Gemini Man Predictions for June 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
The monthly predictions for June are here. Discover how this month will treat your Gemini man here.

Hello there Sweethearts, and welcome to this guide introducing you to the themes and challenges that you will have dating or in a relationship with Gemini Guy.

For two-thirds of Gemini guys, June is their birthday month, and he should be all set to party, but he’s actually in quite a serious frame of mind this month. He’s more likely to feel ambitious and to be concerned about the progress he’s making at work, however in relationships it can be quite a good thing because he’s less likely to be flirtatious and silly and more likely to want to explore the deeper aspects of relationships.

What he’s looking for now in his partner or in a new partner is someone who is pragmatic, who can ground him and who has lots of good advice. He needs to draw security from his relationships so he’s less likely to enjoy the frivolous side of romance, and he’s more likely to feel satisfied from receiving affection, support and encouragement.

Sun in Gemini Square Saturn Pisces (19th June)

This is definitely a phase when he tends to take a more serious look at life, it’s a time of evaluation, and he’ll be thinking a lot about recent events, and his achievements, and he will tend to be more self-critical.

Right now, he feels under a lot of pressure, but a lot of it is the pressure that he’s putting on himself to reach higher standards and perform better. Gemini guy can lack confidence at times, and that’s definitely the case right now, so he definitely needs you to be telling him that he’s doing well, that he’s nailing it, and to help him maintain a positive frame of mind.

He’s highly likely to have doubts about things within work or his relationships, but this is particularly to do with his own performance, he has quite high standards for himself which are not always realistic. He can have low emotional intelligence, so he needs you to help him be more aware of the reality of any situation, or he could see the glass as half full.

Mercury enters Gemini (12th June)

This definitely represents a time when he is extremely communicative, curious and generally in a light-hearted frame of mind. Now while he tends to be in quite a serious mood for a lot of this month, this is certainly a time where he can enjoy some titillation and he’s quite sociable.

While he’s quite focused and contained emotionally, at the same time, he likes to keep his options open. He’ll resist any pressure in his typically phlegmatic way.

He can feel a little bit stressed and so he needs to avoid situations where there are large crowds or any aggression. This is certainly a time where he can be more evasive; he likes to deal with things quickly and move on as he hasn’t really got the patients for anything long and involved. He’s definitely in a more rational and realistic frame of mind so the best way to connect with him is to be succinct and be logical.

Mercury Trine Pluto (12th June)

This is definitely a time when you need to be really straightforward with Gemini Guy, it’s not a time for games, it’s best to stay on the straight and narrow. Say what you mean, mean what you say, and be really deliberate.

It’s important to show him a lot of determination and to demonstrate to him that you have strength and your own convictions. Right now he doesn’t need someone who is dithering, he needs someone with him who knows their own mind as this creates respect.

Mercury Square Saturn (16th June)

This is definitely an ambitious time, but it’s hard work as things to do with his job are quite demanding. There may be a lot of responsibility and high levels of concentration are acquired. This is not a good time to arrange a hectic social schedule; he’ll feel far less likely to want to hang out with friends and be frivolous.

He’s very focused right now, and this is a good time to talk to him about more serious subjects because he’s likely to have better concentration and he will take a more hardline on things. He can be a little bit critical right now and snappy; he tends to have less tolerance for things that cross his red lines. He’s not aggressive, but he can be quite quiet; he may even be hard to reach it’s almost like there’s a lot on his mind.

Sun enters Cancer (22nd June)

This is a good time to talk about matters to do with finances, but it can also be a good time to reestablish affection. The way to establish meaningful affection right now is reference body language sometimes he hasn’t got a lot of energy for much conversation, but it’s important to show that you support and understand him by making eye contact and being positive in terms of giving him lots of hugs and just being there for him. He is particularly needing reassurance right now so don’t do anything to undermine him or make him feel small.

He could do with an ego and confidence boost.

Venus enters Leo (6th June)

This marks the beginning of a positive phase romantically in that he’s playful and affectionate, and he’s open to suggestions. However, as Venus is opposite Pluto as it enters Leo, he’s often quite reactive to other people, who can bring out the best or the worst in him.

He’s quite stubborn and egotistical in his thinking and he needs a lot of reassurance in love as he quickly backs off and becomes insincere as a defense, if he’s challenged. His ability to attract what he wants is strong at this time, he’s very persistent and persuasive, so he gets what he wants. Don’t let him get you wrapped around his little finger.

Although he’s eager to enjoy life, he’s slightly cunning in his ways, so expect a few subtle games.

Venus Square Jupiter (12th June)

This represents a rather laid-back period when he’s interested in enjoying life, entertaining and getting closer romantically to his parents. He’s more attuned to the rhythm of life, and he’s pretty tolerant and easy going, taking everything in his stride.

He should be careful financially as he’s inclined to be over-optimistic and a little short on details. This is an excellent time to be internet dating with Gemini Guy, but be careful if you’ve just met him as he’s playing the field.

