Gemini Man Horoscope For October 2021

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If you want to find out more about what the October horoscope brings to Gemini man, then, by all means, do keep on reading and see what you can expect!

October has made its entrance and it has blessed us with its spooky atmosphere and warm hues. Alas, for the Gemini man, this month won’t be all pumpkin spice and everything nice… Since his ruler Mercury is going retrograde during this month, he’s in for a bumpy ride. 

His overall theme for October will be colored by the past. Mercury will be on the forehead of that retrograde movement as it will lead two other planets from the retrograde state with his direct movement later on during the month. 

The Gemini man will have to actively deal with his fifth house matters and that means children, things that bring him joy, and a lack of relaxing and leisure times. You can imagine that he’ll be under constant stress and toil during October. 

It will be great if he has the support of his love interest or partner during these trying times, for he has a lot of ground to cover and he’ll have to revisit a lot of past lessons that he hasn’t yet learned. 

If your interest is piqued and you want to find out more, then keep reading and discover exactly what this month has in store for your Gemini man. 

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

At the beginning of the month, the Gemini man will have miscommunications with his children, problems caused by gossip, and many unnecessary words being exchanged. The topic of impotence and infertility might arise – some very heavy and personal conversations are in focus at this time.

He will feel like running away from the current situation, and he might seek “solutions” in a trip abroad. He’ll want to travel somewhere where he’s been to before, but it won’t bring him the peace he’s after.

The Gemini man will spend his money in an unnecessary way; an oversight at work will end up costing him money. He feels frustrated because it would seem that nothing is going well for him. This is actually to be expected as his ruler is retrograde, and it’s messing with his entire operation. 

The Gemini man will feel lost and irritated. He’s in the need of guidance, so he might turn to someone from his family for and advice – a younger sibling or a childhood friend who has a cheery nature. 

He wants to have fun in order to let off some steam, but karmic lessons and events keep him in the mud – his ex-wife or lover may even turn up to cause him problems. He might experience a money drain through lawsuits. It’s a tough beginning of the month for a Gemini man, he has to hang in there. 

A New Moon Curse 

This New Moon is amplifying the challenges that Gemini man is currently facing. He’s neck-deep in conflicts with his children (especially if he has boys) and he’s resolving some past parenting mistakes he’s made and karma he’s passed on from his own father. 

The good news is that this is a very potent aspect and time for him to resolve and heal these wounds once and for all. There’s also a possibility that he’ll go on a team-building activity and he’ll make a good impression on his boss. 

However, I strongly advise against any document or deal signings at this time, especially if alcohol is involved. This can have long-term consequences and ruin his mood for the rest of the month. 

The Gemini man is most likely to overspend during this transit, but if he’s spending money on his lover (i.e., his sex life) then it’s a good investment. This will save him from throwing his money down the drain on much less useful and unproductive things at this moment in time. 

This lunation is entirely submerged in the ghosts from his past and now is not the time for him to start new business ventures or invest. Rather, it’s the time to heal old wounds and mend broken relationships. If you are in the position to influence him, then advise him in this direction. 

What’s more, he should go on a regular health check-up as Venus is traversing through his sixth house, and his stress has been on the rise during this month.

Full Moon Blessings 

The Full Moon comes bearing gifts for the Gemini man as his ruler and two other planets (Saturn and Jupiter) have turned direct. This has finally cleared the path for all communications, legal activities, and roads – the world is back to normal and with it, the Gemini man too! 

Since all three of the “important” planets are back to their direct movement, this inspires travel for Gemini man, and much better luck (and flow) in both communications and education fields, as well as faith. He will feel as if someone has finally lifted a burden from his shoulders and he can spread his wings again. 

Venus is strongly activating his love relations, now would be the perfect time to plan and execute fun dating activates with lots of good vibes, humor, and romance. Don’t hesitate, he’ll be glad to be back in the saddle, especially if he can have a change of scenery with his lovely lady. 

This Full Moon is activating both his fifth and eleventh houses, so it really is a great time to have fun and to spend time in fun activities. Going on a hiking trip, seeing a romantic action comedy, or spending some time in a crowd consisting of his outgoing friends (having a BBQ or planning a Halloween celebration) are some very good options and ideas for this lunation.

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Double, Double, Toil & Trouble

The culmination of this month finds the Gemini man in a pretty solid mood. After all the ups and downs (most of them being downs) he’s finding himself new, stable ground and he’s becoming optimistic. 

Mars has entered his sixth house of health, so it would definitely be good for him to do a yearly health check-up. This also means that things at work are once again looking up for him. He’ll be able to continue his rise to fame where he left off before Mercury turned retrograde. That means a good mood for him and those around him. 

Venus in his seventh house is creating perfect conditions for all things love. Use this day as a very special opportunity to spend time together doing fun Halloween activities that will bring you closer. 

He’s ready to open up and let you in and let his emotions towards you out. Use this time and this golden opportunity to your advantage, dear reader. 

He’ll be able to mix his home atmosphere with his romantic life, so it’s a good chance to enjoy a cozy setting with home-cooked food and snacks. It’s a great culmination of a very turbulent month for a Gemini man. All’s well that ends well. 

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All the love and happiness in the world.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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