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The 7 Best Ways To Respond When Your Gemini Man Ignores You

What’s the best way to respond when your Gemini guy goes quiet? Is he one of those that you can reach out to, or does that seem clingy? It’s always stressful when someone ignores you, and easy to take personally. Here’s what to do when he’s shutting you out.

Is your usually chatty and sociable Gemini man ignoring you? It’s understandably worrying, and no doubt you’d like to know exactly what’s going on, right? Right! And, not only do you want to know what’s going on, you also want to know how to respond. 

One thing you’d probably want to keep in mind is that Gemini men are commitment-shy. They do tend to run for the hills if they sense a serious vibe coming from you, or worse (for them), too much emotion. 

See, Gemini is an air sign, which means that he’s more of a communicator. He lives more in his head, rather than in his heart. He does learn, over time, to think less and feel more. 

So, at least in the beginning of your bond, try and keep intense feelings to a minimum around him. This will change as you get to know him better, but you don’t want to scare him away just yet! 

Now, when he ignores you, he could be doing it for a number of reasons. First, you’ll probably want to ask yourself if you trust him. The truth is, some Gemini men can be sneaky and deceitful. Not all of them, of course – many Gemini man make wonderful partners, loyal and true. 

But some of them aren’t. So, if your inner alarm bells are ringing, check in with your intuition. What is it telling you? It may be nothing, and he may just be busy, so be sure to distinguish fear from intuition. One feels like “knowing,” the other, paranoia. 

Here’s what else you can do when he’s ignoring you: 

The 7 Best Ways To Respond When Your Gemini Man Ignores You

1. Get Talking

One of the best ways to nudge a talkative Gemini out of his strange cold shoulder funk is by simply talking to him. He’s bound to come out of his shell and interact, once you reach out and say hi! He loves it when you keep things simple and playful, so don’t get too serious with him. 

Popping him a quick message such as “Hey, how are you?” or, “was just remembering that joke you told me – was so funny!” should do the trick. 

2. Make Him Laugh

Ways To Respond When Gemini Man Ignores You

Following on from the above, when you reach out to him, make it your mission to get him to laugh! Gemini men go weak for women who have a sense of humor and put a smile on their face. Sending him a funny meme, for example, is one way to perk him up again! 

Of course, you can also send him a joke, remind him of a funny time, or reference a video you know he will find amusing. There are so many ways to make him laugh! 

3. Plan An Activity

One of the ways you can respond when a Gemini man ignores you is by planning a new, spontaneous activity and surprising him with it! For example, you might want to tell him that you got concert tickets to a cool band, and would love him to be your plus one! 

Or, you could reach out to him and ask him if he wants to try roller-skating with you, or a surfing lesson. Gemini men cannot resist learning something new, and it’s a great way to not put pressure on him, make sure you see him again and have fun doing it! This is a win-win! 

4. Don’t Get Heavy

Gemini Man Ignoring A Woman

Whatever you decide to do, don’t get heavy with him. you don’t need to send him messages of yearning and heartache, ladies. Nor do you need to send him overly soppy messages, grumpy messages or anything passive-aggressive. 

When you keep things light and fluffy, he’s more willing to come back to you and talk. Trust me on this – there will be time for seriousness later down the line. 

5. Find Out What He’s Up To

Okay, so this is important. If you have a true, gut feeling that something is off, that doesn’t feel like fear and is more a sense of “knowing,” then go with it. Find out what he’s up to

Obviously, no one likes to be stalked, so don’t go overboard! You can check his socials, like Facebook or Instagram, or make subtle enquiries to a mutual friend, for example. 

If your alarm bells are really going off, then it may be best if you did some more investigation – but know where to draw the line! No one like being mistrusted! Sure, you can check his phone, but that has consequences

Check in with yourself – are you normally that type of girl who checks his phone? Then you may be the one with the issues not him. Only report to these privacy invasions if it’s not normal for you to do that. 

It is helpful to know, because Gemini man, in the beginning, can be a touch indecisive, date multiple people or hide certain truths – rather you know now than later! Plus, he’s not usually the type to ghost unless there’s something more going on. 

6. Check His Facts

If you do get in touch with him, be wide awake to what he says back to you. Or, if he’s ignoring you, try and recall details of what he’s said in terms of his commitments and activities. 

If something doesn’t add up, you have every right to mention it, lightly. Keep in mind that there could be any kind of plausible reason for his absence, any good reason why he wasn’t where he said he was or doing what he said he was doing. 

