship. This doesn’t refer exclusively to fidelity, but can also indicate a choice he’s making between love and his work, love or his family, love or his friendship, or even sometimes love and his entire lifestyle. The theme is that there may be a sacrifice that he must make in order to satisfy your needs in the relationship.

Week 2 – Teddy Bear

This message is quite a chilled week for Gemini Guy, and he’s able to convey his sentiments without necessarily using of words or other gimmicks, he’s quite tender and affectionate and he needs reassurance from you physically i.e. by you responding to him in a caring and tactile way.

He’s more sensitive to events and he’s especially receptive to the concerns of those closest to him, he’s not taking emotional issues lightly but he’s not necessarily very proactive as this is a time when he wants to understand things rather than to shoot from the hip

While this week’s energies can promote familial understanding, it also can lead him to withdraw into his own realm to enjoy the peace that can come from being detached from the stress and strain. He’s more attuned to the ebb and flow of life and the distinctive rhythms that need to be understood when navigating relationships. You may not find it easy to get him strongly aroused and he’s generally more laid back.

Week 3 – Deep Dive

Emotions are complicated during this week and he’s more easily triggered which can make him withdraw. Although there are no apparent misunderstandings, everything is not as it appears. You may need to do some work to get to the bottom of things; however try to understand your own emotions, desires and motivations and how you could be projecting them.

There may be old attitudes, beliefs or ideas that are clouding both of your judgment, so start to recognize that. Feelings which are hiding in his unconscious are affecting his ability to accept love, that’s why you can’t always deal with things at the surface level, you need patience and deeper understanding. Work on trust as that’s the most profound way to improve your relationship with Gemini Guy.

Week 4 – Individualistic

This is a much more confident, outgoing week, where he’s uber friendly, and he approaches love and relationships with a self-assuredness that is refreshing. He’s more stubborn and is not likely to change who he is in order to fit any other person’s desires, and generally doesn’t care what others think of him, so he’s resistant to your ideas and advice.

Encourage his individuality, show that you are proud of him, and be supportive.

He’s really competitive this week and he enjoys challenge and chase in love and so don’t be at his beck and call, let him know you are a prize worth fighting for.

The more strong and self-confident you are, the more he respects you and he will be more open than ever with you. Honesty and frankness can draw you closer together. This is a sensual time; this can also be a time of greater intimacy.

Summing Up

This can be a very creative time and he’s stimulated by his imagination and yet he’s also quite sensitive which makes him quite tender in relationships.

He knows how to make the changes he requires without causing unnecessary disruption in your everyday lives.

Conversations with other people are fresh, exciting and very lively, and he truly enjoy sharing his idealistic vision.

An excellent time for enhancing love by being receptive and more aware of the subtle emotions and energies between you.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Gemini Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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