Gemini Man Predictions for May 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
The monthly predictions for May are here. Discover how this month will treat your Gemini man here.

Hi Sweethearts,

Are you enjoying the new season, and are you looking for advice on your Gemini man’s motivations and emotional reactions this May?

You have come to the right place for advice and guidance on Gemini Man.

Let’s take a peek at May, which is set to be an extremely eventful month.

His more tender and receptive nature is stimulated, and his boundaries are quite fluid, meaning you could reach him by being compassionate and understanding. He’s reaching out even though, in day-to-day life it may seem like he’s withdrawn.

He’s actually in need of your empathy and affection, but he doesn’t necessarily want to be smothered. He needs you to show that you have a deeper understanding of his sensitive nature. If you only understand him as the fun-loving, chatty, sociable Gemini, you are about to get a rare glimpse into his soft center.

Venus enters Cancer trine Saturn (8th May)

This is also an awesome time to reinvigorate your sex life by the use of new aromatherapies, fragrances or just getting a fresh set of lovely linen bedclothes for the summer so that you have a sense of novelty and refreshment in your bedroom. It can be really helpful to give your bedroom a fresh coat of paint, throw away all the old bric-a-brac or even replace old photos with new ones to encourage a future-orientated, optimistic attitude within you both.

It’s a good time to go shopping, to look at catalogues or make purchases as a couple, especially if you feel these will enhance your life. Perhaps you should try talking to him about what he’d like for his birthday and spoiling him a little bit because a little bit of thoughtfulness and gifting as a love language go a long way to impress him right now.

Uranus Conjunct Sun in Taurus (9th May)

This transit brings out an unusual level of sensitivity within Gemini guy, his desires and needs are subject to rapid change, making him indecisive, but from an emotional rather than an intellectual standpoint. He’s likely to be moody, and these little emotional swings can lead him to make some baffling decisions, and so he’s quite hard to figure out.

He’s looking for answers in unusual places, and so he’s quite open-minded but perhaps easily lead down the garden path. So while some of his insights are important, some are really not, and you need to know when to burst the bubble of illusion with a spike of common sense.

This can be an excellent time for him to try meditation and mindfulness if he’s so inclined, so encourage him to explore his spiritual time.

Mercury direct in Taurus Sextile Saturn (15th May)

Mercury going direct is fantastic news because it certainly means that he will be thinking more clearly and able to move forward with his plans. This is a great time to renew communications, and negotiations about real estate or make plans for family events or renovations to your home.

This is an excellent time for his teaching, lecturing and studying goals, as his mind becomes more focused, and he has the ability to convey information in a logical way.

This is also a very good time to encourage him to apply himself to long-term projects because even if he has begun something that is particularly daunting, he has the mental strength to do it. You should really encourage your Gemini man to put his mind to something and get working on solid goals. This is also an excellent time for you guys to come up with strategies that will affect the next few weeks of your life and make some plans to get organized.

This is a really good period to engage with Gemini guy about important matters particularly regarding home and family life.

Jupiter enters Taurus (May 17th)

With Uranus and Jupiter now in Taurus, he can be quite unpredictable and also spendthrift. He has a lot less impulse control right now, and he wants to enjoy the fine things of life. So if you guys have a bit of extra cash and if you are feeling fancy-free, this can be a wonderful time to get romance and excitement back into your marriage.

Enjoy going on date nights and feeling young again. It’s a wonderful time to surprise him and be spontaneous, Gemini loves surprises as he’s by nature spontaneous. He wants to feel alive again, and so anything you can do to reintroduce the spark or stimulation his imagination is a big win for romance.

Jupiter Square Pluto (18th May)

During this period relationships tend to be complicated and tricky, you and Gemini Guy have to dig deep and work on improving your understanding of your own psychology and the dynamics of the relationship to ensure that the relationship survives and thrives. This is a very important time in your lives in which to be honest with yourselves, tackle your demons and to work on yourselves.

A new relationship could certainly begin with Gemini guy, however, this relationship could contain a lot of unknowns that can only be worked out in time, and therefore you have to be very patient in understanding him, because he may be quite mysterious and complicated.

Mars in Leo Square Jupiter (21st May)

This is definitely a time when he needs to be paying attention to the economy and to the big picture socially and politically. There’s an enormous amount going on right now, and financial matters need attention.

