Gemini Man Predictions for October 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly September predictions for your Gemini man. Things to know about your Gemini man this month and how to help him in his journey.

Hello, and a warm welcome to this month’s guide for your Gemini Man.

Now October is a very busy month, we have the planets making numerous changes of sign, and although we don’t have any conjunctions, we do have many triggers to Pluto.

Pluto also turns direct in Capricorn for the last time in any of our lifetimes, meaning that fate and world events could play a larger role in your lives this month.

However, there’s a lot to be excited about this month, the energies require effort, some ingenious thinking, problem-solving skills, and a lot of energy.

It’s vital this month to be alert, there’s a lot going on beneath the surface, it’s a time when there’s more likely to be some game-playing and a little bit of manipulation, but on the other hand, there is scope for deepening the relationship and improving the understanding of the more hidden elements of Gemini Man’s personality.

Mercury enters Libra – 6th October

Right off the bat, Mercury heading into Libra is excellent for dating, double dating, and improving the communication and superficial aspects of your relationship with Gemini Man.

This is a very handy transit if you are friends who are looking to begin dating and learning more about each other emotionally, it’s a good time for having dates that involve socializing with other friends and being more social together.

If you are married, this is a great time to try something new to stimulate romance, so it’s important to be a little bit spontaneous and try and hang out in some new places.

For all couples mutual interests and hobbies are absolutely vital, so developing more activities that you both enjoy doing together and get a lot out of intellectually is great for the relationship, but remember he’s curious, he’s a little bit restless, and even fickle so you can’t afford to be complacent in the relationship, you have to engage him keep him interested.

Venus enters Libra – 10th October

Libra represents Gemini Man’s solar fifth house of romance, so this is really an ideal time of year for romantic activities, improving your relationship and increasing the amount of affection.

Now while Mercury entering Libra is a lot about having fun and the communication side of the relationship, Venus is more about the sensual side of a relationship, so if you are just getting to know Gemini Man or are recently dating, this is a great time to find out what his likes are sexually and what stimulates him.

Now this can be anything from what he likes you to wear, fragrances, music etc. to the more private things that he likes to get up to, so it can be a wonderful time to explore and understand what really makes him tick and turns him on.

If you’re married, this is a perfect month for having a few date nights and taking time off to do activities that are fun before things get really hectic in November and December. So this is a wonderful time for you guys to entertain, to socialize together and to perhaps take a short city break just the two of you.

Make time to be together as adults, and that means getting the kids, the pets and everything else out of the bedroom and having conversations that are stimulating and of an adult nature, but remember ambience, as it’s important so be creative about the way you seduce him.

Pluto goes direct in Capricorn – 11th October

This is a good time for resolving any lingering sexual issues, it’s important to encourage him to speak about anything that is on his mind, anything repressed should now be brought to the surface.

In a new relationship, it may be a time where you both discuss past relationship hurts and you understand what his previous relationships were like, so you get to know better what his triggers are so that you don’t rub salt in the wound or inadvertently broach sensitive issues.

Mars enters Scorpio – 13th October

Mars’ entry into Scorpio is indicative of a busy time within his work, he will tend to be more engaged in his efforts to reach targets and make his mark on the world.

This is a time when relationships may be slightly less of a priority because he is very busy at work, but you know Gemini Man likes to work hard and play hard, he is stimulated by the work environment, so it’s important to encourage him and allow him to do what he needs to do to hit his targets.

This can also be a great time for those of you who enjoy sports training and improving stamina, so whether you are married or recently dating, developing a fitness goal together and hitting the gym hard can be an activity that helps bring you together, but remember that key right now is being a supportive and encouraging partner, but not being a pushover.

Remember, he needs a little bit of tough love and that makes him feel secure and needed, so always give straight forward advice, but was as with always with Gemini, be diplomatic.

Mercury into Scorpio – 23rd October

It’s very important right now for you to stand your ground with him, he can be a little bit anal and critical that’s why it’s important for you to cultivate a strong sense of self-esteem and not be too reliant on him for appreciation or compliments. He tends to be a little bit detached and this may be a busy month for him at work, so it’s important to manage your time and health wisely.

This is a very good time for couples who have a lot of mutual work interests because there’s a lot going on at the office to keep you engaged and provide conversation. This is also a great time for developing some positive health and fitness goals to get yourselves in tip top condition before the festive season.

