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I’ll take you by the hand and guide you through your situation…

How Would You Like To Have All The Answers… And Know How to handle any problem.

You and I both know how complicated and confusing a Gemini man can be.

Yes, “Gemini Man Secrets” will teach you about him, how you can attract him, pull him closer and want him to be with you.

BUT there’s a “little” problem…

Keeping a Gemini man isn’t really a walk in the park. You may know how to attract him, you may know what he wants in a relationship… But how do you FIX those inevitable day-to-day troubles (they happen in every relationship)?

What do you do when it feels like the ground is shaking below your relationship?

How do you handle him when he gets angry, confusing… what about when he acts in strange ways? Not just in theory, but in real-life.

The Real Secret to keeping a Gemini man (for good)?

It’s simple… Just don’t break up!

That’s it.

When a Gemini man invests a lot in his relationship, he’ll work on that relationship, and put in even more work, to make it work. He’ll actually want to work on your love and communication to stay together. Especially when the going gets tough (and it does, every now and then. Just like every relationship does. As the years go buy, you both go through changes.)

So, if you know how to hang in there during those ROUGH TIMES (and 2019. will be one of those years for an Gemini!!!)…

… if you know how to RIDE THAT WAVE to shore and tame that animal within him…

Then you can enjoy all that lovely sunshine once the crazy storm is just another BLIP on your love-radar.

The key… the real secret to your relationship’s success is riding those tough waves.

Because THAT is the exact moment when relationships fall apart like a house of cards in a thunderstorm.

It’s about how you react. It’s how you handle those tough moments that tell him if you’re “the One” or not.

It’s EASY to love each other when times are good… but when times are tough!

That’s when true love gets challenged.

Will you be strong enough?

Will you know what to do?

Most importantly, are you prepared…?

Proper preparation is at least 50% of the job.

Let me tell you, it’s so much easier to win a battle when you know it’s coming. It’s so much easier to tie a relationship together than to glue a broken heart together after a breakup. You just have to be ready for those tough times, and when they come (oh they will!) you want to be trained like those Navy SEALS.

Survival is a skill, and oh lord a skill yo can learn. And yes, I may sound nuts driving paralells like this but it’s for a good reason.

You worked hard on your love and I don’t want you to slip and fall on your head just because you face some, most likely, easily solvable issue just because you don’t understand each other.

When the going gets tough you’ve got to be tough(er). And properly prepared.

When you have trouble with your dishwasher, there are 2 things you can do… Read the User Manual / Troubleshooting guide, OR call an expert to fix it.

You see that’s the problem with relationships today… people throw them away too easily. A reporter once asked an old couple how they managed to stay together for 65 years, her answer will make you think.

Unfortunately, men don’t usually come with a User Manual / Troubleshooting — but I’ve made one for your Gemini man!

Trouble will come, it’s when relationships either GROW… and become stronger (since you’ve made it through a rough patch together).

OR when relationships fall apart and people give up.

Here’s the thing with a Gemini…

If you’re by his side (even when he’s going kind of crazy), if you stick in there for him… if you know how to “manage” his crazy side without him feeling managed. Then yes, he will cherish you, and value you, and respect you, and appreciate you.

More than any other woman. More than any mini-skirt gym bimbo. More than any desperate intern. Why? Because you’re his woman from then on. The one who stuck through and was by his side when he needed you most, the one who knew how to handle him.

“The One”, and only one, he feels, and knows (once you prove it), that truly… truly “gets” him.

Now that’s a different kind of relationship. A whole other level… for him, that’s a ‘Til Death Do Us Part’.

When you reach this level of commitment with a Gemini, he doesn’t look at you as his girlfriend, or wife, or fiance or whatever.

No. You are his LIFE PARTNER… a Partner… for Life.

Real commitment with a Gemini man happens on that next level, below the surface.

But getting there is NOT so easy. And not for everyone either.

Like a WAVE, he won’t let just anyone ride him or tame his inner darkness.

He won’t commit to just anyone. And he may not even be the right guy for you. But you may also not be the right woman for him.

Time will tell.

One thing is for sure…

If you really like and want this guy, he won’t surrender his heart (and not fully) until he Tests you. To see how you can ride his wave.

It will take time. It won’t be easy. It may be fun, it may be challenging. And, if you’re a good match — it may very well be worth it. Your intuition, your gut feeling will tell you.

There’s one thing I know for sure.

He WILL test you. And he will try to bend you.

I don’t want you to be like deer caught in headlights… No.

I want you to be ready. Really, ready. I want you to see real-life situations, and all sorts of trouble you might experience with your Gemini man.