Things are really looking up in terms of his work and money making, so it’s important for you to encourage him to work a little bit harder, to attempt something new regarding his work or his business, and to just push the boat out a little bit.

Help him to have more faith in his innate abilities.

Theme of the month : The theme this month for Gemini Man is using his imagination and allowing himself to envisage the paths less trodden. Mindfulness and some introspection are necessary for him to gain the clarity of mind needed for the rest of the year. This can be an energy-sapping month, but he has a great deal of persistence and deep reserves of emotional energy, and this can help him endure storms and keep focused.

Magic Phrase: “You are bigger than your fears, and you will always overcome them.”

Magic Text: “You are my hero!”

Do: You need to be aware of the situations that are causing fear and anxiety in his mind, whether it is now or in the future. Be mindful of any emotional disturbances he’s experiencing, he needs to release deepset memories and negative energies and turn them into something constructive.

Avoid: Don’t overreact if he is unexpectedly emotional. Encounters with Gemini guy are extremely intense and quite draining. He may need more time and space by himself simply because his relationships in general (business or personal) are an area where there is more contention and effort required to maintain harmony.

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Week One – Foggy Nights

His emotions and, thus, his love relationships are complicated right now. There are likely to be misunderstandings because he’s vague and he doesn’t express himself clearly, often because he’s avoiding confrontation. Not everything is as it appears, because he’s internally confused and unsettled.

You may need to put some effort into getting to the bottom of things by being a bit of a detective, and drawing things out of him in a diplomatic way.

Don’t take what he says at face value as his true intentions, desires and motivations are often hidden or in flux and he can’t genuinely commit to anything concrete.

In some cases fears, insecurities or misplaced allegiances could cloud his judgement, but as the month goes on he can work through these effectively by himself.

Many aspects of his past are jarring in his unconscious, affecting his ability to enter a new relationship with great enthusiasm. A past relationships could be haunting him, so he can’t be hurried romantically.

Understand that right now he’s having an issue in terms of feeling unworthy of love and this is having a profound effect on how he approaches relationships. Be kind and be patient.

Week Two – Thinking Cap

He’s in a contemplative mood, so he’s likely to be quite evasive. If you are dating Gemini guy expect slightly less communication and a few rain checks, because he doesn’t like to be pinned down, he wants to keep his options open.

He’s definitely resistant to arguments and confrontation, more so than usual, as he’s feeling quite emotional and a little vulnerable.

He’s more able to see truth within complex emotional situations however, he’s very scatty when it comes to detail and bureaucracy. So he’s excellent on the lateral level but really ineffective on a practical basis.

Week Three – Fair is the way

This may be a great time for you to hook up with your various family members and have casual get-togethers. If you and Gemini guy work together, you may want to initiate activities where you get to know colleagues better in order to facilitate things at work or within your business.

This is a more challenging week, you will have to work harder at your relationship simply because the demands of the relationship are more stringent during this phase. It’s important to have good discussions, to strive for justice and fairness, and to be able to stand up for yourself and get your demands and needs met.

It’s highly possible that a new relationship with a Gemini guy can get off the ground very quickly, however it may be quite an impetuous relationship, and tempers may flair.

If your relationship had been particularly dull, this is a great time to spice things up and get things moving in the right direction again.

Week Four – Slow and Steady

This can be a frustrating or disheartening day as events or people in authority may stand in your way or make demands that seem unreasonable. You often have to be patient, and you may have to redo work or accept certain restrictions as you probably can’t operate with as much independence as you would like.

In relationships and love, you may feel that things are cooler and you are not achieving the affection or communication you desire, you may have to work hard at communication with Gemini guy as he’s a little withdrawn.

You may have to shoulder more than your fair share of responsibility right now because he’s rather low on energy and less confident in his choices. Dig deep and summon your inner strength as this is a testing phase, project strength into the relations and be his rock.

Face failure or adversity with courage and be honest with yourself and Gemini guy about where you are and what you need to do.

Summing Up

This week is a mixed bag – he’s romantic, and some fun is possible, but he can also be a little contemplative and quit as memories and worries surface.

Give him support and encouragement, but when he’s showing signs of being ready for fun, go for it and charm the pants off him.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Gemini Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  1. It started as friends. Then lovemaking no real commitment. I informed him what I wanted. He claims no commitment. Every weekend we are together. ? Not sure. We have wonderful weekends dancing dining
    . Always making me feel special.. we talk. But not about feelings. I know his feeling but he really does not commit.

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