How To Attract A Gemini Man March 2021

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How to attract a Gemini man in March 2021? Draw the attention of a Gemini man or improve your relationship with one in March!

Prepare yourself, because the Gemini man is feeling particularly sensitive this March. This is true in the first half of the month, until the 20th. When the Sun enters Aries, he will be more in his element, more at ease with himself and in high spirits. 

In saying this, Pisces season allows him to express himself creatively and imaginatively, qualities he loves. There is a lot of freedom throughout the month and this leads to a warm glow and positive energy. There are some things you should know to attract his attention! 

How To Attract A Gemini Man March 2021

1. Get Your Bohemian Vibe On

March is an amazing month for appealing to his free-spirited, bohemian and “hippie” self. Pisces season lasts until the 20th, and this is making him more in tune with his spiritual side than ever before, quite possibly than at any other point throughout the year. Go with the flow. Introduce him to new artists and musicians. Make him see how shiny and vibrant a person you are!

And, be open-minded and spirited yourself. It’s ok to talk about quantum physics, metaphysics, or esoteric subjects. Even if he hasn’t formed a set basis of personal philosophies, he will still love conversing with you and sharing his ideas. And certainly, he’ll enjoy listening to yours! Interesting perspectives and a sharp and innovative mind are what will really do it for him. 

The Sun is shining too, due to it being the start of spring. There is always a ‘festival vibe’ energy occurring when spring begins, so perhaps find ways to create your own mini festival at home or in an outdoor space. Good food, wine, herbal tea, music, and laughter – games and fun too! 

If you observe any tribal or spiritual community, like a commune or bohemian-style retreat space, you will see how everyone is connected with their inner child… children and adults alike. Radiate soul and magnificence, color and light. 

2. Be Optimistic

Optimistic Woman Attracting A Gemini Man In March 2021

Optimism and positivity are key. Like in any month of the year, the Gemini man is an upbeat and optimistic soul. He lives with enthusiasm and an effervescent nature – his emotions are generally light and airy, and he likes stimulating conversation and bonding. 

At the end of the month, from the 20th when the sun is in Aries, he is feeling bolder and more fiery. He will be more in tune with his inner warrior, the highly independent and self-assertive king that he is. Aries (season) brings out his inner leader, and this means he wants a woman that can take charge.

Be bold and inspiring! Motivate him while still retaining some Pisces humility and gentleness. There is a New Moon in sensitive and spiritual Pisces on the 13th, therefore the energy of this new moon lasts throughout the rest of the month. It’s a time of new beginnings! New Moon in Pisces signifies fresh starts and new beginnings in one’s spirituality, the levels of compassion and empathy you can show, and how emotionally deep and intelligent you are. 

Consider reading up on the Pisces star sign this month or in prep for a significant meeting. The characteristics of the sun sign within each season are brought to light, within all of us. Pisces may be emotionally deep and sensitive, but this wise and intuitive, artistic and inspirational sign is extremely positive. Positive vibes all around… 

3. Open Up!

Attracting A Gemini Man In March 2021

A Gemini man wants you to be honest with yourself, and with him. Emotions are usually a bit of a tricky area but when the Sun is in Pisces, as he is very much open to more authentic emotional bonds, bonds with depth. 

There’s a green light for expressing your feelings and thoughts. It’s ok to be reflective and engage in some storytelling, and be completely open about your beliefs and internal contemplations. He’ll be less judgmental and more tolerant now than in other months. Actually, he’ll be feeling wonderfully compassionate and insightful. 

Consider telling him a secret too. Make it your own, you don’t want to encourage the gossipy side of his personality! Tell him something that he knows is personal to you. Make it juicy, or at least something that stimulates his senses (or opens his heart). It can be deep and sentimental or exciting and surprising, so long as it’s authentic and true you will be scoring major points. 

On a more general note, do make sure you aren’t too reserved this month. Further, try and bring him out of his emotional shell. He is mature and emotionally intelligent yet, as an air sign, tends to be emotionally detached, lacking depth, closed off to intimacy, etc. If you can introduce these aspects you will feel a shift in your connection. 

4. Intuition Is A Turn On

If all else fails, or if conversation needs some spark, tune into your intuitive self. Intuition is very closely connected to psychic abilities, spiritual gifts, clairvoyance and “advanced” human capabilities like telepathy. There is a lot of psychic and spiritual energy floating around the ether in March, and your Gemini man is open to it. 

Being intuitive switches a light on inside his mind, however it also activates his spirit and heart. Although not one of the most sensual men of the Zodiac, the Gemini guy is in tune with his instincts. His senses come from his keen observation skills – he can read you and everyone else like a book! 

Thus, let some intuition shine. Be spontaneous, stay connected to your body and immediate environment, make some seemingly random gesture, or say something needed at the perfect time. On a deeper level, take a moment to reflect and perhaps share a spiritual or intuitively guided insight, memory or piece of wisdom. He loves sharing stories, ideas, concepts and knowledge – he thrives in the realm of intellect, imagination and the mind. 

5. Go On An Adventure

Adventure With A Gemini Man In March 2021

To win his heart, take him on an adventure! Go to a nature reserve, national park, forest or beach. A park will do too. Anything that allows him to let his inner child play while connecting him to the magic of the natural world, is a win. 

Playfulness is encouraged, and you can combine and balance romance and affection with innocent playfulness. Both Pisces and Aries (the two seasons of the month) love to play, they are wild at heart and free-spirited. So is Gemini!

You might want to surprise him to the extent of not telling him what you have planned or where you are going. This level of spontaneity sparks instant attraction and soulmate consideration. 

There’s a Full Moon in relationship-oriented Libra on the 28th… be prepared for feelings of commitment! You don’t have to take the next step, however there will be feelings of wanting to stabilize a bond into something special. Libra Full Moon sparks harmony, a desire for merging, and deep desires around love and intimacy. Partnership too.

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Final Thoughts & Key Astrological Transits

There is so much positive energy lined up in the stars in March. This man is feeling groovy, positive, inspired, and creatively charged. Spiritual energy is flowing through him and his mind is more attuned to the esoteric and mystical than usual. 

There are many positive omens around, if you should choose to see! Remember the power of knowing your Astrology as well – and check out the Gemini Man Secrets blog to learn more about this thoughtful and intelligent man!

Wishing you light, love, and all the luck in the Universe on your journey!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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