You’re not the police, so don’t make him feel like a criminal. Give him the benefit of the doubt, but do stick to facts, because it’s the only way you’ll know if he is to be trusted! 

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7. Remember, He’s Always Busy

A good reason why he might be ignoring you is just because he’s really, really busy. And that’s perfectly okay! He has many friends and activities, so it’s alright for him to disappear for a bit. 

Pop him a message if you remember any of them, and ask him how it went. For example, ask him how his soccer tournament was, or his band practice. Gemini men have all kinds of things they do, and they’ll love that you remember and take notice. 

In conclusion – don’t be scared to reach out and talk. Yes, it’s weird if he goes quiet, because this is a chatty man! But it doesn’t always mean something’s wrong. Keep an open mind, and stay light, breezy and playful! 

Do you think any of these tips have helped or can help you reach out to your Gemini guy? I enjoy hearing your stories, so please feel free to share them in the comments box below!  

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Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

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4 thoughts on “The 7 Best Ways To Respond When Your Gemini Man Ignores You

  1. I find that sending a little text, ” I’m here if you need me” or “hey handsome” or a positive affirmation meme seems to do the trick. Or, I just get busy and leave him alone. This tends to work..of course my Gem is older and doesn’t do social media or text. He likes a good ol fashioned phone call. I’m still learning, but do what’s best for you and your situation. #teamgemini

    1. Hi April!

      How lovely that you figured out what your Gemini in particular is like. It’s important for each woman to really KNOW their Gemini guy so that they can bond with them in the right way. I’m glad to hear that you are able to talk to him in the way he’s responsive with. Yes, the texts that you do send mean a lot to him and lets him know you’re thinking of him. Great job! If you need anymore Gemini man tips, check out my books on Gemini Man Secrets.