Theme of the month : Gemini Man is more likely to wear his heart on his sleeve during this time, that’s why it’s easier to get into a relationship with him, because he’s going to show his vulnerabilities.

Sometimes Gemini Man is a flirt and he’s openly friendly, but it’s hard to know whether he is after friendship or romance, but you’ll get a better read on what he’s actually looking for in a relationship this month, because he’s a little bit more emotional and he may start opening up to you, giving you a great insight into his personality.

Do: The new moon phase extends from the 14th of October to the 30th of October, this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive.

Promotions, advertising and publishing are favored. This is a good waxing phase for long-haul travel and a honeymoon. International trade is successful. Good for academic goals.

Avoid: This is not the best month to take on debt or begin a joint venture. It’s also a time to be careful of misinformation from people he trusts.

There may be errors of omission or commission and it’s important for him to do his own research and remain skeptical as others may be concealing things from him.

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Week 1 – Good Vibrations

This is a particularly interesting week because there’s lots of scope for amusement and creative expression. You and Gemini Man are more likely to feel in love and have traditional romance, however activities related to children are also favored strongly, so it’s a good time to chat about extending your family or doing activities with your children.

Remember to nurture his inner child, and your own while you’re at it, allow yourself to be spontaneous and do things even if they feel a little bit frivolous or childish. Sometimes it’s good to allow the inner child to come out and play.

This is definitely not a good week for self-discipline, in fact Gemini Man is a little bit lazy and haphazard, he needs distractions and he is definitely inspired by the more aesthetic side of life. This is not a good week for any really draining activities around the home, like entertaining, having family over or home repairs.

It’s a much better time to get out of the house and spend some time, possibly traveling locally.

Week 2 – Face Facts

Now whereas last week was potentially more laid back, this is a tricky week for Gemini Man and you may find that he comes on really strong, he has a high level of energy but he’s not always particularly conscious and he may project some of the concerns or issues he is having onto you.

Sometimes he has to make radical changes in areas of his life that are not working, so often things come to a head and have to be dealt with, and he has to recognized patterns which aren’t serving him. In fact, this is an excellent time for him breaking habits and let going of patterns of behavior that are invalid, and that are actually making his life more difficult.

Sometimes this week involves facing facts and taking those bitter pills to swallow, but once that’s done, there’s an immense sense of relief. He should be
cautious when dealing with people in authority as this is slightly more difficult. Perhaps it’s not a good time to be having a lot to do with his folks, your folks and he should be careful in the work situation in terms of his relationship with his boss.

Week 3 – Love and Listening

This week is more suitable for things of a light hearted nature again, and the fun factor and excitement can return to the love arena. It is certainly a good week to be traveling for business or pleasure, and it’s also a favorable time for those of you whose relationship involves a lot of communication online, so it’s a productive time for cyber and long distant relationships, for improving understanding and for getting to know each other on a slightly deeper level.

It’s also a great time to get your point of view across to Gemini Man, he’s more inclined to listen, take things on board and he’s incredibly curious, so you can work with that. Remember, right now he’s a little bit egotistical,

So sometimes he becomes very wrapped up in his ideas and in his pursuits to the extent that they dominate his world and he can’t see beyond that, so sometimes he’s a little bit trapped in his own horizons.

Week 4 – Curve Balls

This is a busy week full of surprising events, the energy of Mars in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus causes some upheaval and this can also extend to a wider economic and political level, so whatever star sign you are yourself, you and Gemini Man are going to have to deal with some curve balls and some surprises but many of these can be navigated quite successfully and they might actually play in your favor.

So keep an open mind about anything that is happening and don’t prejudge situations, as things can quickly turn in your favour.

Sometimes he behaves quite irrationally, he’s more compulsive, he tends to speak and act without really thinking, so it’s often good for you to provide a counter balance to some of his more erratic responses to things.

Summing Up

Relationships will tend to experience greater emotional depth and subsequently your experience with Gemini man will be a lot more intense, sometimes it’s a little bit dramatic, so you have to watch out for him being a tad possessive or over sensitive, and he can overreact to things that he normally wouldn’t.

It’s an excellent time for joint goals aimed at self-improvement and better health.

Dating and binding activities linked to sports are extremely helpful.

The key to romance and relationship success is being supportive and encouraging, but also constructive, so it’s important for you both to work together well as well as having fun.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Gemini Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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