Gemini Man Predictions for April 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
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Hello sweethearts, are you curious to understand your Gemini man and what he’s thinking this coming month? Welcome to this April’s reading!

April is set to be a month of surprises, different opportunities, new friends and quite a lot of impetus for pursuing different avenues in his life, which is the breath of fresh air he’s looking for.

Yes, he’s ready for romance, especially when it’s springing from friendship. This is an excellent month to begin a budding new relationship with a Gemini guy. It’s also a time when you and he can have really important discussions about the future of your relationships and set in place some interesting new avenues to travel.

Mercury retrograde on the 21st of April in Taurus

The Mercury retrograde phase after the 21st is definitely not ideal for anything that requires a lot of concentration, logic or methodical work, so encourage him to chill and go with the flow during this time. After the 21st is far more conducive to creative, inspirational or musical projects.

In fact, anything involving photography is also highly successful simply because he’s great at working with images, seeing connections and establishing an emotional connection with other people through his photography or artistic work. So, if you guys share creative hobbies along these lines, they are great ways to relax and bond, whether you are married or have just met.

Remember to avoid important business dealings as a couple during this phase, because there’s a possibility of deception or being misled and even in the best of circumstances, there can be miscommunications and a lack of clarity, so best to avoid any high finance wheeling and dealing.

Sun Conjunct Jupiter in Aries – 11 April

This represents a really exciting time in his life when he looks to broaden his perspectives and take part in a lot of unusual activities, particularly group-related activities that he wouldn’t usually participate in, so be prepared for his time to be a premium as he’s quite distracted.

This is a time when he may go away with other professionals, attend work conferences to fortify his networks, but it’s also great if you guys just have an exciting weekend away with new friends.

Venus in Gemini Square Saturn – Friday 14th

This is an excellent month for you to work on a new relationship with Gemini guy in order to deepen and strengthen it. Gemini guy is more likely to make a commitment to a new partner, and this is a very favorable time for entering a significant and stable phase in your relationship with him.

So if you’ve been dating or in the friend zone, this is the month when you begin to feel a solid connection with Gemini guy and you can see that you’re going to spend quite a long time with him, and you realize that he will play an important role in your future.

In terms of marriage, this is a very important month for you and Gemini guy to get your heads together and come up with some strategies that will determine your medium and long-term future. Gemini tend to be people who like to wing it and deal with life as it comes, but sometimes it’s quite important to have a longer-term strategy, because it can create stability, and it may actually be something he’s needing you to initiate.

So make some time to talk to him about what he thinks the future should look like, and what his needs and expectations are, so that you can both feel more secure and this will help ease any problems in the relationship.

Theme of the Month – Creative Change

He can create some magic in his life if he allows events to take their own course and realizes that some upheaval and a few hiccups are part and parcel of the creative process.

Gemini men tend to thrive when life and love are dynamic, and one advantage of this month is there’s an air of uncertainty over many of his ventures, but that actually helps keep him excited and engaged as he seeks new information, and looks to take advantage of new avenues that are opening up. When he’s excited, he’s a happy bunny and he’s got plenty in the tank sexually.

Magic Phrase: “Be the change you want to see in others.”

Text Magic: “I believe in our future and I can’t wait to find out what’s next in our relationship adventure.”

Do: Gemini guy will feel a greater vitality and a renewed aliveness during this April, he will have a burst of energy, however it’s better for him to work in fits and starts rather than going flat out, so know when to drag him away from the grindstone.

Avoid: It’s not the best month for blind dates and internet dating as a way of connecting with Gemini guy. He’s very sociable but he’s more likely to choose a new lover from his existing circle of friends.

He’s at his best in crowds and dynamic environments, so avoid cajoling him into very emotional or stilted, limiting situations.

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Week One – Innovation

In the first week of April, the keyword is innovate! It is important for Gemini guy to look at all the parts of his life which he feels are stagnating, and to breathe new life into these. It’s important for him to incorporate more technology into his workplace, because speed and efficiency is everything.

It’s all about freeing up time in April so that the best parts of his life have room to grow, so as a couple work on being more streamlined and cutting the dead wood out.

This innovation isn’t just about profit, it should be about work-life balance. So, it’s vital for him to introduce new elements to his professional life that will save him time and give you guys more chance to enjoy the rewards of his/your labor.

Gemini guys are often workaholics, but this week it is important for you both to analyze how effective you are being and if you getting the best value out of your time. Remember, there is time to be saved, and there are plenty of excuses to enjoy yourselves this week, so don’t believe that it’s acceptable to be chained to the grindstone.

Week Two – Up up and away

This is definitely a time of year when opportunities are opening up for travel, particularly international travel, and it’s likely that it will be business orientated. You may well travel with him to support him or, as often is the case with Gemini guy, you may be a colleague or business partner of his.

Gemini guy may be travelling with friends and colleagues, and that gives you (if you are in this category) the opportunity to develop the close personal relationship with him that could later lead to romance.

It’s important for Gemini guy to stay abreast of the news and to be aware of political and economic events, particularly this week. Things are moving fast, the information is confusing, but Gemini men are capable of getting to the bottom of things and making the right decision.

So this definitely isn’t a good week for you guys to be on an extended vacation, or totally cut off. Sure have fun and have a break but do not neglect everything to do with work, it’s a good week to stay in touch and in tune with everything that’s going on and don’t take your finger off the pulse.

Week Three – The Dating Game

This is not necessarily the best week for blind dates or dating in general, as Gemini guy tends to be just a little bit more cautious and reserved, and it’s not as easy for you to strike up conversations with him.

There is something a little bit most sensitive about his demeanor, and he wears his heart on your sleeve which means the dating experience can be that much more confusing or even upsetting for him. So, it’s more likely that he’s going to be enjoying spending time with his friends and or making new friends via work, but he’ll probably avoid any brand-new dating interactions.

Week Four – Mass Media Success

Now the last week of the month is not ideal for new financial arrangements because Mercury is retrograde, but it is an excellent time to put more effort into meeting any deadlines or targets you have set as a couple.

He can actually use the last week of the month to radically increase profit by putting a little bit of extra energy into communications, client satisfaction following up, and organically increasing his customer base, so things like upselling or word-of-mouth promotions are extremely effective. So, give him some encouragement to get over the finish line and to do it in style.

And there you have it, my darlings, if this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

April is destined to be a satisfying month when his taste for adventure, new friends and new ideas is fully satiated, but where he also begins to feel a lot more secure in his relationships which will also help your level of happiness and satisfaction in the relationship.

Gemini are an adventurous sign, however he operates much more effectively when he’s in a strong partnership, therefore the hidden magic this month is in strong partnerships.

Remember that Gemini guy loves it when you take an interest in his work and when he can talk shop with you.

Gemini guy’s key need in love if friendship and communication, but this month the twist is communication about the future and about how your life together can be more flexible and fun.

Wishing you love and luck with your Gemini Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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