Gemini Man Predictions For November 2022

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer

Hello, my darling readers. How are you? Did you push through the Retrograde season? Leave the wretched October behind, now it’s time for November and some new predictions. Get ready and let’s dive right in!

During the first week of November, the Gemini man is asked to review both his health and his career life. It’s a good time for him to work on his health and heal some wounds from the past. Rest and recuperation from stress can also be a good idea for this week. 

During the second week, there’s a strong Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus, in his twelfth house, and the Gemini man will be under a lot of subconscious pressure. This week offers an opportunity to do some less-fun things together, but things that have the predisposition to deepen your relationship. Don’t shy away from difficult activities and hard topics. 

The third week offers a big jump in his mood and his spirit will be elevated thanks to Mercury conjunct Venus in Sagittarius. There’s also a positive influence from Jupiter, and there might be a good cause for celebration due to his work achievements. Surprise him with a nice gift, or a fun date. 

The final week of November offers a positive change for the Gemini man’s love life, partnerships (both romantic and business), and all in all, a positive mindset that can launch him into the stars. This is a great week for new beginnings, new loves, and new business ventures. 

Moody Man

During the first week of November, the Gemini man’s mood will be a bit dark thanks to Retrograde Mars in his first house, and his ruler scorched by the Sun in Scorpio, his sixth house. It’s very possible for the Gemini man to be forced to deal with health and mental issues during this first week of November. Stress has finally caught up with him…

The positive influence on his mood can come from his career; although he might be asked to revisit and review some of the choices and decisions that he’s made in the past concerning his professional and public life. Good things will come out of it. 

Although this first week is not happy-go-lucky from his subjective point of view, it’s quite a profitable and productive week for resolving both career and health issues. The Gemini man has a unique chance to work on bettering himself and healing both his body and mind.

His social life will be highlighted, and although it might not be all fun and games, it can be a good opportunity to observe him in a social setting and to accompany him on various social outlets. Have as much fun as you can, and try to be a positive and uplifting presence in his life. 

Let’s Get Raw

During the second week of November, there’s a powerful Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio which is taking place in his twelfth house, and this can bring a culmination for his mental and physical health if he hasn’t paid much attention to the warning signs his body was giving him. 

Now is a great time for serious conversations that include tough love and tough topics, like getting better, casting aside any addictions, and turning a positive leaf in his book of life. This is also a time when he might be contacted by one of his exes in order to close up old chapters and be done with them once and for all. 

The Gemini man’s psyche will be in the front row of the planetary blast at this time, so he might be irritable or full of fears and phobias. He might not be the easiest man to be around during this time, but that’s okay, none of us are easy to be around all the time. I, being a Gemini myself, know that that’s like being with a person who has 16 other people inside themselves… 

Now is a good time for romantic activities that include less fun and more intensity; like going to the doctor’s together, going to couple’s therapy, seeking guidance from a trusted occultist, or doing something occult-ish for the ancestors together, like visiting a family tomb or leaving out offerings for the land and spirits of the dead… 

Go Forth!

The third week of the month offers a very big uplift in his mood, and a much more positive outlook on life in general, thanks to Mercury moving to Sagittarius and conjuncting Venus. There’s also a big trine between Venus and Jupiter Retrograde, and this makes for a very nice opportunity to rewrite and correct some of the (love) mistakes and choices from the past. 

The Gemini man’s mood will be on the positive side during this week, and he will feel optimistic about his love life and romantic outlets. Although Mars continues his Retrograde walk in his first house, the Gemini man’s spirit is at an all-time high during this week of November. 

This is a great transit for romantic things that have to do with gifts, surprises, and a party mood. It’s quite possible that he will have a cause for celebration due to a positive event at work, so grab that chance to share in his good mood and high spirits. 

Surprising him with a romantic date, a potted plant (flowers), and a small gift that he has been wanting for ages, is a perfect idea for this time. You will raise his already good mood to the max, and in turn, he might surprise you with some very nice and passionate development in the bedroom. 

New Love, New Job, New Me

The fourth and final week of November offers a big love opportunity for the Gemini man, as the New Moon takes place in Sagittarius, and Mercury remains in a tight embrace with Venus (also in Sagittarius), in his seventh house. 

Now is a perfect time to go on a vacation or a long trip together, start a life together, or have a spontaneous beginning that will lead to the fun and humorous deepening of your relationship. 

If you wanted to ask a Gemini out on a date, but you lacked the courage, then the 23rd of November is the right time to do so! Gather your wits, your humor, and your courage and ask him out, for things have a strong predisposition to turn into something long-term and very exciting. 

This week offers a great opportunity for business partnerships and new ventures as well. The Gemini man’s time has come, and he is truly being blessed with good fortune and positive opportunities all around him during this time. 

Final Thoughts 

Although the Gemini man will be in a gloomy mood and down most of the time during the first two weeks of November, his mood will strongly change for the better during the third week and go into fifth gear around the New Moon and toward the end of the final week. 

This month is a great chance for him to work (seriously) on his mental and physical health, and to heal both his soul and his body from the previous wounds and traumas. 

This month also offers a great opportunity to either start a new relationship or deepen the existing one with new, exciting changes and improvements. 

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Until next time, my lovely readers – I wish you all the luck in the Universe on your journey!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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