  2. I’m currently curled in a ball in bed, haven’t eaten since yesterday morning, sick to my stomach and didn’t realise I had this amount of tears in me! (Scorpio)
    I’ve been seeing Gemini for 4 months but we moved very quickly he is mid 30s and a professional so I thought he had his shit together.
    He was last here at my house for a few nights 5 days ago where all was fine. He told me he had “strong feelings” for me and whilst his house is currently on the market he feels he won’t rush into buying anything ( his work is taking him about 1.5 hours away for 5 months this August) where he will have a house provided to him so he said instead of still looking for another to buy himself like he originally planned, he feels we should wait and see where things are and if we want to live together as it makes more sense.
    I agreed with that. He left my house Thursday morning for work and we text a few times back and forth throughout the day as always, then in the evening he went radio silence for 5 hours , said he had been at his parents house. I had a weird feeling as it’s not the first time so I said to him why is it when you go there I don’t ever hear from you, I’m not expecting back and forth constant communication but you completely ignore me for hours when you’re “at your parents house”. This didn’t go down well and he was very defensive, told me he didn’t have to be at my beck and call he was allowed to not worry about messaging me.
    He then didn’t respond to me nor did he reply the whole of the next day, which is weird as we are usually in constant contact, then the Friday night at 11pm I text him (for the first time, I hadn’t attempted any contact when he hadn’t replied to my last text) so I sent a text saying I was surprised he had let so much time pass without speaking to me , to which I got a sharp reply saying he was not long home and he was enjoying himself without the need to message me (again very strange)
    We have had an amazing connection since the start, something I’ve never had with anyone and I’m 31. We have done so much together , gone away for weekend trips etc, we spent about 3/4 nights overnights together each week if not more.
    We always talked about how comfortable we were and how much we loved being around eachother , how we got on, always laughed and had never felt this connection with anyone before. In fact he opened up one day and said because he had been single 2 years before meeting me he had dated a lot but never found someone like me or this connection.
    Anyway so on Saturday night just passed there (it’s Monday now) he finished it with me , completely out the blue ( yes we had our slight mishap about his radio silence) but literally just days ago we were discussing future possibilities and our feelings ( well as much as he would express, being Gemini!) he was so affectionate to me as always , laughing away and having a lovely evening and that was the last time we were together just days ago.
    He sent a text saying I need space / time , I’m not sure what to do because I love spending time with you but I don’t know if I can see a life with you”
    I of course was so shocked, I replied asking if I could come to his house to discuss in person , he eventually agreed.
    Well I have to say I felt like the guy inside his house that night wasn’t even the one I knew. He was cold, detached, blunt, nasty, and downright heartless, I was incredibly upset and crying, on two occasions he had tears too but when I tried to get up and leave he grabbed me and pulled me on to his lap and said I’m sorry baby, I don’t want you to go.
    I stayed the night, there was no intimacy, I think he had a few beers and fell asleep pretty quickly. It was awkward , and in the morning I felt him wake up and jump out of bed, he went downstairs and lay on the couch. Usually he would have given me a kiss and a cuddle before getting up so straight away I thought this is still finished.
    I went downstairs I was again upset straight away which he found very uncomfortable, he gave me a hug but it just felt weird like nothing to him. I blurted out how can you have switched your feelings off in a matter of days , he said he still cared for me but didn’t think he had the same feelings in that way. The way he spoke to me was harsh and blunt, like he was delivering a speech to a room of strangers not someone he had been intimate with for months and we had only just had a romantic 2 night trip away the week before this by the way!
    So in a nutshell he told me he wants space, but I’ve not to hold out hope because he doesn’t think we will get back together. I asked him if he was ok with the thought of never seeing eachother again and he said yes he was ok with that. I then got upset and started to say how could he have made me feel that this was important to him and that I meant so much to him now to just completely dispose of me like I’m nothing – at this point he stood up and said I can’t take this interrogation anymore, you’re sounding pathetic, please get dressed and leave. So I didn’t say another word , I got up, went upstairs got dressed , got my stuff and as I was leaving I said “bye…(and his name)”. He went oh sorry what did you say (acting like he didn’t hear me) so I repeated it and he went “see you later” in a very chirpy tone.
    I got out to my car , drove down the road a bit then had to pull over as I couldn’t see for the tears. I sat there for about 30 minutes letting it all out.
    I feel completely crushed by this.
    But I stayed strong and got home about lunch time , didn’t text him (still haven’t) and won’t.
    But about 6 hours later , he tagged me in a post on Facebook ( which he has never done before publicly that is) he usually would share posts to me via direct message. So that was strange as it was a local buying and selling page and the reason he tagged me was that it was related to a private joke him and I had that was a running theme throughout the time we were seeing eachother and we would always send pics related to the joke it was always just our thing.
    So I’m sorry for the long winded message but anyone who’s felt heart break will understand the pain and confusion for me in this case.
    I just liked the tag, I didn’t put a comment or anything. That’s the last I’ve heard anything but to go from how he was in his house to tagging me In something on Facebook especially of that nature is so confusing.
    Why would he do that? To initiate contact? I know he didn’t expect me to leave his house the way I did , I think he thought I would have asked for a hug and made a bit of a fuss but I thought it was best to leave like he asked and just say a polite bye and give him his space so it seems bizarre that he wanted me gone but then he’s mentioning me in a comment like to remind me he’s there or because he was testing if I was going to respond or in the hope I would follow it up with a text? It’s driving me nuts because it’s almost giving me hope that maybe he will come back, maybe he is very confused and after I left his house and he hasn’t heard from me that he isn’t sure it’s actually want he wants.
    I don’t want to hold on to any hope when he told me not to but of course I am and can’t help it. He also only uses his what’s app for speaking with me so otherwise he wasn’t usually on it, however since I’ve left his yesterday he’s been online a lot.
    Do you think he will come back being the stubborn very typical Gemini that he is? With only 4 months under our belt – albeit we moved quickly maybe because of our ages too. But mainly our connection being so mind blowing.
    I should also point out during the discussion at his house I made it very clear how I felt and told him many times I didn’t want to lose him and I want to fix this he meant so much to me. So he knows all of that, I had also sent it in a text before getting to his house that night too. So I’ve been very clear on my feelings and wishes.
    I just feel pain in my chest just now it really hurts and I just want him to come back. I won’t contact him though as I feel if he’s going to miss me then that’s the way to do it.
    Any thoughts would be much appreciated! I can’t afford your book just now or I would buy it but as soon as I can I will!
    Thank you 😊

    1. Hi Lou!

      The thing you need to do at this point is go radio silent with him. If he truly does care for you and wants to get back with you, he will reach out. If he doesn’t then he won’t and no amount of asking him will get him to change his mind. Patience is required. Try working at your own life’s path and make yourself happy while you wait. You never know what may happen but please stay open to the possibility that maybe someone else out there is better for you. If it’s meant to be with him, he’ll feel better having had space and he’ll seek you out. If not then he won’t and you’ll be alright in your life. Check out my books on Gemini Man Secrets for more tidbits.

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