Gemini Man Predictions For December 2022

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly December predictions for your Gemini man. Check out the final monthly predictions of 2022! How is December going to treat him?

Hello, darling readers! How is the jolliest time of year treating you? You should be fine with the loud lights and noisy decorations… However, are you okay with yourself is the real question. 

Prepare to say goodbye to this 2022 with my latest prediction for the Gemini man, and afterward make time for a long, contemplative session that will prepare you for 2023. 

The first week of December puts the Gemini man in a straining position – he’s struggling to place blame somewhere else besides himself, however, the stars are showing him that people are naught but reflections of himself. 

The second week of December holds a Full Moon conjunct Mars Retrograde in Gemini, and this Full Moon takes place in the Gemini man’s first house of self, while Mercury migrates to a stern sign of Capricorn. This is a good week for him to calm down his mind and narrow his focus; it’s also a good week for extraordinary dates and funny activities that seem to be out of place or season. 

The third week is a great time for you to get the whole and unedited truth from the Gemini man. It’s also a great time to start living together, buy a car, or do something that will tie you lovebirds for a long(er) time to come. 

The final week of December offers a great opportunity to end 2022 with a bang! It’s the perfect time to set solid plans into motion with determined action. It’s also a good time to start thinking about the pros and cons of your relationship for the long term. Don’t slack off, you’ve been warned… 

Slow Roll

At the start of the month, the Gemini man is not feeling so hot. His ruler is on the last degrees of Sagittarius, the sign of its detriment, all the while Mars Retrograde is wreaking havoc in his first house of self. 

He is torn between his urges and the inability to act, which is very unfamiliar to him and his heart. Mercury, Venus, and the Sun are all illuminating his seventh house of partnerships and romance, so this transit is forcing him to recognize pieces of himself in his partner. Not an easy task to do, you’ll agree. 

All the while, his psyche, and subconsciousness are also quite overtaken by the cosmic flows of the turbulent currents that are taking place right now… His dreams might be wildin’ out, and he might experience some landscapes and/or people he’s about to live through in his waking life. 

Although his public and professional life looks quite promising, there are some hidden cosmic gifts in store for him. The Gemini man should focus on creative expression in his career right now, and if he must do anything with fashion, now is his time to shine! 

All in all, he is feeling good. There are some inner gaps and minor abysses staring back at him, but he’s a versatile and flexible Mutable, so he’ll manage just fine. He might even come out of this whole week on top – both with his lover or partner on his arm, as well as a career accomplishment.

Keep On Pushing

The second week of December promises an easier time for the Gemini man. Mercury – his ruler, migrated to a stern, but simple Capricorn, so his peace of mind will be restored, and he is able to focus better. But the Moon is wading its way through his first house, and it’s making conjunction with Mars Retrograde on the 8th when there’s a Full Moon in Gemini. 

This means that his emotions will be running high, and he will be prone to expressing himself more directly, openly, and honestly. Something that he, more than anyone else, is not used to. 

This is a tense time for his heart, but considering that the ruler of his fifth house of fun and pleasure is in his seventh house (Sagittarius), there’s still a ray of light shining in the dark corridors of his inner truths. So his mood will not be all that gloom and doom, and his humor will shine through, making this week a good time for a fun and adventurous date. 

The second week of December is also a good time for romantic dates near the water, and even going for a water-park adventure; I know it’s out of season, but you can count on the Gemini man to make such ludicrous plans in the middle of the winter season. 

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Saturn Take The Wheel! 

As the third week moves along, his focus shifts to calmer and grounded waters, thanks to the Moon, Mercury, and Venus’s transit. He might even find a strong resolve within himself during this time as Mars Retrograde settles on the Aries degree, giving it that extra oomph it has been lacking since it started its Retrograde journey. 

This is a good week to finalize your (romantic) plans, talk about the future (of your relationship), and make adequate changes if your romance has gotten ‘that far’ – aka move in together or rent a shared living space. 

If you plan on buying a car together or making some such investment, now is a good time for that. It’s also a good time for his career to take off even further, and although he will be asked to focus on his home life and family, he will manage to divide his attention equally and make the best out of both situations. 

His mind might be more pragmatic and his tongue might be short on sugarcoating during this transit, but that’s great. It’s already hard to get either a full or partial truth from the Gemini man. Mercury in Capricorn will make him more honest and forthcoming – he’ll be too lazy to come up with intricate lies or stories that have little to do with actual truth. 

Super New Moon In Capricorn 

During the fourth week, the Gemini man will be asked to take a hard and deep look into his shadows, thanks to the Super New Moon in Capricorn and his eighth house. There’s a lot going on in there at this time, and both he, himself, and his love life are going to be scrutinized. 

He’s going to feel Saturn’s influence quite a lot, and Saturn won’t spare any punches; this lunation will feel like Saturn’s return for him. Taking into account that this is the New Moon, it’ll be good for him to put solid plans into work. 

This includes plans for his love life as well. Now is a good time to plant the seeds of your love relationship together, and to make sure to nourish love’s roots in a quality manner. You want your love tree to grow healthy and strong, and this time is crucial for just that. 

Make sure you’re aware of all the elements that need to go into making your relationship strong and stable, and don’t slack off; Saturn won’t be too kind towards you if you slack off now. 

Keep your wits about you, make sure you do the work and then, once the Moon transits into Aquarius, you can take a breather. You might even consider going out of town for the weekend or going on a short holiday to reward yourselves for all the good work you’ve put in. 

Final Thoughts 

There you have it, dear readers… December doesn’t look too shabby now does it? This month offers a great opportunity for the Gemini man to mature properly, and for him to take more control over his own life. 

This month is a great chance to get the truth out of him and to set finite terms and conditions that will help your relationship grow into a solid 10 when it comes to your love life and love connections. 

The Gemini man will have a mini-Saturn return with the Super New Moon in Capricorn, and that is a great opportunity for him to review what he has accomplished thus far, and to make solid plans for the future. 

I sometimes hear from readers that while these Horoscopes are helpful for their romantic lives, they crave more detail and more specificity for them. This is totally understandable, and I have figured out a way to make sure you get all the information that you need to take advantage of transits and to know what pitfalls to avoid. 

I’ve created a spot here where you and I can talk personally about your own concerns and how to best create the relationship that you have been waiting for. I love talking to my readers and getting to know them as people – and truly, what have you got to lose? Connect with me here.

Wishing you love and light on your journey.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach 

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