He can demonstrate tremendous empathy for others, in work and within the family sphere, his understanding of unusual situations is more open-minded.

Theme of the month : The theme is truth and reason. Better communication is achievable, even though he’s occasionally a little distracted. Although Gemini Guy could be less flexible than usual, he’s serious and once he recognizes the truth of a situation he’s grateful and satisfied to adjust accordingly.

He’s eager to perceive your sincere thoughts and opinions and he appreciates practical ideas and well-timed affection.

Magic Phrase: “The harder we work the luckier we get.”

Magic Text: “My love for you isn’t going anywhere.”

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Week One

While dating may not be a whirlwind of major excitement and adventure, if you meet Gemini Guy this week, you guys should be in a wonderful position to embark on something truly significant and romantic in a spiritual sense. He’s got high standards in love and if he’s chosen you, you must be special

He is looking for someone who has the same level of dedication, commitment and ambition as he does. He’s likely to enjoy relationships with colleagues or even his boss because his work matters to him and he gravitates to women with ambition.

If you’re already in a relationship with Gemini Guy, you will find that the two of you are enjoying a stable, creative and prosperous time in your life together. In this case, you guys can certainly afford to indulge a little and reward yourselves.

Week Two

While this is a very good week to talk about sexual matters and problems, there is no guarantee Gemini Guy will take what you have to say seriously, he may even brush off your concerns or become evasive.  In newer relationships, you may be very curious about his sexual past, and his willingness or not, to talk about that will either console you or fuel any suspicions you have. 

It’s hard to get to the bottom of sexual issues this week, and any conversation tends to produce more questions than answers.  You are both curious and skeptical about each other sexually and this tends to be a period of suspicion and distrust sexually, although this is probably your paranoia, not reality, driving these feelings. Expect a little cat and mouse in new intimate love with Gemini Guy.

Week Three

This represents an excellent time for dating Gemini Guy and socializing together. It’s fabulous if you share artistic and cultural interests.

The problem, however in new relationships is that he tends to get the cart before the horse and he’s not very clear about his needs or intentions. He’s all about the moment right now and he needs a lot of stimulation.

He’s quite stretched over many varying activities, and he’s not always able to keep track of what he’s promised or arranged, and so he is a real wild card this week.

Week Four

This is a week of chance meetings, twists of fate and sudden events that can give him pause for thought. It’s also likely that he’ll want to travel spontaneously for work or just to cut loose and escape.

It’s a mixed bag of heightened activity, then sudden U-turns and retreats. It’s hard to keep a handle on what’s going on in his head, and he’s super confusing. However, despite everything, there are moments of pure delight and excitement.

He seeks interactions with people who can provide refreshing experiences, and in dating he tends to attract women who have a different perspective which is quite appealing.

He’s more direct with his words and can surprise you and himself with his perceptions as they often come out of nowhere when you least expect them.

Summing Up

This month his reputation and his life direction matter to him and you should help him to maneuver his way and achieve his goals using your common sense common sense.

Don’t only show him love, it’s even better if you show him the way forward whenever he’s stuck or confused. With your advice, he can have a better understanding of facts, principles and strategies.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Gemini Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  1. I’m confused or concerned about this passage, hoping this is a typo:

    “Venus Square Jupiter (12th June)
    This represents a rather laid-back period when he’s interested in enjoying life, entertaining and getting closer romantically to his parents.”

  2. Hi Anna,

    I absolutely love teading yout blogs and appreciate your Gemini Man guidance a great deal, so thank you first and foremost. I wanted to share that I do get a bit confused when I read your monthly Gemini Man Predictions as far as week one, two, three, and four as the calendar often changes month to month. Would you consider, when writing your week to week redictions,, putting in a date range? Like week one for June started on Thursday and when I think of a week, I go by a Sunday through Saturday time period. Would you consider week one being June 1st – June 7th, than June 8th – 14th the second week and so on?

    Thank you and take care!


  3. There is a lot of truth in what you are saying about Gemini, brilliant and very exciting guys to be with but exhausting at times and sometimes really boring, I love Gemini brain and different talents, creativity and intensity but again not sure if it’s compensating for the lack of attention and absent minded and just being selfish and self centered, just my thoughts

  4. I love your info on a Gemini man… You certainly seem to have mine pegged ha ha… Thanks for the knowledge, n reconfirming my thoughts about his behavior. I know he loves me, especially after reading this 😀.. Seriously I’m not pushing for anything, simply enjoying all the touching, snuggling, talking, laughing n even dreaming that we do for however long it last n he knows it. With him knowing this he doesn’t feel threatened, he knows his “freedom” will always remain his.. He is so truthful and will make sure anything I’m worried about or he thinks i might worry about, he will be sure to reassure me until he’s confident that i always feel at ease and highly respected…
    I love reading every word you write it always seems so detailed and accurate thanks for what you do and sharing it.. Much respect coming at ya ♥️🤙☀️✌️

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