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The Gemini Man: How Can You Be Sure you’re His Girlfriend?

Have you been seeing a Gemini guy but not sure if you’re actually his girlfriend or perhaps just a friend he has fun with? How do you find out if you’re in the girlfriend zone? Here are some tips that may help you determine what you are to him.

“This is my girlfriend”

If he starts introducing you as his girlfriend to other people such as friends, family, or even strangers; then you are most definitely his girlfriend. Once he knows for sure that’s what he wants; he won’t have any trouble saying it.

This is the obvious way of approaching it and letting others as well as you; know that you are his girlfriend and he’s proud of it. So once this happens you can rest assured where you stand in his heart.

It’s when he’s a little more cryptic and not saying these things that can be rather confusing. I completely understand how this plays out and how awful it feels not knowing for sure what his intention is with you.

Something else to consider is if he brings you around his friends and/or family at all; that may very well mean he’s leaning more toward the next level with you and just isn’t ready to throw a title on it.

If he brings you around other people he loves; he’s definitely seeing you as more than just arm candy that he hangs out with now and then. If you’re around those he loves; you’re probably in.

Wants To Be Around You More

Woman feeling safe in he man's arms - How Can You Be Sure You’re Gemini Man's Girlfriend

Gemini men want to be closer to the woman of their interest. If you happen to notice that he’s spending more and more time with you; that’s a sign that he’s already thinking of you as his girlfriend OR he’s nearly at that phase.

Time alone is something that Gemini man covets. So if he’s willing to give some of his free time up to spend time with you; he’s feeling things for you and probably wants to build on it.

The way he acts around you should be fairly clear as well. He’ll act like a giddy teenage boy in love. He’ll crack lots of jokes and try to make you feel really comfortable in his presence.

He’ll probably talk your ear off but you’ll enjoy the sound of his voice so you won’t mind it at all. Being close to you and showing you that he cares is a sure fire sign that he’s into you and probably considers you to be his lady love.

The Deep Eye Penetration

Gemini men are normally smoldering in nature and make you weak in the knees. However; when he is falling for a woman and wants to make his commitment to her; he will start staring into her eyes.

If you’re spending lots of time with him, feeling very close, and notice he stares into your eyes when he’s talking to you; it means he takes you very seriously. This also means you’re someone important to him.

When you’re important to him, you’re either his girlfriend or you’re about to be. Either way; you’ve got him! He will make it somewhat obvious about how he feels about you via how much he romances you.

You can tell the difference between trying to get you in bed versus trying to keep you in his life. Pay attention to his actions. These will tell you far more than anything else ever can.

Ultimatum, Should you or Not?

young couple in cafe in conversation - How Can You Be Sure You’re Gemini Man's Girlfriend

At some point you may get tired of the Gemini man’s antics. You’ll want to know once and for all where you stand and what it is that he wants. While you may be terrified to push the envelope; sometimes you need to.

I’ve had many clients write in to me frustrated with their Gemini men because they aren’t certain whether or not they should ask for a relationship or to wait longer simply because they’re afraid their Gemini will flee on them if they do.

The truth is; if a good deal of time has passed that you’ve been with him (months) then you should already know where you stand. If you do not, it’s time to step up and make sure you get what you need to know.

Don’t be afraid to talk to him, ask him what he wants and where he sees himself with you going forward. He may not be comfortable with it but you’re not comfortable not knowing so, it’s time to speak up.

Tell him what you want and what you would like to have happen for the future between you. Then either he will respond to you and say he wants the same thing or he’ll tell you he isn’t sure.

If he replies with “I’m just not sure” then you’ll say that you need to know what he wants. Tell him you’ll give him a week or two more to think it over. You should find out after that what it is he’s after.

In the case he isn’t serious about you; he’ll either not talk to you again or he’ll just tell you he isn’t into it. However; typically if the Gemini man IS into you and has been dragging it out; he will actually accept your proposition.

Sometimes the Gemini man needs to be properly motivated when it comes to emotional situations otherwise he may never speak up. Remember he is dual in nature so you never know where his head is at just like his mood.

Ask Him Flat Out

I mentioned in the last section to give him an ultimatum. Before you do that though; just ask him. Simply ask where you two are at and see what sort of title he places on it.

He may have an alternative title in mind or he may just say “yeah, I see you as my girlfriend”. You never know until you ask. I cannot stress this enough, communication is key to success in ANY relationship.

Click here to learn all you can about the Gemini man. I hope it helps you to figure your Gemini guy.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach


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