So when trouble comes your way (and it will), and when it tries to break you up and drive you crazy… you know how to handle him…

You know how to TAME your Gemini and keep your love afloat until the storm goes by.

But I know you can Tame Your Gemini Man.

All you need are the right ANSWERS, the right TOOLS to guide at the right time. And the best time is… before trouble comes your way. It’s about being ready for anything. That’s what I want to offer you today. A guide to Taming Your Gemini Man.

I have received thousands of letters from women all around the globe, thousands of questions about what to do with their Gemini man in all sorts of situations. I have answered many of these questions in detail, and I’ve noticed many patterns showing up very typical of a Gemini man’s behavior. I see now how much you can learn from other people’s experiences… how you can basically spy into their relationship and relate to their situation.

They came to me with all sorts of questions and I have selected 40 of the most interesting and frequently asked… I’ve answered all of them because very similar situations may happen to you and your Gemini man as well. You can learn so much from these personal experiences and they can open your eyes, teach you about the Gemini man in your life, and show you how to handle all sorts of situations.

I’ve cherry-picked these questions and answers one by one, and put them into this special guide: Taming Your Gemini Man.

Here’s are just some of the questions you’ll find answers to inside this unique guide:

  1. My Gemini man and I broke up because he needed space. Is there a hope for us?
  2. My Gemini man is very unreliable and I don’t know what he actually wants. How can I understand him better?
  3. My Gemini man wants to work things out with other woman, but still wants us to be close. What should I do?
  4. My Gemini man is always acting so hot and cold towards me. What should I do?
  5. My Gemini man seems to have lost his interest in me. What can I do to make him chase me again?
  6. I have huge jealousy issues with my Gemini man. Is there a hope for us?
  7. My Gemini man likes to give me silent treatment after our arguments. What is the best way for me to handle it?
  8. How to know how my Gemini crush feels about me? I don’t want to reveal my feelings and then get hurt in the end…
  9. I am not sure if my Gemini man is serious about us. How to know if he is truly interested?
  10. All of a sudden my Gemini man stopped texting me. Does that mean he is no longer interested in me?
  11. I met an amazing Gemini man on a dating website. I am very much interested but I don’t know how he really feels about me. Help!
  12. Do Gemini men like when you openly reveal them your feelings or not? Should I wait a little more for that?
  13. I am not sure if my Gemini crush wants us to just be friends or wants something more. Should I let go?
  14. I met my Gemini man years ago and I still have feelings for him. Is there a chance for us?
  15. I’ve been in a long-distance relationship with my Gemini man for years now, but I feel like he’s lost interest in me. What now?
  16. My Gemini man is 15 years older than me. I am not sure how he feels about us. Is there a hope for our relationship in the future?
  17. My Gemini man broke up with me. I don’t understand, what went wrong in just a couple of days?
  18. My relationship with a Gemini man lacks spark. How to deepen my connection with him?
  19. What to gift my long-distance Gemini boyfriend for his birthday? Please help!
  20. I thought everything was ok with me and my Gemini boyfriend, but it seems to me like he is pulling away from me after only 5 months. What should I do?
  21. I broke off my engagement with my Gemini man, but I am still not ready to let go. Is there a hope for us?
  22. My Gemini crush is giving me a cold shoulder. Did I do something wrong?
  23. My Gemini man is afraid of commitment. I don’t want to lose him. What should I do?
  24. My Gemini man and I still don’t know if we are just friends or something more. It’s been years. How can we make this work?
  25. My Gemini man started to be flakey and ignored me after our first fight. I truly like him, what should I do?
  26. I broke up with my Gemini man and now he wants to work things out. Will things ever change for the better or should I give up?
  27. I broke up with my Gemini man five years ago. Now we might get back together. Is that wise?
  28. My Gemini man is very indecisive and thinks we are not on the same wavelength. What can I do to change this?
  29. I am not sure where I stand with my Gemini man. He seems he likes me but he started ignoring me. Are all Gemini guys like that?
  30. I am a Virgo woman in a long-distance relationship with a Gemini man. Is there a hope for us?
  31. My Gemini man said I love you to me and now he acts like he didn’t do it. Why is he doing that? Does he even care?
  32. My Gemini man is very immature and I don’t know what he wants from me. Am I wasting my time?
  33. I am a Scorpio woman and head over heels in love with Gemini man. How can I get him to take me seriously?
  34. I am married, but at the same time in a long-distance relationship with a Gemini man. I am afraid to lose my husband, but don’t want to lose my Gemini guy either.
  35. I want to be with my Gemini man, but I think he is cheating on me. Are all Gemini men that hard to settle?
  36. I love a Gemini guy who is so cold to me. It seems like he doesn’t even want to be friends. What should I do?
  37. I thought everything was great, but my Gemini man stopped talking to me. I am afraid it is because I refused sleeping with him. What now?
  38. Me and my Gemini man had problems with miscarriages. Now he doesn’t want to be in a relationship, but wants us to be in touch. What should I do?
  39. My Gemini man is ghosting me, but I still care so much about him. What should I do now?
  40. There is amazing sexual chemistry between me and my Gemini man, but I don’t know if that is only there is between us. Is there hope for us?

This real-world, practical Gemini trouble-shooting guide will help you Tame that animal inside him. I walk you through real-life, exact situations and how other women solved, this alone will teach you so much more about a Gemini man than anything else could. Because it’s not theory, it’s real-life.

Other women have PAID good money for these answers… but you’ll get them all at a fraction of their price. But there’s a catch.

I won’t be offering this special guide again at this price. THIS IS THE ONLY time and place you can get ahold of it… Here’s why.

Taming Your Gemini Man” comes with a very special bonus… you can get your question answered!

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My private consultation clients pay hundreds of dollars per hour to receive personal guidance, but you won’t pay nearly as much. This is an exclusive deal open only to my Gemini Man Secrets customers (that's you!).

PLATINUM ACCESS means that I’ll take you by the hand, guide you through the rocks and hurdles of your relationship, tell you what I think, what you should do, and help you uncover what’s really going on between you and your Gemini man...

You can ask me anything you’d like in the next 2 months. As many questions as you have! There are no limits.

This is all 100% private and Strictly Confidential between you and me. I take your privacy very seriously, and will never share any private information. Think about me like your Lawyer, or Doctor. Attorney-client priviledge.

Now please keep in mind, this is NOT a compatibility Reading (I don’t compare your birth charts), but my personal, astrological relationship consultation.

  • You can send me Screenshots of your emails or text messages,
  • You can update me on what happened and so on,
  • Basically, let me be your eyes and ears. Let me guide you through this.

  • This is for you if you…

    • Feel you are in a unique position with your Gemini man,
    • Want to know more about how your signs work together,
    • Want to “fix” and mistakes you have made in the past in your relationship,
    • Feel confused an have no idea what’s your next move in this particular situation,
    • You want to make him COMMIT to you and your relationship,

    This is NOT for you if you…

  • Feel that you have already lost him and there’s no way back… if he completely shut you off and there’s NO more communication between you
  • If he is already MARRIED to another woman and has a family, and you want to take him away (sorry, I can’t help you with that, it’s bad karma)
  • Don’t really want to make this relationship succeed. If you’re just “kind-a” interested in him, it’s just not enough…

  • Now, I can’t guarantee results. Nobody can.

    Some relationships are just not meant to be. And if it’s so… I’ll tell you that, honestly.

    I won’t sugarcoat things for you. I will tell you what’s good for you. Why? Because you want total honesty and opennes.

    If he’s not the guy for you, shouldn’t you know? Isn’t it better that you know it than that you waste your time and experience heartache on some guy who doesn’t deserve you? Knowing when to quit trying is essential to making yourself available for Mr. Right, when he comes along.

    On the other hand, if you seem like a good match, I’ll help you make it happen.

    “How much does it cost Anna?” I can already hear you asking...

    Since you just purchased Gemini Man Secrets, today you will pay only an additional $97 to add the “Taming Your Gemini Man” package to your order, which includes direct access to me for your personal questions.

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    So you can ask me anything you’d like and I’ll give my best to help you figure him out.

    I’ll try to get back to you (with your questions) as soon as possible. Sometimes the same day, other times it can take me a few days… but I’ll always get back to you with my guidance, personally — guaranteed. And I’ll put you in front of the line, before any other clients.

    You can write me any time, whether it’s 2am or 2pm. No limits. Whatever happens, I’m here for you.

    But you have to decide right now, because I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep this deal available. Certainly not forever. Spots fill up rather quickly.

    That’s why I can only offer you this chance ONCE. Because I have to give everyone that same chance. The # of available spots is limited, so if you feel this is for you, I urge you to act now.

    How to get access to the “Taming Your Gemini Man” package?

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    However you decide now,

    I wish you all the best of luck and love with your Gemini man!

    May the stars be on your side,

    See you inside,

    Your Friend and Relationship Astrologer,

    P.S. You Have Nothing To Lose To Give This a Try. Your Order is Secure and Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed.

    Your “Taming Your Gemini Man” order is also protected by my 100% money-back guarantee!

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